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Shopping Promise Rings – Mark Broumand

Posted on January 23rd, 2013

What is a promise ring?

Promise rings are traditionally used to signify a couples commitment solely to one another or any specified promise between friends.  They are worn by men and women who are devoted to staying abstinent before fully committing to their life partner.

If buying a promise ring for yourself, your girlfriend, your friend, your daughter, or your son, the available styles are unlimited.  There is no set standard for what a promise ring looks like.  They will often resemble wedding and engagement rings, being made of quality metals such as platinum or gold.  This ring will be a reflection of your valuable commitment.  It can symbolize any promise between friends or sweethearts to bond friendship, or abstain from any unwanted activity.

As a couple

When a couple chooses to buy these rings together they often do so prior to engagement or in addition to their engagement ring.  A promise ring can be used in lieu of a wedding band as a promise to remain true to one another in any form of commitment.  Both people should fully understand the what the ring means to them as a couple.  The ring would be worn on the left hand ring finger and if applicable, later to be replaced by an engagement and wedding ring.

For families

Many choose to gift a promise ring to their daughters or sons as a mutual understanding of their commitment to postpone sexual activity for after marrying.  Again, both parties should understand what the ring means and how it plays into their beliefs.

If you are buying a promise ring Mark Broumand has a collection to match any style and budget.  Shop online or visit us at our Los Angeles location!

Shopping for Unique Engagement Rings

Posted on January 22nd, 2013

What makes an engagement ring unique?  At Mark Broumand, we believe it is a colored diamond, expressive setting, or rare diamond cut that brings a unique flair to engagement rings.  Browse our online fashion trends that will have you thinking in new directions for your upcoming engagement!  Below, we are giving you a taste of some of our favorite unique engagement ring settings.

How To Set Up A Webpage for Wedding Announcements

Posted on January 17th, 2013

There are many ways to announce a wedding.  One of the most popular is setting up a webpage.  Webpages announce a couples engagement and planned wedding date, allowing the couple to provide the most up-to-date information on their wedding and control what information is shared with their guests.

When setting up a webpage you will typically find the following information on the site, each in individual pages: 

 – About the couple
 – How to proposal took place
 – Information about the ceremony & reception
 – Who’s who in the wedding party
 – Where you are registered
 – Local maps & hotels for the wedding
 – Photos album
 – Honeymoon plans
 – Contact/RSVP

There are many online resources that offer wedding websites for free such as and  You simply upload photos and fill in the details to your special occasion.

These websites can appropriately be used in lieu of wedding announcements if you are budget, or environmentally conscience.  Though, it is customary to send announcements with a special insert referencing more information on the website.  Be sure to have your registry information available and other details that your guests may ask such as directions to the event, or names of the photographer, caterers, etc.

Display pictures of your Mark Broumand engagement ring on your website to announce the upcoming wedding!  We are happy to be with you during your special occasion.

Valentine’s Jewelry Diamond Gift Ideas

Posted on January 17th, 2013

Mark Broumand hosts a selection of jewelry pieces that will have your valentine falling in love all over again!  Browse our collection of heart shaped diamond necklaces to gift to your loved one this Valentine’s season.


Prepping for the Wedding Day: Makeup

Posted on January 17th, 2013

Wedding photos are the primary set of pictures a couple is determined to cherish for the rest of their lives.  They are a timeless symbol of youthful love and commitment.  So it’s natural that you will want to look your best, particularly on this special occasion.  Here are a few tips to prep for make-up style on your wedding day.

Prep, 3 months prior.  Healthy Glow – Clear Skin

For maintenance and continual clear skin visit an aesthetician.  They may consult with you about skin peels, extractions (removing blackheads), and various masks that will bring life to your skin.  They can also recommend a reputable dermatologist as needed.  Start early as some treatments are better used as a series and may require healing time.

Prep, 2 months prior.  Healthy Glow – Color

Getting sun in 15 minute increments will bring a healthy glow to your skin.  Start with 15 minutes every other day or every few days to achieve the base color you desire.  With doctor’s supervision, you can visit the tanning beds during the winter months.  Start about two months prior to the wedding for a smooth even tan.

Prep, 1 month prior.  Consultation/Hiring

You may choose to go with your signature makeup look or consult with makeup artists.  Either way, now is the latest time to consult on what colors you are going to use, what brands of makeup photograph well, also what compliments your bridal colors.  Review magazines and fashion online.  This is also the time to choose your wedding day jewelry to match your look.

Pro: A professional make-up artist can offer these consultations to you, such as at the M.A.C. Cosmetics store.  You may also ask your friends and family for recommendations on artists if you are looking to hire a professional.  A professional artist is accustomed to working on timed schedules and has a variety of makeup to recommend, or will use your personal selection.

Self: YouTube offers a variety of how-to videos that will provide instruction on various looks and tips on how to use different product.  You will want to have your supplies ready such as brushes, bronzes, and extensions.  Practice in the mirror a few times prior to the wedding day.  Photograph your different looks to find your favorite.  Typically a bride will choose neutral colors so her natural features show at their best.  Make sure your foundation matches exactly, especially if you have been tanning.

Day Of – Time Planning
The day of the wedding is one of commotion!  You will want to set aside proper time to plan for make-up application.  This can take one hour to all day.  Make-up application will usually take place after you get your hair done and are dressed in your gown.  Again, by practicing application first you will save time on the big day.  Be sure to have your foundation and blush handy for touch up.

When you are prepping for your wedding day don’t forget the earrings!  Any style you choose will be complimented by the right set of diamond earrings to finish your once-in-a-lifetime look.  The professional staff at Mark Broumand is glad to answer any questions you may have about choosing the right earrings for your wedding day.

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring

Posted on January 16th, 2013

The asscher cut diamond is one of truly unique brilliance.  It is a cross between the shape of a square princess cut with the facets of an emerald cut.  This combination results in a brilliantly stunning diamond that allows for the simplicity of seeing the diamond’s true quality and weight.  When you shop with Mark Broumand you can be assured the diamonds you purchase are appraised and certified.

This magnificently beautiful asscher cut diamond engagement ring will mesmerize you with its exceptional quality, design and craftsmanship. The 1.03ct asscher cut diamond set in the center of this magnificent ring is GIA certified (one of the leaders in diamond grading) at G-VS1, perfectly white and clear! The cut is exceptionally beautiful! It sparkles beautifully! It is accented by baguette cut diamonds flanked on its sides with a row of round diamonds going around them all. The shank is set with two rows of round diamonds. All you see are stunning diamonds! This magnificent piece is surely going to get you compliments daily! A mesmerizing asscher cut engagement ring!


Diamond Hoop Earrings

Posted on January 15th, 2013

Diamond hoop earrings are a fashion addition that spans all genres.  Today, we bring to you diamond hoop earrings that will compliment your collection of jewelry.  Here at Mark Broumand we can help you select and customize your hoops to make them unique to you!

These stunning round brilliant cut diamond hoop earrings are made in a beautiful oval shape. The diamonds are set inside and out for an amazing sparkle from every angle. The prongs are gorgeous "U" shapes that showcase the diamonds perfectly! A special clasp at the top is very easy to use. Simply mesmerizing!

These gorgeous round diamond hoop earrings are simple, elegant and very brilliant! They feature a row of round diamonds inside and out. They are all set in a shared prong setting with minimal metal showing and maximum sparkle! The sides of the prongs are also studded with round diamonds for added brilliance from every angle. The custom built special secure lock is at the top and is very easy to use. You will love these!

These gorgeous micropave round diamond hoop earrings sparkle immensely! Rows upon rows of round cut diamonds inside and out shimmer with every movement. Dress them up or down. Mesmerizing from every angle! A must have.

This captivating pair of round brilliant cut diamond hoop earrings will warm her heart. The 18k white gold "U" shaped prong setting encompasses a total of 6.75 carats of lustrous bright white diamonds. This unique setting showcases the table of the diamonds all the way around so they look fantastic at every angle. She will love them!

This mesmerizing pair of round diamond hoop earrings sparkle in such an astonishing way! They are set with 11.55ct of round brilliant cut diamonds. There is a row set in front and on the inside of the hoop in a shared prong setting style. The sides are studded with round diamonds throughout the prongs for an incredible brilliance from every angle! These mesmerizing hoops are set with exceptionally white, clear and brilliant diamonds throughout. Light up the world! You are going to love them.

4.36ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring

Posted on January 14th, 2013

There is that moment you know you are going to marry the love of your life.  It’s as though a switch goes off, the light bulb triggers on, and you simply decide: This is the one.

The same can be said for finding just the right engagement and wedding ring.  You may have shopped dozens of jewelers, seen every engagement ring you thought possible, and acquired a diamond education worthy of Masters along the way.  And just like the commitment, you simply know.  The ring is just the right height, the diamond glimmers with every motion, and your heart rejoices every time you lay eyes on it.  This ring reminds you of your loved one, the commitment you share, and the stunning future you are creating.

This is how we felt when we added a 4.36ct Princess Cut engagement/anniversary ring to our collection.  It was like deciding on love for the first time.  Our heart skipped a beat at the luster and quality of this ring.  Something so simple and yet, so meaningful.  We now offer it to you as a blessing to your commitment.  Contact our offices for purchasing information at 866-676-9676.

Description:  This magnificently beautiful princess cut diamond ring is a work of art! The gorgeous 3.01ct princess cut diamond set in the center is EGL certified (one of the leaders in diamond grading) at F-SI1, exceptionally white and perfectly eye clean. The cut is exceptional and it sparkles tremendously! It is accented by round diamonds on the top and bottom and there is a row that is set around princess cut diamonds channel set down the shank. The design is so unique and beautiful! The ring showcases the princess cut center diamond perfectly! This magnificent piece is truly fit for a princess!

Specifications: SKU 2427-1, Metal Type 18K White Gold, Certification EGL, Total Carat Weight 4.36 ct, Center Diamond 3.01 ct, Side Diamond 1.35 ct, Cut Grade Excellent, Cut Princess Cut, Round Brilliant Cut, Center Diamond Color F, Side Diamond Color E-F, Center Diamond Clarity SI1, Side Diamond Clarity VS1-VS2

Mark Broumand’s January Pendants of the Month – 2013 Fashion

Posted on January 12th, 2013

Are you in for a new look this year?  Last year in 2012, we focused on large statement jewelry, sharp lines, and bold colors.  This year we decided to turn to a different direction.

At Mark Broumand, we have taken simple yet powerful shapes and designed brilliant diamond pendants.  Elegance and sophistication are reflected in this timeless form of simplicity.  Our 2013 collection is sure to grab attention with stunning quality diamonds, fancy colors, and daring lines.

See some of our January favorites to start off the New Year!

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings For Every Budget

Posted on January 9th, 2013

A diamond engagement ring is typically the largest jewelry purchase a couple will make together.   Many couples choose the engagement ring as a method to publicly display their commitment to one another.  One of the most popular diamonds cuts for engagement rings is the emerald cut.  The emerald cut is a great way to display the overall carat weight of a diamond while bringing out the brilliance of the stone itself.

This month, we choose to display the emerald cut as our featured diamond cut of the month.  Here are six of our favorites pieces that range to meet all budgets.


By shopping with Mark Broumand, you are purchasing certified diamonds with a jeweler that cares about quality.  From unique fancy colored diamonds to designer engagement rings, we have what you are looking for, and if not, we will help you make it!  We assure you receive personalized service and are committed to understanding your unique needs.  View our on-line gallery for inspiration.