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Claudia B.
Los Angeles, CA

Union: An act or instance of uniting two or more things into one. September 30th, 2001 – My husband and I formed a union by marrying each other on this momentous day. August 2010 – Mark Broumand formed a union by blending two very special pieces of jewelry my husband gave me during the early days of our relationship. My husband, Rick, took me shopping in the downtown Los Angeles jewelry district exactly three times. The first time, he allowed me to select a gemstone for my 28th birthday (shortly before our engagement). I chose a bright pink oval tourmaline which he had set in a lovely by that jeweler into simple diamond halo setting. The second time he took me to the jewelry district, we selected my engagement ring which still adorns my left hand today. The third time, we selected a cocktail diamond cluster ring to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and the birth of our first child (we have now been blessed with three children after almost nine years of marriage). As time went on and my jewelry tastes evolved, I longed to “marry” two of these jewelry items that have been so meaningful to me – the pink tourmaline ring Rick gave me on my birthday & the diamond cocktail ring he gave me on our second anniversary. I recently took the two rings to a local jeweler in my area who gave me puzzled look about the idea of blending the two rings. The price they quoted me was quite outrageous by any economically conscientious person’s standards and they told me I’d be better off by doing a completely different type of project. Did they not understand the sentimental nature of my request? But Mark Broumand (whose jewelry I had been admiring for the past several months ever since my dear friend Kathy found her ideal diamond thru his website) was undaunted by my request and completely up for the task. “I have done projects like this before”, he said with complete confidence and reassurance. He further explained that he’d have a computer rendering executed in no time & even went thru a couple of “drafts” until it matched my vision. I was so very pleased with the high end craftsmanship (and I have developed some serious standards over the past few years) and the reasonable price. And here’s the end result… My RINGUNION!

Robyn M.
Arlington, Virginia

After one month of dating, i knew i finally found my husband. he surprised me with the engagement at the fountain where we had our first kiss. The moment i came down from the engagement high i started searching for my wedding band. this is when i found my second love, mark broumand's jewelry style. He made me the most gorgeous unique dainty one of a kind band, i absolutely love it. my fiance had to hide it from me before the wedding. we even inserted a special ring moment into our intimate ceremony where we passed the rings around providing each family member with a moment to bless and energize the rings. My excitement for the rings compounded the excitement of the day and that is what i think about it every time i look down at my hand. thank you mark! (pics to follow!)

Kat F.
Los Angeles, CA

Where 4 Art Thou... it Was Time. After Ten Glorious Years, Chock Full Of "i Do"s And Down Payments And Lamaze Classes And Midnight Diaper Changes, It Was Definitely Time. our Tenth Wedding Anniversary Had To Be Commemorated With The Quintessential Hallmark, The Universal Symbol For Lifetime Commitment Of Love And Capless Toothpastes And Gray Hair...the Diamond. To Clarify, A New Diamond. Well, We'd Prefer An Old Diamond, But It Would Be New To Us. And Not Just Any New Old Diamond...dare I Say, A Rock. The Ubiquitous Upgrade. The Kind Only To Be Discovered By Searching And Researching And Losing...and Finding All Over Again. Little Did We Know What Kind Of Timeless Love Affair Awaited Us... enter Mark Broumand. Our Dear Friend Claudia Directed Us To His Web Site, Sparkling With Diamonds And Settings Galore. Rather Quickly We Zeroed In On His Collection Of Old European Cut Stones, Most Dating Back To The Turn Of The Century. Right There In Front Of Us On The Lily White Pages Of The Site, Gleamed Not One But Two Old Stones That Matched Our Description. Tastefully Reinvented And Granted New Purpose, They Refracted And Scintillated In All Their Elegant Glory, Anxiously Awaiting Our Visit And Consideration Like A Puppy In A Pet Shop. Could One Of Them Be For Us? Our Appointment Was Confirmed. after Deliberating For Days Comparing The Two Stones' 4 Cs And Watching The Turntable Video Again And Again Like An Old Family Movie, We Couldn't Wait To Feast Our Eyes On Every Lustrous Facet To Find Out If This Was 'the One'. Meeting With Mark And His Team Proved Professional Yet Delightful, Right Down To The Classy Offering Of A Chilled Drink Of Water On A Warm Summer Day. Mark Diligently Reviewed Each Stone's Egl Certificate, Thoroughly Discussed Color, Cut And Clarity, Assigned An Escort To Accompany Us Out Into The Sunlight, And Respectfully Stepped Away To Allow Us The Privacy To Share A Precious Moment Alone With The Precious Gems. That Day, We Walked Away Empty Handed. with Bloodshot Eyes And Sweaty Palms, We Rushed Back Like A Lonely Lover Kept Away From His Sweetheart. And The Very Moment Rosie Adorned The Fiery Stone Flashing It Our Way Like A Beacon In The Night, We Knew We'd Fallen Crown Over Culet For The 3.98-carat Beauty That Has Come To Represent Our 'beshert', The Meant-to-be Kind Of Love You Find Once In A Lifetime.

Adrienne U.
Chicago, Illinois

Fast forward eight years and john and i were planning a trip to celebrate our birthdays in Italy. On December 30th, the day between our birthdays, we had planned to do a walking tour of Rome starting with espresso, perhaps the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and meander around town. From about a block away i could hear the rush of the water from the massive Trevi Fountain and started to get goose bumps as a flood of memories came swimming back. I quickly grabbed john’s hand and raced towards the fountain’s front to express the joy of seeing my favorite roman monument once again. As I turned to smile at him, i realized he was down on one knee, my hand still in his hand, and then before I knew what is going on, he pulls out the exact ring I had always wanted! He had worked with mark broumand to custom create a cushion cut solitaire with a halo and micro pave band to make me a one of a kind ring exactly like i had always envisioned. Unbelievable! It takes me about a solid minute to realize that I’m just standing there crying, staring at this amazingly sparkly ring that I have yet to answer him! I somehow managed to sob out a “yes!”

Bart Alison O.
Alexandria, Virginia

Every time I look at my ring, I think about how Bart proposed to me. He had been waiting for the ring to arrive in the mail. When it arrived four days earlier then his planned proposal date, he decided to propose the very moment he received the package. So the first time he was seeing the ring in person was on my finger. It's just one of the many special memories we have shared. I love my Mark Broumand ring and so does everyone else! Family, friends, and complete strangers ask me about my ring. I feel so lucky to be married to him and to have a very special ring to remind me of that every day.

Rex E.
Naples, Florida

My wife stephanie loved her Mark Broumand engagement ring so much that she almost (but not quite) loved it more than all of the compliments she got on it. We looked at what seemed like an endless number of jewelry stores for the perfect wedding band to match it without any luck. She even had her dream ring drawn out on a piece of paper, yet we could not find the perfect ring anywhere. Finally, when she wasn’t looking, I took the drawing, scanned it onto the computer and emailed it to mark. It wasn’t long before I had a perfectly matched custom Mark Broumand wedding band to go with her engagement ring. On our wedding day I was able to give my wife the ring of her dreams…that she helped design, all thanks to Mark! I can’t think of a better gift than these earrings for my wife to celebrate expecting our first child in a few months!

Natalee C.
Alberta, Canada

When I met my husband Jeremy it was like a meteor hit me, we fell so in love so fast. After six months we found out we were pregnant with twins and we were ecstatic! I remember leaving the ultrasound holding onto each other and laughing. Life with our boy Casey and our girl Imogen was wonderful (if exhausting) from the beginning. We talked about a wedding but the cost and the time and energy involved seemed impossible for us as parents. So we bought each other commitment rings to celebrate our second anniversary. We chose them together so that they would be perfect. I bought one made from meteorite for Jeremy and he bought me a gorgeous Mark Broumand ring with the shape of horseshoes on the sides. The week we got our rings we saw an ad in the paper and entered a contest to win a wedding at the stampede here in Calgary. Since our relationship has been characterized by adventure and giddy luck and my ring had horseshoes on it we entered and won! I showed my ring to the organizer and she looked stunned. “I guess you were meant to get this wedding,” she said. Now every year we go back to the stampede and go on all the rides we went on the day we got married. We are so happy and Mark Broumand’s rings are a symbol for us of how great love looks from every angle.

Marisa & Frank D.

Hey Mark, Words can't express how grateful we are for your amazing and creative designs. I get so many compliments on both my engagement ring and wedding band. Everyone says its the most beautiful ring they've ever seen! We have nothing but praise and recommendations for all of your work. I can't to see the diamond necklace that I nudged Frank to purchase for me for Christmas!! I attached some photos of my rings, thought you'd enjoy. Thank you SO much and don't worry we will be customers for life!

Cathy D.
Palm City, Florida

I just received my ring via Fed Ex, and I wanted to let you know that I LOVE IT!!! I was a little worried about how it would turn out, because I've had it reset previously, and it didn't turn out to be what I was hoping for. I was also nervous about shipping my ring cross-country, sight unseen, to a jeweler I found via the internet. Your work, however, has surpassed all my expectations and hopes. You did such a magnificent job, and I am absolutely thrilled! The ring fits perfectly, the setting is exquisite, and your workmanship is truly superior. Please feel free to use me as a referral, either by phone or on the web. Thank you again your creating such a fabulous ring for me.

Lindy Pippin
Midlothian, VA

Mark, Just wanted to express my appreciation and my delight with my ring!! I had a feeling that you would be the right one to make my dream ring...and you certainly have! When I opened the box and saw it for the first time, it took my breath away. I already had a loose tanzanite that I had purchased, and wanted to find a setting design that would bring out its beauty. After looking at jewelers locally, I hadn't found anything that I felt fit the look I wanted. Then I remembered seeing your jewelry while browsing online, and decided to go back to your website. Although I was a little apprehensive about ordering jewelry online, I did not stress over giving you this project because I could tell from the photos and videos on your website that you are a perfectionist. And through our communications upon placing my order and describing what I wanted, you proved to be a consummate professional. You definately create masterpieces in jewelry! Thank you for my beautiful, timeless, and exquisite ring--I know it's going to be cherished for generations!! Sincerely, Lindy P.

Lee Askew
San Mateo, CA

I cant recommend Mark anymore! His customer service was outstanding and the quality of the engagement ring was incredible! I was extremely cautious at first about buying a ring online but it was the only option due to me being deployed in Afghanistan, this also caused a lot of problems when it came to paying online but Mark was extremely accommodating and everything worked out fine. When I finally got home the ring was waiting for me and I was amazed at the quality and how stunning both the band and center diamond were .My fiancee absolutely loves it, (despite me ordering it 2 sizes to big!) she spends all day showing it off and everyone always complements her on how beautiful it is. Due to the high level of customer service and quality I will be contacting Mark again in a few months to get the matching wedding band. Many thanks Mark

Cathy Davenport
Palm City, FL

Hi Mark: I just received my ring via Fed Ex, and I wanted to let you know that I LOVE IT!!! I was a little worried about how it would turn out, because I've had it reset previously, and it didn't turn out to be what I was hoping for. I was also nervous about shipping my ring cross-country, sight unseen, to a jeweler I found via the internet. Your work, however, has surpassed all my expectations and hopes. You did such a magnificent job, and I am absolutely thrilled! The ring fits perfectly, the setting is exquisite, and your workmanship is truly superior. Please feel free to use me as a referral, either by phone or on the web. Thank you again your creating such a fabulous ring for me. All my best, Cathy Davenport Palm City, FL

Al D.
Dublin, Ireland

At first it's safe to say I was very worried & sceptical about ordering such an important & expensive piece of jewellery over the internet, in fact I thought it was a crazy idea. My then girlfriend (now fiancée) has extremely high standards so I always knew choosing the perfect ring would be an extremely difficult task & after searching all the top end jewellers here in Dublin & coming up blank I was starting to get very anxious, so to say I was delighted after stumbling across Mark’s website is a huge understatement! The rings were absolutely beautiful with almost unbelievably low prices for the quality of the diamonds & designs & I liked how there was a video clip of almost every ring so you could really get a feel for how it would look on her finger. The level of customer service is second to none, even though I’m sure I must have driven Mark crazy with all my questions but he was always polite & patient when dealing with my many queries, I really can’t recommend his services enough. Needless to say it was love at first sight when Helen eventually saw the ring & everywhere she goes she gets complimented on it (which she loves!) I’ll definitely be ordering our wedding bands from him when the time comes & have already passed his name & around to friends & colleagues. On a personal note I’d just like to say thank you Mark once again for all your help & input, you made a very difficult task so much easier. Sincerely

James C.
Natick, MA

I would rate the overall experience dealing with Mark Broumand on purchasing an engagement ring and then having him create a wedding ring to match as a 10++ experience! I live on the East Coast (over 3,000 miles away from LA), am a lawyer with an accounting degree, so I am naturally skeptical and cautious shopping both locally and online for such important items. I can now say without a doubt that I would not have any concerns buying online from Mark. The quality was spectacular and the price was more than fair. Also, dealing with Mark was an absolute pleasure and I very much appreciated how responsive he was to my every question and/or concern. So, if you are worried or concerned about shopping online or need an expert to discuss finding the perfect ring for your soon to be fiance', I would highly recommend checking out what Mark has available online and then calling him to discuss what you are looking for. I did and can't count how many people stop and ask my fiance' to look at her ring. It is unique, brilliant and show stopping....and, so is the smile on her face everytime she looks at it. Mark should feel free to use me as a reference and a testimonial as to how fantastic he made the entire experience. I am sure I will be purchasing jewelry from Mark again!!! His work has made quite an impression.

Debbie L.
Sydney, Australia

Hi Mark. I just wanted to let you know how THRILLED I am with the wedding and engagement rings you created for me. They arrived today and there aren't the words to tell you how stunning I think they are. They are more beautiful that I could possibly have hoped for!! I'm floating on cloud nine. My partner is happy to see me so happy, so from both of us, a huge THANK YOU!!!! You have been simply wonderful to work with. You made the whole process so easy and were so responsive to every question I had. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone. It was a nervous process considering I was arranging it all from Australia but you couldn't have made it more easy, right from the original enquiry I made, to arranging postage and payment. It was all painless! I had a local jeweller design the original wedding and engagement rings but just wasn't happy with the end result. I'm so glad I made the decision not to 'settle' and sought your help to design something new. I truly have the most beautiful rings now and got that feeling every girl should have when they open the ring box. I think I even squealed in delight! They are simply perfect. Thank you again for everything and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Perhaps some earrings for my wedding day!!

Kait F.

Mark was such a pleasure to work with when I was designing my engagement ring. He never tried to up-sell me, and made something within my fianc?'s and my budget that is so gorgeous and so very brilliant! It sparkles in every form of lighting (even in LOW light it zaps you in the eye with bright sparkles!), and I get compliments even from strangers. I'd very confidently refer anyone to Mark Broumand.

Shannon and Archie H.
Haymarket, VA

Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be an overwhelming process. Our search for rings was just that in the beginning. You want the best quality, price, and craftsmanship. We didn’t want this beautiful time in our life to be overwhelming. Even being close to Washington, DC, the jewelry stores in our area were disappointing to say the least. It was either sacrifice quality for price or buy something we felt was overpriced. Then we found Mark Broumand... It was, of course, a bit scary considering a purchase like this online, but I did my (extensive!) research and contacted Mark. Could not find a single negative...actually not even a semi-negative comment anywhere online. Every comment was outstanding. His email response was almost instant. We felt like he was here just for us. He worked with us to create a ring that was made just for us...unique and special. When I finally saw the ring I was absolutely stunned and in awe. It exceeded my expectations! Do not hesitate to purchase any piece of jewelry from Mark. You will not be disappointed...you will in fact be blown away. Thank you Mark from the bottom of our hearts.

Clare N.
Surrey, England

Living in the UK and looking for a 10th wedding anniversary engangement ring on the internet would have been my idea of hell, however I discovered Mark Broumand what a relief and a pleasure, he made the entire purchase as smooth as he could, his team were great at keeping in touch during Mark's unexpected absence, even the time difference and shipping was not a problem. The princess cut diamond arrived safe & sound, it's a beautiful diamond and the setting just perfect, Thank you all so much.

David R.

Hello Mark, Today I received the 2.75ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring (SKU2348) The ring is more beautiful than I imagined and the case along with the certifications are nothing less than the treatment I received from start to finish, absolutely first class. I will definitely return for future items and pass onto my relatives your astonishing value and customer service. Thank you again.


My fiance proposed to me by having our son do it for him. He is in afghanistan so he could not do it himself it was PERFECT!!! When i opened the box to my ring i could not believe it!! You did an amazing job on my ring i could not have asked for a more perfect sparkling amazing ring!! Thank you so much for making my day even more special!!!!

Cesiley S.
Jonesboro, AR

Thank you very much for all of your help! The ring is stunning! I've received so many compliments. We could not have made a better choice. I've attached a picture, as well! We're looking forward to the process of selecting wedding bands, so we'll be seeing you soon.

Suzi C. and Bill S.

I could not possibly express how grateful my fiancé and I are for the ring you made for us with words alone.it is the most gorgeous thing we have ever seen. In my wildest dreams it couldn't have been more beautiful. You nailed it perfectly with every intricate detail. I work in pharmacy so my hands are in the public a lot and literately not a day goes by without someone complementing me on it. I cannot wait to see what you come up with in a couple years for the wedding bands. Fast, friendly, efficient, affordable, master craftsmanship....you are the bomb!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ronald W.
Frankfort, Kentucky

Just wanted to leave a testimonial for you guys. I found Mark Broumand on EBAY a couple of years ago. I bought my wife a gorgeous 2 carat pear ring that Mark really worked with me on as my budget was very limited. Mark really took care of me and found me the perfect ring that was within my price range. In fact that same ring could have cost me nearly double and would have been well worth it. I cannot say enough good things about Mark Broumand and would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a gorgeous ring at a price that won't break the bank. Mark is honest, trustworthy and has a calm and peace about him that is uncommon in the industry. From the moment you hear his voice it becomes all too obvious that you have found a person you can put your trust and confidence in. Thanks Mark and your great staff.

Tom S.

The ring is a HUGE HIT! I gave it to my wife this past weekend and I don't think I can choose the right words to describe her reaction. A couple of her friends noticed it without her mentioning anything - probably because on a bright, sunny Hawaii day the flashes from the reflected light really catch your eye. They were pretty much beside themselves checking out her new ring. Needless to say, she is EXTREMELY HAPPY. WOW! Great job, Mark!

Jeremy C.

Hey Mark, Just wanted you to know that I have received the ring this morning and could not be any happier with it. It came out perfect and I can't wait for her to see it. I will be contacting you in the near future to make a wedding band for the ring as well. Once again thank you so much for making the ring in plenty of time and for making absolutely perfect. You have no idea how long I looked for the perfect ring before finding your website and finding this particular ring. You have an amazing sense of design and all of your jewelry reflects that gift. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

Greg H.

Hello, We received the ring we purchased late Friday on Saturday morning. First thank you since the ring is amazing. It is much better then the pictures. My fiancé is extremely pleased. I also wanted to thank you, Mark specifically, for the great customer service. I don¹t think this could have gone better or we could be more pleased.

Greg H.

Hello, We received the ring we purchased late Friday on Saturday morning. First thank you since the ring is amazing. It is much better then the pictures. My fiancé is extremely pleased. I also wanted to thank you, Mark specifically, for the great customer service. I don¹t think this could have gone better or we could be more pleased.

Alexander M.

Mark, The package arrive just as you said. I must say that the ring is absolutely stunning and will no doubt solicit the kind of response I am hoping for when I propose to my girlfriend. As you know it is certainly not the ring with the largest single stone that you sell even within its general price range, but it stood out to me as a very classic and symbolic piece of craftsmanship. Also might I say that the diamonds, both in terms of their quality (I am not a gemologist but I have been to many many sit down meetings with vendors where they have shown me diamonds of various clarities and colors) and the setting on the ring, are simply breathtaking. Also I must commend your service, which was excellent. I would also like to say that having movies of the rings on your website is especially helpful when making a selection. (Since I was unable to see the ring in person until it arrived) Thanks again. Your products and service deserve all the praise they receive.

Michelle G.

Hi Mark! I just have tell you thank you so much for my beautiful ring! It arrived yesterday morning and I am just in love with it! It is exactly what I was hoping for plus so much more :) You do amazing work and are an incredible artist. I have enjoyed working with you on everything from the creation process down to the moment I received this masterpiece. You are a true professional and I am so grateful for the wonderful experience this has been. The ring has already been making friends and has inspired compliments and questions. I am happy tell people where it came from. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Until then, I wish you the very best and continued success in your thriving business!

Koren Q.

I recently received the most beautiful emerald cut ring in the world! It has a halo of round diamonds around the stone. I just wanted to let you know that it is the most spectacular ring I (or my family and friends!) have ever seen! Thank you so much!! I will be in touch because I am interested in a wedding band to go with it! Thanks again!! :)

A. J.

I have been looking for a diamond for my wife for a long time, I had looked locally, online and in some well known stores such as the Tiffiny & Co. and could never find the ideal diamond ring at a price that was in reach. I saw the picture of the diamond I bought from Mark Broumand on line and contacted him. There was a lot of going back and forth between him and I, since this was an expensive purchase and a beautiful ring, but I lived in WI and he was down in LA. Mark allowed me to research this ring on my own, he sent me all the information I needed and then allowed me to examine the ring by a local jeweler, before I purchased it. My wife and I are very happy with our purchase but even more impressed by Mark¹s level of service and commitment to excellence which allowed us to do this at our comfort level without pressure. I will be happy to recommend him to anyone who is looking for an outstanding value and second to none service. He can always use me as a reference.


Hi Mark, I really have to say that this ring is so beautiful,I love it so much. You made it appears beyond my expections, it sparks in any ways I look at it. And the style of the ring is so classic yet not losing modern touch. I guess next time I will remember to bring "real" cash,haha.... All I wanna say is thank you for making my ring so beautiful.

Melissa W.

I spent a good month researching countless anniversary bands. I had been to local jewelers and knew exactly what I wanted (a channel set anniversary band, with 10 round diamonds). The first online jeweler I tried to order my band from was a huge disappointment - they were dishonest and very unprofessional, and I ended up canceling my order with them. I was extremely hesitant about trying another online jeweler. By chance, in a Google search for "channel set anniversary bands", Mark Broumand Jewelers came up. I searched around on the site and found almost exactly what I was looking for, but in a 1.65 carat weight instead of a 1.0 carat weight that I was looking for. I emailed Mark to ask about the band and see if it came in a 1 carat total weight size. To my surprise (and delight), he emailed back almost immediately. We exchanged several more emails, and I was impressed by how patient and professional he was. I had a lot of questions, especially since I had a bad first experience with trying to order this ring from another jeweler. Mark always answered my questions promptly and worked hard to come up with an option that was exactly what I wanted, yet in a price range that I was comfortable being in. I even checked out his company on Ebay (100% positive feedback) and on the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating). I called and was able to talk to Mark personally when I was ready to order, which speaks volumes - he really cared about making sure this transaction was flawless. When my ring arrived, I was floored by how beautiful it was. Mark had sent me some pictures once it was completed, but the pictures didn't nearly do the ring justice. It's absolutely amazing. My husband was delighted that it turned out so well, and he agreed that it was stunning. My friends constantly comment on how beautiful and sparkly it is! I should also mention that the price that Mark charged was significantly lower than anything else I found online or in a store. Thank you Mark for making our 10th anniversary that much more special. Your honesty, professionalism, integrity, and overall excellent service is truly impressive. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my family and friends, and when I am in the market for another piece of jewelry, I will definitely be coming back!

Diana R.

Hi Mark-- I know it much be ages since made my ring, but Todd and I just got engaged a couple weeks ago-- and I have been meaning to get in touch with you to let you know how absolutely stunning it is. It is everything I had hoped for--big and sparkly, but it also so elegant and lovely. I absolutely love it. Your ring made my saying "yes" even easier. :) And I have had nothing but compliments ever since. (Yesterday we were wandering around the Tiffany's on 5th Ave in NYC-- and one of the employees there was telling me how gorgeous it was-- and I can only presume she has seen quite a few rings in her day!).... Just wanted to thank you. I know I was a picky customer, but you've helped me get exactly what I was hoping for. You know I will happily speak highly of you any chance I get!

Tracy W., Doug M.

Mark, We received the ring Saturday, and it is ³incredible² I have never seen a prettier ring, attention to detail. ³I love it²! I feel like a Princess. One of my friends said dear God, looks like the ³Hope² diamond.


I just wanted to say that my fiance and I are so pleased with the ring I bought from you. I spent a lot of time looking for the general style she liked at a great value and I found it here. The price was a good 30% less than anything comparable that I found locally, and the quality is fabulous. It really is a spectacular ring at a price that will let us afford the wedding and the honeymoon. I appreciate the value and the service you provided, and would recommend you to anyone without reservation. Thanks for helping make a memorable moment for me and my fiance that much more special.


It's been a long and arduous journey for me. I have searched high and low for a jeweler who was honourable, fair, and accurate. I have spent two years in search of a jeweler whom I could trust. As someone once told me, it takes months to build trust and a minute to destroy it. I found Mark on Ebay. He was selling an engagement ring - 1.71 tcw with a square cut emerald diamond as the center stone. The center stone came with a GIA certificate so I knew what I was getting. Everything he told me about this ring was more than accurate and he was as excited about selling me the ring as I was in buying it. It is nice when jeweler and customer can share in the joy of purchasing this particular type of ring. I have been disappointed in other jewelers who either misrepresented themselves or stretched the truth, or out and out lied. Because my mother was a jeweller, I have been somewhat educated on diamonds and other gems. Mark was patient with me, as the emails flew back and forth. He did not overpressure me and he was as thrilled with my purchase as I was. He was very knowledgeable and was able to answer questions with accuracy. Because of Mark's character and personality and knowledge base, I am having him create a custom wedding band for me. He is open to ideas, makes suggestions and if I'm very lucky, I will have this ring in a few weeks. I have an idea of what it will look like, but I've put my trust into Mark's capable hands and I am betting I will love the wedding band as much as I love the engagement ring. I receive many compliments on this ring I bought. I highly recommend Mark and his company. I know that I will use his services again and I've already recommended him to another lady who had contacted me asking for a reference. This is how relationships are built. Thanks Mark.

Matt F.

Hello Mark, I proposed to Abby this weekend in CO. She LOVED the ring. It was perfect, and I wanted to thank you once again for your recommendation. I will let you know when we are ready to buy my wedding ring. Until then take care


Oh my gosh!....it is more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love how unique it is. It is exactly what I wanted. Again thank you Mark...I couldn't be more pleased. I am a member of a jewelry forum and believe me I plan on shouting your praises and highly recommending you to everyone there. I'll be back for sure when finances permit. I love your pieces.

Dave S.

Dear Mark, I just wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with the diamond ring I purchased from you. The diamonds are exactly as represented, and the uniqueness of the fine craftsmanship gets constant comments from envious on lookers. The detail on your merchandise is actually what drew me to your website originally. As you now know, I am a very particular type of person and a skeptic. I have always been apprehensive about misrepresentation with large on line transactions. My first purchase from you was not exactly what I was searching for, and you immediately reversed the charges, and credited my account. That alone spoke volumes, and I knew then that I was dealing with a standup business person with integrity. Now understanding more of what I was after, the three other options you gave me were all very nice. I know I drove you crazy because it was a difficult decision for me to make. With the help of your attentive attitude, I definitely made the right choice. The ring is absolutely beautiful, and my wife is just ecstatic. Please feel free to use me as a reference, and you may give my cell number to an important client that would like to hear about my transaction with you first hand. You are now my jeweler, and I will be in touch for any future needs. Thank you for an honest and painless transaction.

Ivan B.

Hey Mark, I know it's been some time...but wanted to let you know that my wife-to-be was absolutely delighted with the ring! It made my proposal a priceless memory. She said it was EXACTLY what she wanted. Thanks again for such a wonderful engagement ring and I look forward to the next jewelery purchase from you.

JoEllen D.

I received a beautiful right hand diamond ring on the day expected. It was even more lovely than the picture and I am very happy with it. Thank you very much.

Linda C.

Hello Mark... I just wanted to thank you for your time and attention today when I drove over to see you. Your selection of rings is fabulous and the quality of the diamonds is first class. It was good to meet you and I am just SO thrilled with my gorgeous new ring...You will be pleased to hear that Clive also loves it!! The re-sizing is perfect and I'm really going to enjoy wearing it (until I come back to you for a larger upgrade!!). Thank you again....I will have no hesitation recommending your fine store to my friends in the Palm Springs area (they are always travelling back and forth to LA).

Rex E.

Mark - Hey it's Rex. I've been meaning to call you but misplaced your phone #. I got the ring last week and it's absolutely perfect and beautiful! It's pretty funny having the ring and looking at my fiance's drawing and seeing how you and your team transformed her picture into such an awesome ring. If you ever need a reference for an ebay bidder or anything like that send them my email address. And when I buy jewelry in the future or give a recommendation to anyone I know I'll head straight to you. Thanks a lot Mark, you've made this a very easy and great experience for something that can be pretty scary for a guy getting married!

Joe W.

Mark, I wanted to let you know that we are extremely satisfied with the ring and that my wife thinks it's the most beautiful ring on the planet. If you ever have someone that's skeptical about buying via the Internet or the quality of your work feel free to give them my name and number and I will gladly give you a good reference. Thanks again for your beautiful ring.

Neil L.

Hello, All I can say is WOW the ring you made me far surpasses anything I could have ever wished for. Nothing I can say seems good enough to say about the craftsmanship, beauty, and the communication you provided. Please send me a way to leave feedback. I want to give you an outstanding rating and feed back A+++. Your work is amazing everyone that has seen it has been speachless. I will definitely refer.

Paul F.

Hi Mark! Firstly I want to say how happy I have been with all your communication and help you have given me with my purchase from you. It is still quite a bit hard for me to come to terms with purchasing such an expensive item over the internet, sight unseen and from all the way in Australia. The ring arrived in perfect condition with no delays. When I presented the ring to my Fiancé she was like a young child in a candy shop and still four days later, she still can't wipe the smile of her face! I am completely amazed with the quality and the saving I made purchasing this amazing diamond from you, and rest assured I will never purchase jewellery from anyone else again. If at any time someone was to have doubts about purchasing from you online I would be more than happy for you to pass on my details to them and I would explain to them just how excellent your business and quality is! My Fiancé and I are planning a trip to LA in the middle of next year, and your store will be on the top of places to visit, to see what other amazing items we can purchase from you. Your website shows the ring designs perfectly and if people are impressed by the photo's, they will be even more amazed when they see the item with their own eyes! It has been a absolute pleasure dealing with you Mark and I can't wait to purchase my next piece of jewellery from you! Thank you so much for being so helpful, and for given me the assurance that there are still honest and reliable people in the world and on the internet!

Jeff P.

Just a quick note to say thank you. Buying a ring online and from the other side of the U.S. can be a scary adventure. I had the pleasure to talk on the phone to your people twice. Once to Mark himself (very unhear of these days) and one to his brother.They were very helpful in completing this transaction.The ring was a big hit and i will be shopping for bands in the near future and i know the first place i will be looking. Many thanks again.

Lisa H.

My name is Lisa, Chris's girlfriend in Missouri that he bought the "monster" diamond engagement ring for. I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and let you know how words can¹t even describe how happy and just simply blown away by this ring and the events that surround it. The ring is exquisite, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, so unbelievably striking, I am just in awe!!!! Your work is outstanding and I admire your craftsmanship, if I may call it that. When I saw this ring on Ebay, I just knew it was the one but never in a million years did I think it would be on MY FINGER!!!!!!! Thank you so much for helping make this happen. I know Chris was a bit apprehensive about buying such a large expensive ring over the phone, but you made him feel very comfortable, at ease and he is very satisfied with the transaction. He really likes you and I really like you and we are both very happy. Thanks again Mark for such a wonderful experience. It was really something I will never forget.

Teri H.

I found Mark Broumand Jewelry while I was looking on E-Bay for an anniversary diamond ring. We are celebrating 30 years of marriage, and spent years raising children and putting our own desires on hold. Now that the children are gone and married, we decided it was time to purchase the bigger diamond ring that I always dreamed of! Marks beautiful settings and ring designs are what sold the ring for us! Then, the diamond he added is just perfect to complete the "look" and is beautiful and brilliant. I couldn't be more pleased with the ring, and after worrying about making such a significant purchase in dollars from long distance which was hard at first, Mark answered all question and reasurred me with all my concerns. I whole heartedly recommend Mark Broumand Jewelers for your fine jewelry purchases, and intend to do so to my friends and relatives who may be looking to purchase that special something for their loved one! Thanks again Mark!

Tony S.

I have been a loyal customer of Mark for over 5 years. Jewelry is my addiction so I purchase often and those purchases can become expensive. I have dealt with numerous buyers around Los Angeles and I can say without hesitation that Mark provides the best quality at the best prices. I have had rings and pendants designed and purchased his own unique designs and receive nothing but compliments on their originality and construction. If you want a great deal on high end quality jewelry, you need not search any further. Mark Broumand is your man.

Jay and Amina H.

Mark, now that things are finally caught up from the holiday season I just wanted to take a moment out of my busy life to say thanks again for everything you did for us. Your workmanship is amazing and I am still in awe as to how you were able to give us such a terrific price after all the shopping around that I had done before coming to you. The fact that you were able to have her ring ready sooner than promised made for our best Christmas so far. The professionalism and attention you gave us made us feel safe and secure with such a large transaction, especially considering it was made long distance. Everything has been perfect, and I have already recommended you highly to friends. Please use this as my recommendation to anyone who considers a purchase with you. All the best to you! I look forward to one day meeting next time we are in LA.

Kelley A.

Hi Mark, I received the ring this morning and it is PERFECT! I realized today that I cannot leave feedback because I bought the ring directly through you and not Ebay. However, I want to personally thank you for all that you have done. Your service has truly been above and beyond what I could have ever expected. These days, service like yours is not easy to come by. Obviously you are one of the best sellers on Ebay. I hope you have a wonderful holiday because you have certainly made mine.

C. Burke Z.

Dear Mark, I will be leaving you feedback on eBay here in the next day or so. I don't think there will be nearly enough room to talk about this ring. I've been everywhere and have never seen a more perfect example of what a woman would love to have. There aren't words to thank you enough. We have been engaged since December; we were talking and knew we had to take the plunge. I own a half dozen businesses that are all strapped and I had to find something that I could pay for rather than finance. I knew I'd have to get really lucky on eBay, and yes, I had been looking daily for 5 months. Your jewelry was some of the first to catch my eye. It just appeared to have more class, style and brilliance. When I found this ring, I knew it was the one. I sat online as the auction grew closer to an end, knowing I had to be there to bump my bid up, for one of those last minute bidders. I was ready to borrow what I didn't have to bid the ring up to $4000 or $5000. It would have been a great deal at those figures. I feel very blessed to not have taken on the additional financial burden, after all, I have a wedding and a honeymoon to pay for too. As soon as I received the package, I tore through it, hoping that what I found was what I thought it would be. The world fell away as I opened the ring box and saw this gorgeous work of art. We already had the wedding planned, so I deceded to meet her at the place we met (we go about once a week) wearing the ring, and I would wait until she noticed - I had it turned around on my pinky finger and I typically dont wear rings at all. It took her an hour and as soon as she saw something on my finger the tears gushed out. She hadn't even seen the good part yet. It took her a few minutes to focus once I put it on her finger - a perfect fit! Once she took a good look, it was easy to see, this is exactly what she needed and had been waiting her entire life for. Mark, I just want you to know without a doubt, that you have given us something beyond monetary value, and you have helped me change my fiance's life. Your ring, your work, has reached a place of true belonging.