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The Popularity of the Modern Cuff

Posted on December 29th, 2012

Have you noticed the rage of unique cuff bracelets that trend nearly all fashion genres?  From music stars to vogue covers, a well selected bracelet can change the appeal of an entire ensemble.

Cuffs look great with a variety of fashions.  Cuffs can dress up a business suit, add sparkle to your favorite dress, and spice up the night with the way they draw attention to the hand and wrist. Next time you go out try adding a cuff to your attire and see what an impression they can leave!

Mark Broumand is on the cutting edge of fashion.  We have an array of unique cuffs and bracelets that add sophistication to your elegant wardrobe without going punk.

How To Buy Loose Diamonds

Posted on December 29th, 2012

Loose diamonds are a great way to hold investments, travel with world market items, and collect for unique jewelry settings.  If you are looking into the market of loose diamonds, follow a few diamond selection tips prior to shopping so you have full diamond education.

A diamond’s grade depends on four characteristics, also known as the Four C’s: cut, carat, clarity, and color. Together, these properties determine how much a diamond is worth.

Cut. Cut is extremely important in determining a diamond’s worth. A round brilliant diamond has 58 facets and the proportion of the facets are a key characteristic in a quality diamond. The better the proportion of the facet, the more light will be reflected off the diamond and into one’s eye. The diamond will also sparkle more and give off a bigger shine. The cut can also refer to the shape of the diamond such as round, princess, emerald, heart, pear, or oval.

Carat. Carat is the size and weight of the diamond. Larger diamonds cost more per carat because of their size. Diamonds are measured in points, with 100 points per diamond. Example: a half carat diamond has 50 points.

Clarity. Clarity describes how clear the diamond is and ranges from flawless, which is a perfect diamond, to I, meaning Included.

Flawless: The flawless diamond is perfect inside and out. These diamonds are the rarest of them all. Flawless diamonds are very difficult to find and they are the purest. They contain no imperfections.

Internally Flawless: These diamonds are internally flawless and have no imperfection inside. These diamonds are very rare.

VVS1, VVS2: It is very difficult to see any imperfections, even under 10x magnification. Diamonds in this range are more rare than the lower clarity grades.

VS1, VS2: Diamonds in this range are the most sought after for being as clear as possible without the heavy price tag of VVS and Flawless Diamonds. Diamonds in this category have very small imperfections which are not visible by the naked eye, though can be picked up using 10X magnification.

SI1, SI2, SI3: Diamonds in the SI1 category tend to be visibly clean with some exceptions. Some SI2 Diamonds are visibly clean as well. Once in the SI3 range, you can expect to see small imperfections by the naked eye. The SI1-SI2 range is very popular because it will give you higher quality at a low cost.

I1, I2:  Diamonds with a clarity grade of I1 or I2 tend to have multiple imperfections visible by the naked eye. Diamonds in this range are great because of the relatively low cost compared to other clarity grades. Clients tend to like this range when looking for a larger size diamond at a low cost.

Color. Color describes the amount of color the diamond contains. The most flawless and perfect diamond should have no color at all. Diamonds can range from colorless to yellow with slight tints of yellow, gray or brown. Some can also range from intense yellow to brown, blue, green, pink and red. These fancy colored diamonds are rare and therefore more valuable.  Their range is measured on a letter scale from D-Z, with D being exceptionally white and so forth. The color of a diamond or stone can be determined using a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Certified set of master stones or by using a Colorimeter. The colorimeter is a computer that accurately grades a polished diamond’s color.

Mark Broumand will help you find loose diamonds for your next investment.

Diamond Rings to Bring in the New Year

Posted on December 28th, 2012

The New Year is all about glitz and glamour!  It’s a time to reinvent yourself – show off the New Year with new diamonds that will set your resolutions in stone.

The number three in jewelry often represents past, present, and future. Try the baguette trio that emphasizes the present!

This new fancy colored diamond ring is made of the best 18k gold, brown diamonds, yellow diamonds, and a string of white to compliment it’s unique and lustrous setting.

Sometimes the world is simply black and white – at least when it comes to party attire! Show off your best black and white style with a diamond and 18k white gold right hand ring.

If elegance and tradition are what excites you, try the 2.5ct brilliant round diamond ring to match your timeless style.

This micro-pave setting reminds us of a feminine rising that integrates the highest quality of rose and white golds. Wear this ring to symbolize your 2013 growth!

3.55c of diamonds is no laughing matter – unless you are wearing it as you laugh your way into the new year! Be bold and beautiful as you add this black and white ring to your 2013 collection.

Try your hand at right hand rings and see what your fortune brings.  Mark Broumand, Los Angeles will supply you with all your party fashion needs to bring style to the new you!

Large Diamonds Hold Market

Posted on December 27th, 2012

Diamonds continue to hold their market as investments despite a slow economic turn around for America.

Since October of 2011 the United States jewelry industry has increased profit by 8.3%.  This is a sharp increase considering that department store sales have fallen 0.9%.

According to Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels” auction, white diamonds continue to hold strength.  The auction sells any white diamond over 10 carats, regardless of quality.  Fancy colored diamonds and gemstones continue to increase in popularity as well.  A large reddish-orange diamond sold for a record per-carat price of $666,200.

The report states that investors are turning to jewels as a secure investment, particularly the larger stones that are less touched by inflation.  Jewelry settings that are created as once in a lifetime pieces also hold value on the jewelry market.

As you grow your own white or fancy colored diamond collection let Mark Broumand help you.  We have access to a large supply of loose diamonds and complex or unique settings for your collection.  Visit our inventory today to start a new investment division or add to your current competitive jewelry.

What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

Posted on December 23rd, 2012

When you are shopping for diamond styles you may have come across the style called “Radiant”.  It’s easy to understand the round, heart, and princess cut diamonds because we are familiar with those.  To hear the word radiant strikes the thought, “Yes, of course I want my diamonds to be radiant“!  Here is a little more explanation as to what radiant means when referring to a diamond cut.

In 1977 Henry Grossbard introduced the Radiant cut as its original maker.  As a master diamond cutter, Henry experimented with the brilliance of a round cut and coupled it with the design of the emerald cut.  This design added a new appeal to rectangular or square diamonds.  Radiant diamonds have a square look with chamfered corners and a more complex cutting in their underside for a total of 70 facets.  This helps bring the fire out of a diamond giving it the enduring glisten we all love.

When choosing a radiant diamond it is important to buy from qualified jewelers.  When a diamond is properly cut all sides will be symmetrical and balan

ced.  A well cut diamond will maximize weight retention of the diamond while bringing the best look out of it.

Focus on shopping for a cut rating of Excellent or Very good, and a gemstone that is at least SI2 in clarity.  Radiant gems are available in square or rectangle in a variety of length/width ratios.

All diamonds at Mark Broumand are certified as being cut by professional gemologist.  You can buy exquisite loose diamonds or shop for the perfect engagement ring setting.

How To Store Jewelry

Posted on December 22nd, 2012

You have the jewelry collection of your dreams.  All of your rings sparkle, the necklace your husband gave you last year is still your favorite piece, your treasured custom designed diamond engagement ring is the one you used to sketch when you were a teenager.  You have built your jewelry collection meticulously, you know each piece like it was your child, and what jewelry goes with which favorite outfits.  So why is it that we often forget the importance of properly storing jewelry?

With proper jewelry storage, you can increase the life of your jewelry.  If jewelry gets tossed around in a box or drawer the likelihood of it getting scratched, bent, damaged, or lost increases dramatically.  Try a few tips to get organized with your jewelry collection.

* Sort out by kind.  If you first sort by rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. you can find where your matching earring sets are, what rings you own, and what you wear most often.

* Find a place in the house to keep your collection.  You may want to store very valuable piece in a safe or safety deposit box to be worn on occasion.  Or if you have daily use items, consider a armoire or custom built jewelry organizer to store your precious pieces in.

* Necklaces.  It is important to store necklaces upright or flat.  First, unclasp the necklace to make sure the chain is free of kinks and twists.  Then, re-clasp and hang in an organized manner.

* Use wood or other moisture wicking material.  By keeping moisture away from jewelry you preserve the finishes of gold and other metals at their best.

* Store pearls separately.  Pearls are a very soft stone, unlike diamonds.  Store them individually so as not to scratch their finish.

* Opal needs moisture so it does not become to brittle.  Store opal in the most exposed area to soak moisture from the air.

You can group your collection according to style or occasion, however you see fit.  By taking advanced care measures with your jewelry collection you can assure more life out of your valuables.

Earrings For All Occasions

Posted on December 20th, 2012

Ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body modification.  In it’s early days ear piercing was a way to express occupation, artistic style, and place in the community.

In modern times, earrings are much more a fashion statement then occupational revelation.  While many of us have our daily favorites to wear, it is fun to trade our earring styles in for a little more flair during a special event.  For instance conservative hoops or studs are often chosen for the office yet, when the sun goes down we break out the larger hoops or chandelier styles to be bold!

If you know you have earrings that beg to be displayed be sure to tone down other jewelry accessories like decorative diamond necklaces.  That way the attention will go to your earrings without distraction.

Every woman we know swoons at the sight of glimmering earrings!  The next time you decide to change a style or give a gift, Mark Broumand will help you choose the right earring set for yourself or your loved one!

Ideas For Commemorating Love

Posted on December 19th, 2012

Anniversaries are a way to review and renew your wedding vows.  They are a time couples choose to celebrate years of life and love with each other…and maybe their children.  Some couples choose to renew their wedding vows each year while others make the anniversary a time to celebrate the history of their vows at certain milestones such as five, ten, and twenty years.

It is common to give gifts during an anniversary celebration.  Many couples start out with limited resources on their wedding day which makes the anniversary a time to choose the engagement ring they really want.  Giving additional jewelry to add to a wedding set can be a way to celebrate your growth as a couple.  Engagement rings may be the only ring you could afford at the time.  Or, perhaps as a man his taste in jewelry has become refined since marriage.  Use the anniversary occasion to gift each other with just the right piece of jewelry you really desire.

If you are looking to add to your wedding collection, try some of the following jewelry ideas for your next anniversary:

* Trade in your men’s wedding band for one with eternity diamonds to commemorate your lasting love

* Add a wedding or anniversary eternity band as a compliment to your engagement ring

* Put your original ring on a necklace if you replace it

* Gift a new engagement ringwhen you renew your wedding vows or recite an anniversary vow

* Use your original ring as an heirloom for your children

An Edge To Engagements

Posted on December 18th, 2012

Kat Von D’s Recent engagement to Deadmau5 has been an internet sensation.

Aside from celebrity status, perhaps the fact that it was publicly done on twitter also adds to the appeal.

If you are an alternative trendsetter looking for a similar style to Kat Von D’s, try a unique and treasured custom designed jewelry piece or an engagement ring set with black diamonds, as fiance Deadmau5 sprung for.  Mark Broumand will help you match all inspirations catered with celebrity service.

Mark Broumand has a collection of jewels to match your progressive style.  We understand discretion, taste, and fresh ideas.  Check out some black diamond samples for inspiration.




Star Studded Looks

Posted on December 18th, 2012

At just about any point in a superstar’s life you will see a cross being sported as a strong fashion accessory.  While it may not represent their personal belief it does represent their belief in style.


How do you get celebrity inspired looks to your own fashion plan?  View some of Mark Broumand‘s runway ready collections to sport next time you are waving at the paparazzi!