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For An Oval Shaped Cut Consider the Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Posted on December 10th, 2013

The Marquise diamond cut, also known by its original 18th Century name as the “Navette,” is a semi-pristine cut set aside for irregular diamonds which are just under grade for top tier rounds. The Marquise cut engagement rings are characterized by uniqueness in the family of diamonds that are known teardrops, or water drops. Over the past three hundred years, jewelers have set these immensely popular gems as earrings and necklace pinnacles, but recently they have gained popularity as show pieces of finger jewelry.

Technically, the Marquise cut engagement ring is a great cut to show off high depth along with crown height. Most Marquise cut engagement rings have gems too large to be considered melee’, but just small enough to be used as highlight stones instead of centerpieces. They are oval at their core, but naturally shaped to take on the expert coaxing to a sharp point. Perfectly round diamonds are rare and melee’ can hardly be used to impress. For this reason, Marquise diamond engagement rings have perhaps been used in more cross-class fashions and jewelry sets than any other cut.

Marquise Cut Diamond RingsMarquise cut engagement ring’s designs are traditionally cut on teardrop, or oval-shaped gems honed to a point on either end. After intricate and geometrically creative facets originating at either a small frontal table, or a singular façade point, the Marquise cut engagement ring can appear to be an incredibly intricate and artistically complicated stone with obvious character identifiers of the gemologist who created it. Even with thin, sharp and busy facets, Marquise cut engagement rings inherently retain extreme displays of symmetry and prominent crown height even if top radiant grade is never achieved. The best part of the Marquise style is that there are rarely any noticeable dead spots on the face of the gem, and it can be inlaid into a band of any precious metal including yellow gold, white gold, platinum and silver.

Marquise diamond engagement rings are best used for engagements because they are a classic example of an intermediary gem. Just as the engagement is the prelude to matrimony, so Marquise cut engagement ring diamonds are a prelude to truly unparalleled and immaculately rated diamonds used for a permanent wedding band. Nothing heightens the anticipation like a tour through the best that diamonds have to offer!