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The Look of Vintage Jewelry

Posted on November 30th, 2012

Vintage may remind you of flowing dresses, Grandpa’s radio, and traditional ways.  The term usually describes any item with age and value, often ornate decorations, and rustic copper-like tones.  In competition with antique, quality vintage style can be hard to come by.  While vintage as a term is used loosely today it now claims its own following in the market of fashion and accessories.

If you are an admirer of this style, search for vintage jewelry items with ornate design and rustic colors reminiscent of art and architecture from the 1910-50s.

Jewelry As An Investment?

Posted on November 30th, 2012

If you have ever considered jewelry as an investment you would be wise to make this a priority.  The famed Christie’s Hong Kong jewelry auction this week sold 80% of inventory for a total sales of over $75,000,000.

The top sale (pictured below) was the glorious Burmese Ruby Necklace that sold for $5.1 million.  Top prices like these are paid because of the wisdom of investors around the globe.  High quality gems and metals hold value and appreciate steadily in all markets.

If you are looking to invest in precious gems contact Mark Broumand and let us help you build your investment portfolio.  By investing in precious gems and metals you can be sure your portfolio retains value in any market.  Choose from our current inventory or a wide variety of quality, conflict-free loose diamonds, precious stones, and quality metals.  Or, create your own custom designed jewelry that will stand a lifetime.




Winter Fashion

Posted on November 29th, 2012

Winter has arrived and with it there are parties and festivities to attend to!  The winter season is a time to bundle up and reconnect with loved ones in our lives.  It is a time of giving and warm spirits.  A time of laughter and impression.  With all the engagements we partake in this year why not show off your winter fashion with a some of our winter jewelry favorites!  Below, we have selected a pair of diamond earrings that look like snowflakes.  Our marquise cut diamond bracelet reminds you that spring is right around the corner and we finish it off with two timeless diamond right-hand rings.

Pink Expressions

Posted on November 29th, 2012

Out of every 10,000 diamonds mined come one radiant in natural color.  So rare are pink diamonds that they account for only one tenth of one percent.  This rare phenomenon drives the value of fancy color diamonds above the ordinary.

Pink is said to represent love, beauty, kindness, and compassion.  It is a soothing color that brings us in touch with a gentle healing side of ourselves.  Often associated with romanticism, the color induces the charming side of love.

What comes to mind when you see pink?  A sweet Valentine?  Radiant roses?  Your favorite blouse?  Because of the extraordinary qualities of this color the trend of pink never dies.

With its valued popularity as a monetary investment and personal statement you can find jewelry to compliment your own pink collection.  Add pink diamonds to your engagement collection to boldly proclaim your love of love!

How To Wear A Brooch

Posted on November 28th, 2012

Diamond Brooch | Mark BroumandDiamond Brooch from Mark Broumand

Brooches have been a compliment to attire as far back as the bronze age.  When men started wearing wrapped cloth they used brooches to pin together their clothing.  Early brooches where made of heavy metals and decorated ornately in military fashion.  The brooch remains a military decoration to this day.  As time progressed, brooches became a statement in fashion and identity.

Women soon began wearing brooches to compliment their wardrobes.  A brooch is used to add vibrancy to clothing, hair, or fashion accessories.  Because of the beauty and value of brooches, they are treated as a highly regarded gift for special events such as weddings and landmark occasions.  They can be used as heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation.

There are many styles to wear a brooch rather then the traditional wear of complimenting a suit or dress. Next time you desire an extra flair to your style try adding a brooch in one of the following ways:

* Pin to your dress opposite your dominant hand to draw attention to your features
* Add to the lapel of a suit or above the breast pocket
* Pin to the center of a V-shaped neckline to add a spark of color
* Place on a belt or shawl to bring it to life
* Add to a purse or handbag
* Decorate your hair
* Pin to a  piece of fabric to make a unique necktie
* Attach it to a stylish chain or string of pearls
* Pin to a hat
* Wear it on a classic wristband to create a charming bracelet

Gift Ideas

Posted on November 27th, 2012

Diamond Stud Earrings Gift Idea | Mark BroumandChoosing a gift for the holidays is one of the many tasks at hand this season.  There are a few approaches to take when considering a gift for your loved one: personality type, individual style, personal relationship, or what the need is.  With the many choices, there are some safe bets across the board.

Diamond stud earrings are an essential jewelry piece to any collection.  They reflect class for any attire and can be worn on any occasion. There is a twist you can add to any traditional stud.

Diamond studs are given an extra appeal by finding ones with special flair, such as the surrounded style.  They host a diamond stud surrounded by a channel of smaller diamonds.  It adds to the brilliant reflection and catches the eye more then the single setting.

When shopping for just the right gift of jewelry for someone special consider utilizing the surrounded diamond style of a classic brilliant cut.  Not only do they add to the value, they maintain a style that reflects above the rest.  They show an added thoughtful interest and personality for any occasion.

The Tradition of Engagement Rings

Posted on November 27th, 2012

The view of marriage is growing organically in modern times.  During a more classic era, engagements became the talk of society.  They reflected a coming of age and readiness for business.  The modern definition of marriage is evolving to include age, gender, and new societal statements.

The Tradition of the Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandWhat has not changed is that engagement rings themselves are seen as a devotion and commitment to love.  These rings symbolize our heartfelt interest in committing to new paths.   Engagement rings are often used as jewelry family heirlooms being passed down in tradition.  They are commonly worn by the matriarchs of the family.  They are given during times of proposal or anniversary occasions.  It has become common for families to use their creativity to design new heirlooms or redefine the ones they own.  Modern settings for rings include colored stones, the ever popular Emerald Cut, and redesigning antique settings.

There are many options for planning your own engagement and the style in which you choose to do so. You can start with an heirloom setting and add new stones and colors or even create an organic design to reflect your unique relationship.  By working with experienced designers, such as Mark Broumand you can assure your individuality is reflected as a gift of love to last for generations.  Become inspired and be prepared.  May love, light, and an abundance of years be yours!