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Black and White Diamond Jewelry

Posted on October 27th, 2014

Black and white diamond jewelry has made quite a splash over the last few years.  The bold contrast of the two different colors of diamonds work very well in a diamond right-hand ring or if you want a bold and unique custom designed diamond engagement ring.  Here is a look at some of our favorite black and white diamond creations.

3.38ct Fancy Black Round Rose Cut Diamond Pendant

The star of this pendant is a 2.88ct fancy black diamond nestled within a double halo of clear and very white diamonds.  This delicate pendant shines brightly in high polish 14k white gold.  We also have a pair of 1.06ct fancy ebony round cut stud earrings to match.

3.38ct Fancy Black Round Rose Cut Diamond Pendant

6.43ct Fancy Black Radiant Rose Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

These one of a kind black and white diamond studs features almost six and a half carats of fancy black brilliants set on high polish white gold. The center black stones are rose cut, aptly named because the diamond shape resembles that of a rosebud. This cut and the halo of very white round diamonds gives these earrings a tremendous sparkle.6.43ct Fancy Black Radiant Rose Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

3.85ct White and Black Round Diamond Right-Hand Ring

The diamonds on this right-ring seem to be endless.  Rows and rows of identical ebony and white stones are micropavé set side-by-side. These bright white diamonds enrich the ebony color and the black ones enhance the brightness of the white.  This unique ring will definitely be a conversation starter. 3.85ct White and Black Round Diamond Ring Masterpiece

Below are two gorgeous bespoke black and white diamond engagement rings.  The one on the left features a very white and clear emerald cut stone.  It  is flanked by two rich, black trillion (triangular cut) diamonds.  The bold yellow gold prongs add a splash of color to the 18k white gold engagement ring.  The ring on the right is a 2.02ct Princess cut diamond, certified at G-VS2.  This bold center stone is perfectly contrasted by a row of stunning ebony rounds down the shank.  To further strengthen the brilliance of the ring, it is set in high polish platinum.

1.16ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand 2.37ct Princess Cut white and black Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Any black and white diamond jewelry piece will turn heads and definitely be one of the most unique creations you will every wear.  Mark Broumand has carefully chosen a few select black diamond pieces for his fine jewelry collection.  Make a bold statement when you wear black and white diamonds from Mark Broumand.

Fine Jewelry Gifts Under $1000

Posted on October 22nd, 2014

Mark Broumand is known for his selection of dazzling custom diamond engagement rings and other high quality diamond jewelry.  He also prides himself on carrying a hand-selected collection of other fine jewelry.  Below are some jewelry finds to show you that high quality doesn’t have to break your budget.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Bezel Set Stud Earrings

0.42ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Bezel Set Stud Earrings | Mark Broumand

Diamond stud earrings are a timeless quintessential part of any jewelry collection.  These earrings are durable enough for everyday wear, yet sophisticated enough to hold up to formal occasions.  Round brilliant cut diamonds are bezel set on this pair of 14k white gold studs providing additional sparkle to these earrings. The brilliant round diamonds total 0.42ct and are certified at F-G color, SI2 clarity.

Green Agate and Diamond Right-Hand Fashion Ring


8.52ct Rose Cut Cushion Green Agate and Diamond Right-Hand Fashion RingThis 14k yellow gold ring features a center rose cut green agate accented by a halo of round cut diamonds. Beautiful green agate is a form of silica formed in volcanic rocks and this beautiful stunner is 8.27ct.  The ring is cast in 14k yellow gold and is brightly accented with very white and clear round diamonds.  This ring will surely gather many admirers.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Cross Pendant


0.50ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendant | Mark Broumand

This two-tone yellow and white gold diamond cross captures faith and love in a delicate pendant that will surely become her new favorite necklace.  The main profile of the cross is 14k yellow gold dotted with brilliant round cut diamonds.  The center cross is surrounded with an ornate white gold design also studded with round brilliant cut diamonds.

1.06ct Fancy Black Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Stud Earrings1.06ct Fancy Black Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Stud Earrings | Mark Broumand

The impressive contrast of black and white diamonds in this pair of earrings creates a stunning look.  The .80ct fancy black diamonds are surrounded by .26ct of clear and bright white round brilliant cut diamonds set in 14k white gold, which adds extra sparkle.  This unique pair of diamond earrings will be cherished for a lifetime.  If you love this look, please browse some of the other black and white diamond jewelry pieces from Mark Broumand.

Holiday Shopping – Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings

Posted on October 21st, 2014

The holidays will be here before you know it.  Stuck on gift ideas?  You can’t go wrong with a round brilliant cut diamond anniversary ring or round cut eternity band from Mark Broumand.  The most popular diamond cut on the market today is the round brilliant and we can sum the reason up in one word:  brilliance.  Demand is so high for these beauties that 80% of loose diamonds are round brilliants.  The three-stone anniversary ring features a large center stone, representative of the future that is flanked by two side stone, which are symbolic of the past and present.  The diamond eternity band symbolizes a forever bond; no beginning and no end.

1.97ct Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

1.97ct Vintage Style Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring The mesmerizing 1.02ct round brilliant cut diamond set in the center is EGL certified (one of the leaders in diamond grading) at D-VS1, the best whitest color diamond you can buy and perfectly clear. The center stone is encircled in a halo of rounds. The sides feature pear shaped bezel designs that are set with round diamonds that give the center such an excellent accent. There is a row of diamonds pave set down the shank as well. It is just sensational from every angle. Tremendous brilliance, excellent quality and magnificent design makes this engagement ring one that you will cherish forever!


3.50ct Round Cut Eternity Band

3.50ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Band | Mark BroumandThe bright round brilliant cuts are matched to perfection and are set in a channel setting at the center of the band. The row of larger center stones is flanked by two rows of pavé diamonds. Clean lines and a wide look makes this eternity band quite a statement on the hand. The gems in this eternity band are certified, F-G color and VS1; they have exceptional clarity and are very white.

With all the available possibilities for these circular beauties, Mark Broumand has chosen only the highest quality round brilliants for his celebration rings.  When shopping for the upcoming holiday season, choose from many different styles of affordable and amazing round brilliant cut diamond rings.  Surprise her with a gift that she will never forget.

Diamond News – Week of October 20, 2014

Posted on October 20th, 2014

Diamond Company Offers Homes, Cars and Jewelry as Perks in Employee Loyalty Program
Diamond NewsAhmedabad, India: About 1200 employees of Surat’s diamond industry have reason to celebrate this “Diwali”, or holiday of lights season. Hari Krishna Exports, a Surat diamond firm in Ahmedabad presented 1,200 employees with 200 two-bedroom houses, almost 500 Fiat cars or stunning jewelry pieces as rewards for exceptional job performance over the past five years.

Rewards were offered on a need basis. Employees that did not own a home were offered the houses first. Homeowner employees were offered the Fiat cars and employees that owned both homes and an automobile were offered the jewelry gifts.

Surat Diamonds employs about 6,000 workers worldwide with an additional presence in Hong Kong, England and Belgium.

Retailers Should See a Healthy Holiday Shopping Season for 2014

3.14ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandAs the shopping season begins to ramp up, the National Retail Federation (NRF) announced earlier this month a forecast of 4.1% increase in holiday spending. While spending may be increased, the NRF still predicts that shoppers will be more careful with their dollars. Shoppers will seek out more sales and research for more discounts available. NRF President and CEO, Matthew Shay shares, “Recognizing the need to keep household budgets in line, we expect shoppers will be extremely price sensitive as they have been for quite some time. Retailers will respond by differentiating themselves and touting price, value and exclusivity.”

Brick and mortar stores aren’t the only retail outlets with anticipated growth. Online sales are also expected to post impressive numbers in November and December.’s forecast for online holiday sales presents growth numbers of 8-11 percent over last year, logging an estimated $105 billion in sales.

Shopping for affordable jewelry this holiday season without sacrificing quality?  Check out the fine jewelry selections from Mark Broumand.

Fall in Love with a Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on October 16th, 2014

The focal point of a pear shaped engagement ring marries the brilliance of a round cut with the symbolic curves of the marquise cut. The point up position will look like a perfectly formed tear when gazed upon, which is why this shape is also termed as the “teardrop cut”.  Worn with the tapered end pointing towards the end of the finger, the stone creates a slimming appearance for the finger and elongating effect on the hand.

The pear shape began its journey in the 1400s when Lodewyk van Berquem created the diamond polishing wheel.  Berquem discovered that symmetrical and polished facets optimized a diamond’s light reflecting properties.   The first pear shape was known as the “Briolette”, or “Pendeloque” cut.  The most notable transformation occurred soon after the debut of the round brilliant cut in the early 1900s.  The pear shape  adopted the 58 facets that would create brilliance in this uniquely shaped stone, 500 years in the making.


Celebrities with Notable Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

¤ Katherine Heigl – 3ct pear-shaped halo engagement ring

¤ Avril Lavigne – Three-stone setting highlighting  a 14ct pear-shaped diamond

¤ Victoria Beckham – approximately 15-17ct fiery white pear-shaped solitaire

¤ Anna Kournikova – 11ct Argyle Pink Pear flanked by two trillion cut white diamonds

Famous Pear Shaped Diamonds

⇒ Two of the world’s largest diamonds are pear-shaped.  The Cullinan I,  is also known as the Star of Africa. It is a pear shaped diamond weighing 530.20 carats and has 76 facets. It’s called the Cullinan I because it is the largest of the 9 large stones that were cut from the 3,106 carat Cullinan Diamond.

530.2ct Pear Shaped Star of Africa Diamond

⇒ The Millennium Star is internally and externally flawless pear-shaped diamond. With the weight of 203.04 carats, it is the 10th largest diamond in the world and the world’s second largest known Grade D Colorless. The Millennium Star is the largest piece cut from a rough stone of 777 carats.

203.04ct Pear Shaped Millennium Star diamond

⇒ The 69.42ct pear shaped, the “Taylor-Burton Diamond” that Richard Burton bought for Elizabeth Taylor.  On October 23,1969 Robert Kenmore, the Chairman of the Board of Kenmore Corporation, which owned the Cartier jewelry firm won the diamond with a final bid at auction of $1.05 million.  Less than 24 hours later, a very determined Burton acquired the “Taylor-Burton Diamond” from Kenmore and Cartier, Inc. for an estimated $1.5 million.

Elizabeth Taylor [Misc.]

A pear shaped engagement ring is a perfect balance of soft curves and acute points in with exquisite facet work and marked brilliance.  This stunning diamond cut will dazzle in three-stone settings or accented by side or diamonds.  This stone is also bold enough to stand on its own in a solitaire.   A pear shaped diamond ring from Mark Broumand will be as unique as the special lady that wears one.

Celebs Say “I do” to the Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on October 15th, 2014

It seems that many celebrity couples are crazy about the lustrous and bright emerald cut diamond engagement ring.  The reason is simple; it is a clear stone with facets of linear beauty that seem to draw you into its depth.  The emerald cut diamond is beauty in its simplest form.  Though the cut was created for use with emeralds, the shape in diamonds has seen quite a boost in popularity with A-listers over the last ten years.

The rough stone must be high clarity and will have very few, if any flaws that are visible.  The profile has one of the largest tables (flat, top facet) of any diamond shape, which acts as a window into the stone itself.  The diamond itself has a very shallow depth.  Any inclusions are best placed in the facet work of the long or short sides of the stone, where they may become invisible to the naked eye.  The rectangular shape will have chamfered corners and the facets run parallel to the girdle like stair steps, hence the term “step cuts”, used to create the diamond.

While emeralds have very standard facet patterns, the number of facets will vary between 50 and 58.  You can see by the stones below that each and every emerald cut diamond anniversary or engagement ring will be visually unique:

Emerald Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring 3Three-Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring 4  Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 2 Emerald Cut Engagement Ring 1

The emerald shape highlights the natural beauty and clarity of a visually flawless diamond.  While this stone is not brilliant, like a round brilliant or princess, this cut does reflect light through the diamond very efficiently.  Brilliant cuts are often noted for the fire or scintillation that the light creates.  The step cuts of the emerald diamond creates a bright, mirror-like effect on light within this gem.

Some of the celebrities madly in love with their emerald cut diamond engagement rings include:  Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panettiere, Kate Hudson, Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Kate Beckinsale to name just a few.

Emerald shape diamond rings are highly favored because of their unique appearance, brightness and vintage style.  If you would like to recreate any celebrity emerald cut engagement ring, visit Mark Broumand in Los Angeles or online to find a perfect emerald cut diamond ring match or custom design a ring to match your favorite celebrity emerald cut diamond engagement ring with Mark Broumand.

Compliment Your Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

Posted on October 14th, 2014

The round brilliant cut diamond ring is still the most popular engagement ring selected for brides-to-be today.  The brilliance of the cut is unsurpassed and the diamond’s performance is versatile in addition to plentiful options.  Create a complete jewelry set by adding some different jewelry types to accent a perfect round brilliant cut diamond ring.  Here are some fine jewelry pieces to explore for upcoming anniversaries or gift ideas.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

A pair of round brilliant stud earrings is to a jewelry collection what the little black dress is to a wardrobe:  versatile and timeless.  They are minimalistic enough for daily wear and also adapt nicely to any wardrobe or hairstyle for special occasions.  These will be cherished for a lifetime and are available in a variety of carats and styles.  The left pair below is the traditional simple and stunning round brilliant cut studs at 1.44ct and featuring stones in the F-G VS2-SI1 range.  The pair on the right creates more drama and dimension by surrounding a larger center stone with a halo of smaller stones, also in the F-G VS2-SI1 range.

Traditional Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Stud Earrings | Mark Broumand 1.25ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Stud Earrings | Mark Broumand

Round Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Bracelets are often a forgotten thought as gifts, but are actually a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection.  Much like watches, many people tend to wear bracelets daily.  She will catch herself smiling all day long when glancing down at one of the two different styles of tennis bracelets below.  The left bracelet is 1.10cts and the right, 9.50cts.

1.10ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet | Mark Broumand 9.50ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet | Mark Broumand

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendants

Much like diamond stud earrings, round brilliant pendants come in a variety of sizes, carat weights and styles.  You can never go wrong with a diamond pendant.  The 18k white gold pendant on the left features a 0.56ct round brilliant cut diamond in the center, accentuated by a halo of bright white rounds. There is also a circle of diamonds doubling as the bail.  The pendant on the right showcases a super white and clear round diamond accented by a halo of round brilliants and a diamond studded bail.  Both pendants are 18k white gold.

0.86ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendant 1.20ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendant

Mark Broumand is well-known for a stunning diamond ring selection and custom designed engagement rings.  The same amount of care, quality and eye for the most beautiful pieces is used for every piece of fine jewelry we sell.  You can trust the professional jewelers at Mark Broumand for the most important jewelry purchases and for selecting special gifts that express your love.

Diamond News – Week of October 12, 2014

Posted on October 13th, 2014

Four Rare Fancy Vivid Red Diamonds offered in the 30th annual Argyle Pink Diamond Tender


Rio Tinto Auction Red Diamonds

Rio Tinto Diamonds just closed bidding on the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender collection, celebrating the iconic event’s 30th anniversary.  Running from September 5, 2014 to October 8, 2014, this year’s Tender showcased four rare red diamonds.  The showcase of the four is a 1.21 radiant cut diamond named the “Argyle Cardinal”, after the North American bird (pictured second from the left).  The other three fancy red diamonds include a round cut, pear cut and emerald cut.  The Israeli Diamond Institute expects more than one of the four red stones to sell for more than $2 million each.

Rio Tinto wholly operates the Argyle mine in western Australia which produces over 90% of the world’s pink diamonds.  Rio Tinto also has partial ownership or interest in mines in Canada, Zimbabwe, and India.  Prior to this year’s Tender of 4 reds, only 9 other rare reds had ever been offered.  The other 51 stones offered this year were purplish red or pink diamonds.  The Tender began its journey in New York and visited Perth, Hong Kong and closed in Sydney, Australia with bids closing on October 8th.  Other noteworthy “birds” expected to wow were the Argyle Rosette, a 2.17-carat fancy intense purple-pink diamond (below left) and the Argyle Toki, a 1.59-carat fancy intense purplish-pink diamond (below right).  Both are emerald cuts.

 Rio Tinto Argyle-RosetteRio Tinto Argyle-Toki

October seems to be a great month for fancy colored diamonds.  On October 7th, a 8.41ct fancy vivid purple-pink diamond set a world sales price record for pink diamonds with a sales price of $17,768,041 or $2.1 million per carat at Sotheby’s Auction house in Hong Kong.

Photos courtesy of Rio Tinto Diamonds

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on October 13th, 2014

Radiant Cut Diamond | Mark Broumand Fancy yellow radiant cut engagement rings combine the brilliance of the round cut with the rectangular shape of an emerald cut.  Created by master diamantaire, Henry Grossbard in 1977, the combination of these highly favorable qualities of each separate cut created an intriguing new desire for square stones.  While many square or rectangular shapes highlighted a diamond’s clarity, these shaped stones did not offer a great deal of brilliance.  The radiant capitalized on the appeal of the emerald cut and the demand of the round brilliant.

The 70 facets in this fiery stone create a “kaleidoscope” effect when viewing the diamond through the table, or large top facet of the diamond.  You will want symmetry and balance in either your preferred square or rectangular shape.  All angled corners should be identical and each side should mirror the other.

1.30ct Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant cut diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand1.30ct Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant cut diamond engagement ring side view | Mark Broumand

What a radiant cut does for a natural white diamond, it does even more for a fancy colored diamond.  This profile is often utilized to maximize hue of a lightly colored diamond.  When carefully fashioned as radiant cuts, many yellow-tinted stones can become fancy yellows when viewed face up. (Fancy colored diamonds are graded in the face down position.) This perceived improvement in color increases the value per carat. As an added benefit, radiants retain more of the rough stone when cut than round brilliants.

2.27ct Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring side view 2.27ct Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

As you can see, Mark Broumand has selected only the highest quality fancy yellow diamonds to use in his radiant cut diamond engagement rings.  All of the engagement or anniversary rings showcased in his collection are carefully selected for their color, clarity and symmetry.  To compliment your warm and bright fancy yellow diamond anniversary ring or engagement ring, you will also find radiant cut diamond earrings and bracelets.  He can also create a custom designed ring setting if you have your own fancy colored loose diamond or can design an updated ring from an existing piece of jewelry.

View a similar cut

Princess Cut Diamond Rings | Mark Broumand

View a different cut

Oval Cut Diamond Rings | Mark Broumand

Gemstones and Fancy Colored Diamonds Break Two Price Records

Posted on October 13th, 2014

Sotheby’s Hong Kong held an auction on October 7, 2014 highlighting their Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite.  The auction featured 339 lots highlighting stunning and rare gemstones, diamonds, fancy colored diamonds and jadeite.  An untreated 17.16ct Kashmir sapphire and 8.41ct fancy vivid purple-pink diamond ring both broke world price records per carat.  Other notable jewelry pieces included a 3.32ct emerald cut fancy vivid blue diamond ring and a 35.72ct step-cut emerald and diamond ring.

Lot 1938 – 17.16ct Kashmir Sapphire and 6ct Diamond Ring

Mined from Kashmir, India – it is often rare to find such a large gemstone of “cornflower blue” color with such clarity.  Extreme conditions are required to create sapphires and often lead to inclusions within the crystal.  Because of the color saturation and clarity of this gemstone, an emerald cut was used to highlight the stone’s best qualities.  Sale price in USD, $4,056,701, setting a world record selling price of $236,404 USD per carat.

 **Click any image to enlarge17.16ct Kashmir Sapphire Ring

Lot 1935 – Step Cut Emerald and Diamond Ring

The emerald cut was created for use with this beautiful green gemstone to highlight the natural color and clarity of the emerald.  Though natural inclusions are often considered to be a beautiful and intrinsic feature of an emerald, this stone is incredibly clear and transparent.  This gem did not go through any clarity treatments.  It is set beautifully on a split platinum shank accented with diamonds, as to not deter from the emerald’s incredible beauty.  Mined from Muzo, Colombia.  Sold in USD, $4,345,36135.72ct Step-cut emerald and diamond ring

Lot 1936 Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring

Mounted in 18kt white gold and flanked by two trilliant (triangular) diamonds weighing approximately 2cts combined, this 3.32ct fancy vivid blue diamond is GIA certified as “internally flawless”.  This amazing blue jewel is natural and color graded as Fancy Vivid Blue.  Sales price in USD, $5,355,670

3.32ct Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond RingLot 1941 – Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring

The stunner of the auction was this pear-shaped 8.41ct fancy vivid purple-pink diamond, mounted in platinum, with pave set circulars on a split shank.  The center diamond is GIA certified as internally flawless with excellent polish and is a Type IIa, the most chemically pure.  Pink diamonds are so incredibly rare that Sotheby’s states that “Only 0.1% of the twenty million carats of rough produced annually is pink, and a whole year’s worth of production of these pink treasures over half a carat would fit in the palm of your hand.”  A pink that is this large with such incredible color and clarity, may be a once-in-a-lifetime treasure.  This prized ring broke the world record sales price for a pink stone this year at USD $17,768,041 or $2.1 million per carat.  The previous record, held by a 5ct pink beauty was in November 2009, at a price of $$10,776,660 USD.

8.41ct Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Ring Side view of 8.41 Fancy Vivid Purple Pink Diamond

Photos courtesy of Sotheby’s