Three Gorgeous Radiant, Cushion & Emerald Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted at October 25th, 2016

Yellow, as a color, is indicative of many things. It represents springtime, rebirth, renewal, warmth, and love. It is symbolic of good health and positive energy, and has long been used around the world in association with ceremonies which celebrate the beginning of something new, from the planting of crops to the union of two loving partners in blissful matrimony. Yellow diamonds make a wonderful choice for the center stone in an engagement ring, symbolizing as they do so many beautiful, wholesome, and positive things.

Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

The cushion cut is a very special cut for a yellow diamond. When situated as the center stone in a wedding band, it symbolizes the warmth and support implicit in the perfect union. Like any expertly cut diamond, the yellow cushion cut diamond shows high quality exuberance and sparkle, brilliantly reflecting natural sunlight into a dazzling array of shimmering beauty. This traditional, vintage-style wedding band emphasizes the sense of loving warmth and wonderful hope that is implicit to the perfect wedding, and is always a marvelous sight to behold.

Radiant Cut Engagement Ring with Double Shank

For a yellow diamond, symbolizing the warmth of the summer sun and the radiance of everlasting love, there can be no more fitting shape than that of the radiant cut. This eye-catching double banded wedding ring is completely encrusted with small round cut diamonds, framing the radiant cut center stone like the rays of the midday sun. Under the bright light of a spring wedding, this ring will capture and reflect the rays of the sun in a manner that is sure to catch the eye of any who behold it. This ring doesn’t simply speak to warmth, support, and love everlasting: it tells their story in a song of sparkle and joy.

Vintage Emerald Cut Engagement Ring with Single Shank

The emerald cut yellow diamond is a traditional symbol of joyous union in many countries around the world. On this particular yellow diamond engagement ring, the shape of the center stone is dazzlingly highlighted by a close-fitting arrangement of small, round-cut diamonds that help to bring out the sparkle and luster of its many polished facets. This yellow emerald cut diamond glitters like a beacon of hope for a bright future, and is a perfect symbol of the love and warmth that ought to be found within the union of two people pledging to spend the rest of their lives in each other’s company.

Six Resilient Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings with Halos

Posted at October 15th, 2016

Explore the Mark Broumand selection for the finest round cut diamonds. You can select among many settings, six of which are below. These round brilliant cut beauties are elaborate in detail and rich in taste, with various bands and shanks adding the finishing touch.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 1.63 Carats

Set atop a delicate and narrow band of rose-tinted gold, this traditional wedding ring features a center stone with a round brilliant cat of dazzling proportions. It is expertly held within a cradle of smaller round cut diamonds; coupled with the warm luster of the golden band itself, this lends an image of warm, homey feels to the appearance of this engagement band. It is the perfect symbol of a promise of many years of love yet to come.

Round Brilliant Cut Double Shank Diamond Ring, 1.96 Carats

This is a fine vintage wedding ring with a double banded design, its center stone cradled within a delicate mounting of smaller round cut diamonds. The overall effect, coupled with the classic double shank look, is one of sparkling beauty and sophistication. This is a tasteful and elegant engagement band, fit to gleam and shine on that most special of occasions.

Round Cut Diamond with Halo, 2.18 Carats

This round, brilliantly cut center diamond is set into a silvery crown atop a gradually tapering band, thicker toward the setting than it is at the bottom. This is a very traditional engagement band shape, and one that lends itself to the sophisticated and elegant appearance of the sparkling centerpiece.

Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 2.37 Carats

This elegant silver band features a large centerpiece that is artistically encrusted with small round-cut diamonds. These smaller stones lovingly frame the center diamond, reflecting and refracting sunlight to give added dazzle and shine to that which is meant to symbolize love everlasting.

Brilliant Cut Round Diamond Ring with Halo, 2.41 Carats

The size of this brilliantly cut round center diamond is expertly accented by the smaller round-cut stones surrounding it, while the narrow, uniform shape of the diamond encrusted band allows the size of the center stone to truly carry the day. The craftsmanship of this ring enables the central round cut diamond to stand as a symbol of everlasting love, making it a truly stunning wedding ring in more ways than one.

Round Brilliant Cut Traditional Wedding Band, 3.67 Carats

This vintage-style wedding ring features a large round cut diamond with brilliant sparkle, set amidst smaller round cut diamonds on a traditional gold band with a beautiful rosy tint. The allure of this ring is heavily focused on the dazzling sparkle of the center stone, which the smaller diamonds along the setting and the shank only serve to enhance.

Choose Your Favorite Setting for Your Engagement Ring

Posted at October 1st, 2016

Almost as important as the center stone in an engagement ring are the cradle in which the stone is held, as well as the band, or shank. Either of these elements can draw attention to the center stone through luxurious decoration, or emphasize the diamond’s luster through lack of adornment.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 3.4 Carats

In this example, we see a round cut diamond cradled within a beautifully decorated setting, dazzlingly adorned with smaller round-cut diamonds to emphasize and enhance the sparkle of the center stone. The band itself ascends smoothly up either side of the centerpiece, and is adorned by round-cut diamonds along its entire length. This is an elegant and stylish modern wedding ring, and is a demonstrable example of how the shank can serve to enhance the overall quality of a piece.

Round Cut Diamond, 3.67 Carats, on Slender Engagement Band

The slender appearance of this lustrous yet slender gold wedding band supports a delicate cradled frame on top, in which a large, beautifully round-cut diamond is nestled. This is a fine example of an engagement band with diamonds along half the shank. Such a style adds to the tasteful elegance of this vintage ring’s minimalist appeal, but it still serves to wondrously enhance the beauty and the sparkle of the center stone.

Round Cut Diamond Wedding Ring with Double Shank

The brilliant appearance of this ring is owed to many factors, including the gleaming silver surface of its stylish double band. The double shank ring is completely encrusted with small, round-cut diamonds, which fit perfectly into the silvery background while emphasizing the grace and the majesty of the central stone. All four ends of the double band rise up to frame the beautifully cradled centerpiece in a regal, crown-like formation, wonderfully reminiscent of a life-long pledge of of loyalty, purity, and true love.

Round Cut Diamond, 2.59 Carats, Simple and Elegant Shank

This ring’s beautiful silver band is a perfect example of how an unadorned shank and non-encrusted cradle can help to emphasize the beauty of a diamond. The setting is pristine and delicate, with crown-like flanges suggestive of royalty, purity, and many other positive qualities contributing to the strength of a life-long union. The size of the flanges forbids the use of smaller diamonds for emphasis, while making the round cut diamond at their center look larger and more brilliant in comparison.

The Beauty of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: Platinum, Rose Gold, White Gold & Yellow Gold Settings

Posted at September 15th, 2016

In the modern era, round cut diamonds are often seen encrusting the bands and settings of exquisitely designed engagement rings. The center stone is often emerald cut, oval, or otherwise shaped to stand out from the rest with distinction. The classic round cut diamond engagement ring is different: its center stone often stands alone, carrying the day with the unique luster and sparkle that only a dazzlingly cut and perfectly set round diamond will be able to provide. Where the band is encrusted, the smaller round cut diamonds bring out the center stone’s beauty all the more, by providing additional refraction under any illumination.

Single Band Rose Gold Round Cut Diamond, 2.28 Carats

This traditionally set round cut diamond sparkles atop a delicate rose gold band in this single shank engagement ring. The band itself is encrusted with small round cut diamonds, which capture and further break down the reflections of the center stone into a dazzling array of color and vibrance. This wedding ring glows with a loving warmth, which speaks to the noble intentions of that person who would give it as a token of a love meant to last forever.

Wide Band Platinum Engagement Ring, 2.59 Carats

This is one of those engagement rings which couples the classic appeal of a dazzling round cut stone with a modern artistic vision, resulting in a truly unique and dazzling experience. Like the beautiful shimmer of the center stone itself, a wide, unadorned platinum band speaks to notions such as purity and loyalty. Its bright luster emphasizes the virtue and love of a traditional wedding, speaking to the relevance of the traditional ceremony as we head into a new modern era.

Vintage Round Cut Wedding Ring, 3.4 Carats

In any book or film which has displayed a wedding ring as a part of the plot, the picture almost certainly bore many striking similarities to this beautiful piece of vintage work. This delicately crafted and engraved rose gold band is topped by a center cut diamond of dazzling shape and proportion, perfectly set within a gracefully flanged crown. A diamond showcases not only strong qualities, such as loyalty and virtue, but also the loving warmth on which a new family ought to be based. This engagement ring is a dazzling example of exactly how this is accomplished.

Two Pear Shaped and Two Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted at September 1st, 2016

Pear Shaped Stone, 3.46 Carats

This exquisitely crafted and surprisingly delicate engagement ring features a beautiful pear cut diamond on a slender platinum band. The shank is encrusted with small, round-cut diamonds to give a little extra sparkle for that special day, but the center stone appropriately takes center stage with its modern style and symbolic representation. An inverted tear has long been a sign of joy and happiness in western culture; what happier thing to celebrate, with such a dazzling wedding ring, than love everlasting?

Pear Shaped Stone, 4.66 Carats, Double Banded Engagement Ring

This brilliant wedding ring features a large pear cut diamond, beautifully and exquisitely set in a delicate halo on top of a double platinum band. The band and halo are encrusted with smaller, round cut diamonds, while the center stone is large enough to capture the eyes of onlookers with its dazzling display of sparkling light. This ring combines vintage appeal with modern artistic elements, resulting in a pure work of loving art, fully fit for any ceremony.

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring, 5.87 Carats

The marquise style of diamond shaping, sometimes described as almond shaped, has a long and well-established tradition. It was a popular cut of diamond for rings worn by royalty and nobility in Renaissance and Victorian-era Europe. Today, it evokes a glittering sense of vintage beauty. This particular center stone is surrounded by a sparkling halo, which is particularly appropriate to the way the marquise captures and refracts surrounding illumination. It is set on a platinum band, which is likewise encrusted, for a combination of traditional elegance and stylish modern simplicity.

Marquise Diamond Cut Engagement Band, 6.76 Carats

Most wedding rings evoke a sense of traditional and modern elements combined, symbolizing that perfect union which is the well-founded marriage. Sometimes, however, it is preferable to evoke the sense of union through a single style, with a ring that offers the perfect combination of shank and stone to create a memorable image that will remain in the minds of all who have seen it for years to come. Such is the case with this exquisitely gorgeous ring, which features a large marquise diamond set in an artisan crafted platinum band. The minutia of the detail is absolutely superb, and the diamond is a true wonder to behold. This is a wedding ring which is well-suited to lasting impressions.

Round, Emerald, Oval & Asscher Cut Eternity Band Engagement Rings

Posted at August 15th, 2016

The eternity band is encircled by individually modest stones, rather than being dominated by a single central arrangement. It symbolizes the unity and strength of the ideal marriage, built on a foundation of love, respect, and the strength of two people facing life together. With a little help from Mark Broumand, you can design your dream eternity band. From selecting the shape of your setting, the number of prongs, the number of diamonds, the shape of your diamonds or the color of your setting, every detail can be selected at your preference. If you enjoy rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum, there are an abundance of options available.

Round Brilliant Cut Eternity Wedding Ring on Rose Gold Setting, 3.9 Carats

This eye-catching round cut diamond eternity ring is beautifully set in rose-tinted gold, creating a distinctive contrast between the sparkle of each stone and the warm glow of the band itself. This beautiful ring will contribute to warm memories of that special day for years to come!

Oval Cut Engagement Ring, 5.4 Carats

Oval cut stones are a distinctive choice for the eternity style. Combining a sparkling vintage look with a modern day aesthetic, this platinum ring speaks to both beauty and purity. There is an elegance to the simplicity of its setting, offset by the way these expertly positioned stones capture and reflect each other’s light.

Round Cut Engagement Band, 5.50 carats

This intricately crafted platinum engagement band is set with a series of beautifully cut round diamonds, much larger than those which would encrust a more traditional shank. The cut, however, is in itself traditional, making this ring a symbol of two eras joining together as one. A beautiful analogy for a wedding, and a reminder that some well-established traditions still have their place in the modern world.

Emerald Cut Eternity Ring, 6.30 Carats on 18k Yellow Gold Setting

Emerald cut stones fit neatly together, set within a rose gold band. This ring evokes the appearance of a series of windows, leading to the warmth of the rosy golden hue beyond. This, combined with the way the expertly set diamonds capture and refract the light of their neighboring stones, brings to mind thoughts of unity and warmth: the strength of two people, working together to build a future.

Asscher Cut Engagement Ring, 8 Carats

The asscher cut stone is a fun shape to work with. This shows through in the way this platinum set wedding ring emphasizes an almost lighthearted and genial quality, without detracting at all from the beauty or the importance of what the ring symbolizes. With a total of eight carats in diamonds, this impressive ring showcases its craftsmanship with an elegant sparkle

Emerald Cut Eternity Band on Platinum Setting, 9.40 Carats

This wedding band features tightly set emerald cut stones in a platinum band. There is a powerful impression being made, one that suggests strength, loyalty, and a loving bond that shall never be broken. Beautiful, powerful, and graceful, this engagement band showcases all that is good and pure about love everlasting.

The Battle is On: Oval Cut vs. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted at August 1st, 2016

Round and oval cut diamonds are two of the most popular shapes available for engagement rings today. Round cut rings are traditional, while remaining firmly relevant to modern trends. Oval cut rings evoke a vintage look, but it’s an appearance which can be dazzling in combination with other, more modern elements.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Stones, 2.29 Carats

This unique ring features the eye opening accompaniment of two side stones, which further enhance the beautiful sparkle of the round cut center stone. Majestically cradled within a platinum setting, each stone is surrounded by a halo of small round cut diamonds, to further enhance the splendor of its refraction. The result is a light show, a powerful emblem of love and loyalty, which is sure to add to every memory of such a wonderful occasion.

Oval Cut Wedding Ring, Double Shank with Halo, 3.11 Carats

The design of this double band engagement ring is at once simple and elegant, with two uniform bands running parallel, each encrusted by small round cut diamonds to bring out the finer elements of the beautifully cradled center stone. Set in platinum, this oval cut stone captures and reflects the light thrown into it by its own halo of round cut diamonds. Oval and round combine to create a dazzling and ever-shifting painting, whereby sparkling light is the only brush being employed.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond with Halo, 3.52 Carats

How to bring out the majesty of a beautiful wedding day with a single stone? Set a round diamond on a slender and delicate platinum band, and surround it with an encrusted halo of tiny round diamonds which serve to redirect light into the center stone. The result is an elegant and luxurious engagement ring, one which draws all eyes to the center and holds them there. The craftsmanship of this round cut diamond ring is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Oval Cut Diamond, Double Banded with Halo, 2.31 Carats

There is something classic, something vintage, to the appearance of an oval cut diamond ring. It evokes the elegance of the Victorian, or even the Elizabethan eras, and all of the incredible finery which surrounded an important celebration in such a bygone era. This beautifully set oval cut diamond is held within an elegant and artistically shaped double banded ring, symbolizing not only beauty, but also purity and strength.

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Look Great on Any Setting!

Posted at July 15th, 2016

Mark Broumand offers a variety of options with a huge selection of diamonds, carat sizes, styles and the design of a master setting you love. If you prefer a single band, double shank, halo or rock on a classic, timeless setting, we have it all! Oval cuts are a beautiful and unique stone for any engagement ring.

Oval Cut Single Band Engagement Ring, 1.45 Carats

With its delicate setting and narrow, diamond encrusted band of rose gold, this engagement ring provides subtle accent to the sparkle and luster of its oval cut center stone, while being tastefully and elegantly decorated with smaller round cut diamonds. It expresses not only the purity of a lifelong vow, but also the love and the warmth which are meant to accompany it. A beautiful choice for anyone’s intended.

Oval Cut Engagement Ring Platinum, 1.51 Carats

This deceptively delicate platinum band brings out its brilliant silvery sheen with a fully encrusted halo of round cut diamonds. The center stone is an oval cut diamond, artistically situated so as to capture and further refract the dazzling array of light and sparkle which the smaller diamonds reflect into it. Like a wedding itself, this engagement band is a thing of pristine and exquisite beauty.

Oval Cut Yellow Diamond, Double Shank, 4.42 Carats

This large yellow diamond symbolizes the warmth and the love of an eternal union, its color serving to accentuate concepts like loving support, springtime, renewal, and new beginnings. It gleams warmly amidst the beautiful sparkle of a generously encrusted halo of small, round cut diamonds, which extends around the shank of this double-banded ring for a truly exquisite and luxurious piece that speaks to the love behind one of life’s most precious occasions.

Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring, Single Band, 5.3 Carats

This oval cut yellow diamond engagement ring features a phenomenal center stone, dazzlingly situated to gleam like the rising sun on a spring morning. Its honeyed hue is reminiscent of the loving warmth that turns a couple into a family, and transforms a house into a home. This vintage inspired piece is set atop a narrow band of rose tinted gold, encrusted by modest round cut diamonds which only add to the quality of its sparkle.

Yellow Oval Diamond Engagement Ring With a Halo, 2.9 Carats

A delicate platinum band, luxuriously set with round cut diamonds, is topped with a classic double halo setting which is likewise, and exquisitely, fully encrusted. The center stone, an oval cut yellow diamond, glows with the warmth of a daisy on a summer’s day. This ring combines classic and vintage themes with modern artistry to create an image that evokes good health, growth, and a new beginning to look forward to.

Anatomy of An Engagement Ring

Posted at July 1st, 2016

Designing a one-of-a-kind engagement ring is a great way to create a personalized piece of jewelry; however, the different technical terms used by jewelers may seem confusing and overwhelming. The following guide will help decode the mystery surrounding jewelry jargon.

The Head

Multiple elements comprise the head of the ring. It includes the center stone and the fixtures that hold the stone in place. The collet, also called the setting, is made up of the circular rim that holds the stone and the claws that help keep the stone secure.

Types of Heads and Settings
Different head, setting styles and shapes are available to highlight the carat size and shape of the center stone. For example, a buttercup setting features claws that curve over the side of the stone. This type of setting is elaborate and typically resembles a flower as suggested by the name. Marquis, princess cut, or other angular stones are well-suited to a V-shape claw setting.
This 3.5 carat old mine cut diamond engagement ring flaunts a beautiful setting:

The Center Stone

This is the star of the ring design. The center stone can be cut into a variety of shapes ranging from the traditional round to more oval or angular styles. While a single stone is the most common choice, a setting can feature more than one center stone. Engagement rings feature center stones in all different sizes ranging from 0.3 carat up to 10 carats that may be surrounded by smaller side stones. Diamonds are the traditional choice, but a yellow diamond, a sapphire, emerald, or ruby can be equally beautiful.

This 3.4 carat transitional cut diamond ring flaunts simplicity and displays the center stone masterfully:

The Prongs or Claws

Most rings feature between four and six pieces of metal that hold the center stone securely in place. When designing the ring, it is important to strike a balance between form and function. More claws mean that the stone is more secure and less likely to come loose while fewer claws highlight the clarity and beauty of the stone by permitting more light to shine through.

Side Stones

Elaborate rings may feature dozens of small stones surrounding the band or center stone. These stones may match or serve as a contrast to the larger center stone. For example, a ring may feature a large, colored gemstone, such as an emerald, surrounded by smaller diamonds.  Side stones can expertly accent your engagement ring and enhance and enlarge the appearance of the center diamond. This masterful enhancement provides unrivaled brilliance and dazzling sparkle.
This 6.37 carat fancy yellow cushion cut diamond is magnified with the beautiful yet simple side stones:

The Band or Shank

This is the part of the ring that encircles the finger. The band is adjusted to your size and often inscribed in the case of an engagement ring. Many brides opt for diamonds to cover the band or shank. There are also a variety of styles in terms of how many shanks and where they connect and end in connection with the center stone and side stones. The possibilities are really endless. You can customize and create your timeless engagement ring with the expertise of Mark Broumand and our wide selection of stones on display at our showroom.
This 4.16 carat fancy yellow cushion cut diamond rocks a simple diamond band:

This 3.11 carat oval cut diamond has two bands:

Classic vs. Vintage Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Posted at June 15th, 2016

At Mark Broumand, explore a wide selection of beautiful diamond emerald cut engagement rings. From a simple, elegant emerald cut diamond, to a sparking setting with two emerald cut side stones, with or without a halo, we provide the highest quality of jewels.

Rectangular Emerald Cut Ring, 4.48 carat

This exquisite wedding ring displays a popular, traditional platinum setting, with a rectangular emerald-cut diamond set atop a single band. The combination of platinum and other, beautifully translucent elements make for an eye-catching display, which is at once both simple and elegant. The shape is instantly recognizable as to what the ring signifies; it is as tasteful as it is stylish, evoking both vintage appeal and modern artistic references. This ring is certain to open eyes, and to inspire a sparkling smile in that one special someone.

Classic Emerald Cut Engagement Ring, 2.15 carat

This classic ring features a setting and single band studded with small, round-cut diamonds, set so as to capture and refract the sunlight, giving it a beautiful sparkle from every angle. The center stone on this wedding ring is perfectly cut to an impressive size relative to the fine, delicate work present throughout the rest of this classy, finely-worked engagement band. Soft colors and platinum chasing contribute to a lovely and glorious appearance, one that is absolutely befitting such notions as a traditional wedding ceremony, a white bridal gown, and a union that is meant to last for a lifetime. With this ring, an otherwise inexpressible potential is caught up into a glittering sparkle which is almost too perfect to describe; fortunately, no words will be needed to explain it, to anybody who sees it on her finger.

Vintage Engagement Ring, 1.9 carat

Vintage styles and traditional settings remain a popular aspect of today’s wedding rings, and are often combined with modern elements to create wonderful, beautifully detailed pieces of artistic elegance. This bold wedding band of warm, rose-tinted gold is set with the same, then bedazzled with the ornamentation of round-cut diamonds set to as to capture and refract the surrounding lighting every time she puts it on display. The center stone is nestled into a warm golden setting, the crown amidst the surrounding jewels, creating a unique and stylish ring that will leave anybody who sees it fondly reminiscing as to their own special day.

This exquisite wedding ring displays a popular, traditional platinum setting, with a rectangular emerald-cut diamond set atop a single band. The combination of platinum and other, beautifully translucent elements make for an eye-catching display, which is at once both simple and elegant. The shape is instantly recognizable as to what the ring signifies; it is as tasteful as it is stylish, evoking both vintage appeal and modern artistic references. This ring is certain to open eyes, and to inspire a sparkling smile in that one special someone.