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Find Your Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Time for the Holidays

Posted on November 29th, 2014

The Mark Broumand collection of halo diamond engagement rings are breathtaking, high quality and affordable.  Halo ring settings feature a center gemstone, which is usually a natural white or fancy colored diamond.  This feature stone is then encircled with smaller accent diamonds.  Halo diamond rings are available or can be created using any center stone diamond cut that her heart may desire.

This style of engagement ring is popular among those with a love for antiquities.  This style is classic and timeless.  Many celebrities have opted for this ring style in the last several years, making this setting very popular.  It is possible that you may have seen these rings as a family heirloom or in classic films.  Mark Broumand has rings that recreate this exact time period with antique cut diamonds as well as the more modern diamond cuts that are popular today.

Fancy Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Halo Engagement RingFancy Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Side ViewHalo style engagement rings used with fancy colored diamonds add additional sparkle to your ring and provide a contrast that intensifies the color, as seen in the fancy yellow pear shaped halo ring here.  The darker look of the platinum used in the ring also makes the diamonds stand out in this ring.

Princess Cut Halo Engagement RingPrincess Cut Halo Engagement Ring Side ViewThis gorgeous princess cut diamond has clean and angular lines and is studded with  round diamonds everywhere: in the halo, shank and center connectors.  Those  connectors are also studded with round brilliants in a double row.

Fancy Light Blue and Pink Diamond Halo Engagement RingFancy Light Blue and Pink Diamond Halo Engagement Ring SideThe amazing center stone is a fancy light blue radiant cut diamond accentuated by a double halo of fancy pink diamonds in a rose gold micropavé setting. The dainty, platinum shank is also studded for extra sparkle.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Side ViewThis unique round brilliant halo ring is one of the newest additions in the collection.  The gorgeous 2.02ct center diamond is EGL certified as G-VS2, it is very white and very clear.  The halo is paisley-shaped, extending into a gorgeous split-shank design, also studded with bright round cuts.  This beautiful ring is set in palladium and has incredible sparkle and brilliance.

These are just some of the incredible halo engagement rings available at Mark Broumand.  In addition to the halos, he also carries signature diamond solitaires, three-stone rings and rings with accent side stones.  Find the perfect engagement ring in any size, color or ring setting at Mark Broumand – where fine jewelry starts.

Find a Princess Cut Engagement Ring – Under $4000

Posted on November 24th, 2014

Mark Broumand makes it possible to get a high quality princess cut diamond engagement ring at an affordable price.  The princess captures the remarkable brilliance of a round cut within a square stone.  The result is crisp and linear with facet patterns that can offer varying degrees of light scintillation (sparkle).  For another square brilliant option, you will also enjoy unique facet patterns of the radiant cut engagement ring.

1.36ct Princess Cut Engagement Ring – $3895

Princess Cut Engagement Ring for $3895 | Mark BroumandThis gorgeous five-stone princess cut engagement ring features a super white and clear 0.71ct center diamond. It is flanked by two smaller princesses on each side. The ring is fashioned in high polish 18k white gold.

Center Diamond

Carat Weight: 0.71ct

Color: G

Clarity: VS1

Side Diamonds

Carat Weight: 0.65ct

Color: F-G

Clarity: VS1

1.01ct Princess Diamond Solitaire – $3995

Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement RingThis incredible princess diamond solitaire in 14k white gold is a timeless setting at a great value.   The 1.01ct princess center stone is EGL certified at I-J SI3. It is perfectly eye-clean and white.


Carat Weight: 1.01ct

Color: I-J

Clarity: SI3

 0.70ct Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring – $2895

.70 ct Princess Cut Engagement Ring for $2895 | Mark BroumandThis gorgeous princess solitaire is a tremendous value in a clean, simple look.   This beautiful 0.70ct princess cut is EGL certified at G-H, SI1. It is set on 14k white gold with beautiful “V” tip prongs securing the very white and brilliant diamond as the centerpiece.


Carat Weight: .70ct

Color: G-H

Clarity: SI1

These are just a few of the beautiful rings hand-selected or custom designed for this collection of engagement rings and other fine jewelry.  We also have princess cut engagement or anniversary rings in three-stone settings, with accent side-stones or crowned with a halo.  With Mark Broumand, you can purchase an affordable new treasure without sacrificing beauty or quality.

Diamond News – Week of 11-23-2014

Posted on November 24th, 2014

November 20, 2014 at Sotheby’s New York – A 9.75ct, VVS2 fancy vivid blue pear shaped diamond set a new world auction record for total price and price-per-carat at a Sotheby’s New York auction on November 20th.

The blue pear shaped diamond pendant fetched an impressive $32,645,000, which was a new world auction record for a blue diamond.

The price per carat, $3,348,205 also set a new world auction record, not only for a blue diamond, but for any diamond.  Prior to the auction, the diamond had an estimated value of between $10 million and $15 million.Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond from Sotheby's | Mark Broumand

All bids were taken over the phone and rivalry between seven starting bidders finally narrowed down to two final bidders in a rally that lasted for about 20 minutes.  Bidding ended when a private Hong Kong collector won the diamond, which was then named, “The Zoe Diamond”.  This rare diamond possessed a notable purity of blue color and high clarity.  Many blue diamonds will contain other noticeable colors, graining or other imperfections during formation.

The diamond belonged to the estate of the late Rachel “Bunny” Mellon, wife of philanthropist and horticulturist, Paul Mellon.  Proceeds from the sale of her estate benefit the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation to support ongoing horticultural and education endeavors.

The Radiant Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring – Great Gift Idea

Posted on November 19th, 2014

Radiant Cut three-stone anniversary rings celebrate your union and symbolize the past, present and future of your love. The large center stone represents the future, while each of the side stones are symbolic of your past and present together. If you really want to let the love of your life know how dedicated you are to her, then a three-stone anniversary ring is the treasure that signifies forever.

Why the Radiant three-stone ring?

The radiant combines the rich luster and clarity found in the emerald cut diamond ring and the brilliance of the standard round. What you will have, then, is a square or rectangular shaped stone with angled corners and amazing facet patterns. This rare and regal mixed cut stone will be showcased in a brilliant, fashionable display of everlasting love.1.59ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagment Anniversary Ring | Mark BroumandA Holocaust survivor, Henry Grossbard, eventually became legendary in the diamond district of New York. His legacy was developing the original radiant cut diamond. This process of creating his special display of “brilliance” may have taken 33 years to hone, but the end result was a legendary new cutting technique.4.18ct Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Three Stone Anniversary Ring | Mark BroumandThe “brilliantized step-cut” capitalized on the finest qualities of the emerald and round brilliant cut diamond. Each cut reflects light in their own unique way making this combination a unique hybrid of clarity and brilliance. Radiants are still among the rarest diamonds readily available and are always in high demand.

4.63ct Radiant Cut Diamond Three Stone Anniversary Ring | Mark BroumandA deep rough stone is required for the radiant since depth is needed to create the brilliant facet work in these diamonds. For this reason, radiants may appear smaller than other diamond cuts when viewed from above the stone.  This mixed cut maximizes color, making it an excellent choice for fancy colored diamonds or natural, white diamonds.

Radiant cut diamond rings are a perfect choice for anyone that desires brilliance and marked clarity in a geometrically shaped stone. Browse Mark Broumand’s collection of rare and exquisite radiant cut diamond three-stone anniversary rings, wedding rings, or eternity bands and of course, his selection of engagement rings. The rarity, high demand, clean lines and fiery brilliance make this diamond truly your beloved’s next cherished treasure.

The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on November 18th, 2014

The round brilliant diamond engagement ring showcases a diamond that forever changed the jewelry industry with its beauty and brilliance.  In 1920, Marcel Tolkowsky authored a scientific publication, “Diamond Design” which became the diamond cutting bible in North America. Though formally educated as a physicist and mathematician, diamonds were in his blood.  Tolkowsky hailed from a family of diamond cutters from Antwerp, Belgium.

Diamond Cut Chart from Mark BroumandBy studying angles and light theory, Tolkowsky deduced that angles that were too deep or shallow would allow light rays or “shine” to escape through the bottom or sides of the diamond.  He calculated the best angles to maximize brilliance and optimize light reflection.  This is why modern rounds are so brilliant, and why the shape is often selected as accent stones and use in pavé settings.  Here are some of our favorites from Mark Broumand’s collection of round cut diamond rings.

5.45ct Round Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond Solitaire

5.45ct Round Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis beautiful 5.45ct Round brilliant is GIA certified as G-VVS2; it is exceptionally white and practically flawless.  It has a triple excellent rating for cut, polish and symmetry.  The ring is shown in a platinum solitaire , but can be custom design in any setting you desire.

1.96ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.96ct Halo Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis exceptional 1.01ct center stone is GIA certified at H-VVS1.  More beautiful round cut diamonds surround the solitaire in a bright halo and the round diamonds extend down the criss-cross split-shank.  It is brilliant from every angle.

2.27ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement or Anniversary Ring

2.27ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Three-Stone Ring | Mark BroumandThe center round brilliant is 1.72ct and is certified by GIA at G-IF, perfectly white and internally flawless.  It is flanked by two .55ct tw pear diamonds, certified at G-VS1.  The pears in this ring are very white and eye-clean.  The ring is set in platinum, which gives it added sparkle.

2.71ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Side Stone Engagement Ring

2.71ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Side Stones Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis 2.11ct circular brilliant set in the center is EGL certified at K-SI1.  The color is warm and it is eye clean.  The wider shank is accented with prong-set baguette cut diamonds that are delicately set between two rows of round diamonds that are pavé set on each side.

These are just four examples of why round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings are the most popular.  Mark Broumand has an incredible selection of brilliant round cut diamond engagement rings as solitaires, in a halo setting, dazzling as a three-stone ring or perfectly accented with side stones.

A Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring to Capture Her Heart

Posted on November 12th, 2014

For a truly uniquely shaped engagement ring with rich luster and intense fire, consider a cushion cut diamond engagement ring for your bride-to-be.  The shape of a cushion will be squarish or rectangular with rounded corners and some will have soft, curved sides.  Resembling a pillow, the cushion is a breathtaking hybrid of an “old mine cut” of the early 1800s and an oval diamond.  Many consider this profile to be modern, even though the cut had a reign of popularity for almost 200 years until the early twentieth century.  The unique cushion has been used in such popular diamonds as: the Regent, Yellow Tiffany and Hope Diamond.Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe 64 large facets in this unique shape enhance the inner fire and defined sparkle similar to that which is seen in the beautifully curvacious oval cut diamond engagement rings.  Fashioned after the 58-facet “Old Mine Cut”, the rough diamond needed for the cut must be deep to provide ample area for the larger facets inherent in this shape.  The facet work of the deep stone intensifies the fire of the diamond, enhances the  clarity and maximizes the brilliance.   Chocolate Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe shape of each of these individual mixed cut diamonds will differ from stone to stone.  Some will possess more linear lines and gently rounded corners, while other stones will have more round or oval characteristics overall.  The silhouette can be square or rectangular.  Many modern-day cushions have a more “pinfire” or “crushed ice” brilliance.  Antique cushions possess a more “checkerboard” facet pattern that returns light in more definitive blocks than modern day counterparts.  This cut is an excellent match for fancy colored diamonds, since the facet patterns  maximize color.  It also intensifies the clarity in natural white diamonds.  Halo Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

A cushion cut diamond engagement ring is the best choice for a bride-to-be that desires a uniquely shaped diamond that shines with a fiery brilliance, without being round in shape.  In addition to the modern cushion cut, Mark Broumand also carries a selection of vintage and romantic antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings.  Viewing both antique and modern day cushions will give you an idea of the many different facet patterns available in this rare and unique diamond.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Wedding Bands

Posted on November 11th, 2014

If you are searching for a wedding band to match your incredibly brilliant round cut engagement ring, Mark Broumand has a great selection of styles to choose from.  Round brilliant cuts are the most popular stones used in jewelry, accounting for over 80% of loose diamonds on the market.  Why?  One word – brilliance!  Though rounds have been around since the mid-1700s, it wasn’t until the early twentieth century when Marcel Tolkowsky perfected the round brilliant cut to optimize light dispersion and reflection within the stone.


0.40ct Round Brilliant Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum

.40ct Micropave Round brilliant cut diamond wedding band in platinum .40ct Round brilliant cut diamond wedding band in platinum.40ct Round brilliant cut diamond wedding band in platinum | Mark Broumand

This phenomenal wedding band contains three rows of pavé round brilliants.  The diamonds and platinum band are fashioned with superior quality and the white and clear stones give this wedding band incredible brilliance. The white diamonds are set just past half way down the band and the relatively low profile allows for maximum comfort. It is perfect worn solo or paired with an engagement ring.


0.55ct Round Cut Diamond Channel Set Wedding Band in Platinum

.55ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Channel Set Wedding Band | Mark Broumand .55ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Channel Set Platinum Wedding Band | Mark Broumand

This lovely round brilliant cut diamond wedding band is a timeless classic, channel set in platinum. It features 0.55ct of brilliant rounds, certified at E-F, VS1-VS2.  They are very clear and white.  This wedding band is a perfect accent to an engagement ring or worn alone.


1.65ct Round Diamond Pavé Wedding Band in 18k White Gold

1.65ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Wedding Band | Mark Broumand 1.65ct Milgrain Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Wedding Band | Mark Broumand

This exceptionally beautiful diamond wedding band features three rows of round diamonds in a pave setting.  The diamonds illuminate the top and sides of this ring and extend three-quarters of the way down the band, set on all three sides of the band. The stones are set three quarters of the way around the band. It features 1.65ct of round brilliant cut diamonds, certified at E-F, VS1-VS2.  These incredibly brilliant rounds have exceptional clarity and are very white. Milgrain accents separate the rows of diamonds and the band is fashioned of 18k white gold.

Browse our selection of round brilliant cut diamond wedding bands when searching for the perfect accompaniment for your special day.  Mark Broumand also carries other breathtaking pieces of fine round brilliant cut diamond jewelry, such as: diamond earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and engagement rings.  You can view all of Mark Broumand’s fine jewelry online or in his Los Angeles store.

Fancy Yellow Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on November 10th, 2014

The halo diamond engagement ring earned its name because of the “halo” of smaller stones that decorate and accent the center gemstone. This style of diamond ring is a classic, vintage setting that is often seen in classic films or in antique jewelry collections. It provides more sparkle and ornamentation than a solitaire diamond ring and is definitely an attention-grabber.

Natural diamonds are found in nearly every color and some colored stones are far rarer and sought after than stones that are colorless.  The most common fancy color diamonds are found in are earth tones, browns and warm yellows.  Fancy yellow diamonds are formed when trace amounts of nitrogen are present.  These beautiful yellow diamonds have been gaining popularity and are gradually becoming more and more available in the jewelry trade since many celebrities have opted for a fancy yellow diamond as the crown jewel of their engagement ring.

We have selected two diamond engagement rings to showcase the marriage of rich, fancy yellow color and the halo ring setting.  The two beauties below feature the radiant and cushion cut, known to maximize the natural color of diamonds.  If you enjoy the square shape in fancy colors, take a look at the brilliant and rich fancy yellow princess cut diamond engagement rings from Mark Broumand.

1.56 Fancy Yellow Halo Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand1.56ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring            The dazzling rose gold and fancy yellow diamond combination on this cushion cut diamond engagement ring is perfectly harmonious.   The modern 18k rose gold micropavé setting features a 1.01ct cushion cut center diamond EGL certified at Fancy Vivid Yellow-VS2. The color is a rich yellow and it is eye clean. The one carat canary diamond features a halo of round brilliant diamonds and a row of diamonds cascading down the shank, just past half way. The rose gold of this setting enriches the rich yellow of the center diamond and contrasts the bright, white round diamonds perfectly.

1.69ct Halo Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand1.69ct Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring    This fancy yellow diamond ring showcases a 1.04ct radiant cut diamond , EGL certified as Fancy Intense Yellow-VS1. The stone is eye clean and the color is warm and rich.  The incredibly brilliant fancy yellow is accentuated by a halo of micropavé round brilliant cut diamonds.  The entire ring is crafted in warm 18k rose gold and a row of diamonds line the shank. The gold provides a complimentary canvas for the yellow and white diamonds.

Mark Broumand is thrilled to share his fine collection of beautiful and rare fancy yellow halo diamond engagement rings.  We can also customize your halo diamond ring to your specific preferences, perhaps by designing a more squared-off halo with rounded edges, like a cushion-shaped halo.

Simply Beautiful – Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on November 8th, 2014

Sometimes a diamond is so splendid, that it is a beautiful and unique piece that shines on its own.  The solitaire princess engagement ring is one of those works of art.  Solitaire engagement rings feature a center diamond, set on a shank (band) using prongs or in a bezel setting.  While halo or three-stone diamond engagement ring settings offer a multitude of design options, some opt for the minimalist beauty of a single stone in a solitaire setting.

Princess Cut Diamond Side View | Mark Broumand

Your princess will be a perfectly symmetrical square or slightly rectangular, will have intact corners and a profile that resembles an inverted pyramid.  You will see intricate facet patterns when looking down through the table (large, flat, top facet) of the diamond.  Feature cuts, known as chevrons will be cut into the pavilion of the diamond.   Chevrons create the beautiful mosaic brilliance through the top of the stone that princess cut diamonds are famous for.  If you are interested in a square stone with more of a vintage appeal, look into the lustrous clarity of the asscher cut or emerald cut diamond engagement rings.  Here are some solitaire princess diamond engagement rings that showcase the beauty of bare.

2.51ct Princess Cut Diamond SolitaireReverse tapered solitaire princess cut diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand

This spectacular EGL certified single 2.51ct diamond is the stunning centerpiece of this high polish 14k white gold solitaire engagement ring.  This stone is nearly colorless and only slightly included.  The inclusions are predominantly white and concentrated in one area.  The reverse-tapered shank balances this large stone and accents the princess perfectly.

1.20ct Princess Cut SolitaireStraight Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand

The gorgeous 1.20ct princess is EGL certified at H-SI2.  It is perfectly eye clean, containing only white inclusions.  The delicate and slender round shank is crafted of high polish 18k white gold.

0.70ct Princess Solitaire Engagement RingTapered Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The high polish platinum shank is tapered to present a dazzling 0.70ct princess cut, GIA certified at E-VS1.  It is exceptionally white with perfect clarity.  This solitaire ring has incredible clean lines coupled with the diamond’s symmetry and brilliance.

As you can see, each princess cut solitaire is a unique jewelry creation that she will cherish forever.  If you are searching for any style of diamond engagement ring or any other fine jewelry, Mark Broumand and his team of jewelry professionals can assist you with finding or creating the perfect jewelry piece you need.

Great Gift – Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity Bands

Posted on November 4th, 2014

Radiant Cut diamond eternity bands will be a single band that surrounds the finger, with perfectly encircled diamonds set side-by-side.  The eternity band symbolizes eternal love, with no beginning and no end.  Eternity bands are an excellent choice to celebrate anniversaries or as a treasured gift for the one you love.

Why the Radiant?

The radiant combines the best qualities of two other diamond shapes: the luster of the emerald cut and the brilliance of the round.  The result is a square to rectangular shape with angled corners and incredible facet patterns that showcase the brilliance of this rare stone.

Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity Bands

The radiant cut was developed in 1977 by Henry Grossbard, after thirty-three years of honing his craft. He created a new cutting technique, the “brilliantized step cut” to capitalize on the best qualities of both the emerald and round cut, since each separately reflects light differently.  Radiants are similar to princess cuts at first glance, but are among the rarest diamonds available.

A deep rough stone is required in this cut since depth is needed to create the brilliant facet work.  For this reason, radiants may appear smaller than other diamond shapes when viewed from above.  Radiants are a mixed cut, which combine the round brilliant and step-cut seen in diamonds such as the Asscher.  The circular outline of the round brilliant can be seen in the center of many radiants.

Eternity bands from Mark Broumand are custom created, individual works of art.  Each stone is matched to the others in size, color and clarity.

Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity Bands Gifts | Mark Broumand

The radiant cut maximizes color, making it an excellent choice for the fancy yellow eternity band below.

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity bandRadiant cut diamond rings are a perfect choice for anyone that desires brilliance in a square shaped diamond.   Browse Mark Broumand’s collection of rare and exquisite radiant cut diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, or eternity bands.  The rare profile, clean lines and fiery brilliance make this diamond truly your beloved’s next cherished treasure.