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Custom Jewelry Design Possibilities To Consider

Posted on May 31st, 2015

There are many reasons to create a custom jewelry piece and Mark Broumand has the experience and skill to turn your idea into reality.  One of the best reasons to create custom jewelry is possibly for no reason at all.  The inspiration to create a new ring to be treasured can come from anywhere.  Mark has some options to make the custom jewelry design process even easier.

Turn something old into something new

Update an outdated piece of jewelry by providing Mark with your existing ring and your new jewelry ideas.  Turn a diamond pendant into an engagement ring solitaire or take a family heirloom ring and create a complimentary pair of earrings for a surprise anniversary gift or an addition to a wedding set.  Transform an engagement ring into an anniversary ring or diamond eternity band.

 1.82ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Stud Earrings | Mark Broumand2.50ct Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band | Mark Broumand1.37ct Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Set a loose diamond or precious gemstone

If you have a loose diamond or gemstone, you can select a ring setting of your choice that is available without the center stone.  You have many options for precious metals and accent stones if you choose to design a ring other than a solitaire.  If you don’t find a setting you love, Mark can create a custom diamond ring setting for you.

3.49ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand  5.49ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring5.38ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Complete a setting with a center stone

Do you have a setting that is missing its center stone?  Mark can locate the perfect loose center diamond or gemstone that you desire.  Just let him know your preferred diamond cut or gemstone shape and he can find the showcase gemstone for your setting and create a new, whole remarkable piece.

Select a Center Diamond for Custom Jewelry | Mark BroumandWith Mark Broumand, you can create a custom diamond ring for any occasion. By filling out a simple quote request form, you can receive the upgrade value of the pieces you are trading in to create a new diamond ring.  Bring new life to an old ring setting or find a treasured new home for a loose diamond. Though jewelry always warms the heart to give and especially receive, it is even a little more special when it is custom created.  When you custom design with Mark Broumand, the possibilities are endless.

Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings for Under $6000

Posted on May 30th, 2015

A three-stone round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is a truly symbolic and sentimental way to celebrate your new life together.  A center stone which represents your future together will be flanked by two smaller side stones, symbolic of your past and present.  While you would think that an engagement ring with three round cut diamonds may be too expensive, here are a handful of these affordable and beautiful creations for under $6000.

2.37ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

2.37ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis three-stone engagement ring showcases your future stone, a beautiful 1.37ct round brilliant cut diamond, certified with a G color and clarity of SI3.  This extremely beautiful round cut diamond has a tremendous sparkle. It is accented by two smaller round brilliant cut diamonds on the sides, encircled by even more round diamonds in a pavé setting. To add more beauty to this already gorgeous piece, there are three 18k white gold hearts hand crafted on the front and back of the ring.  Milgrain detail and additional round brilliants extend halfway down the shank, adorning the top and sides.


1.61ct Three-Stone Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.61ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandYour past, present and future has never looked so beautiful! The center diamond is a gorgeous 1.01ct round brilliant cut, EGL certified at I-VS2. Face up, it is very white and perfectly clear, even under 10X magnification.  Flanking the center stone are two large round cut diamonds.  Additional round brilliants accent the shank, set in a beautiful prong setting.  Very minimal metal shows and the prongs let each diamond stand out and shine through. The ring is made in high polish 18k white gold for additional brightness, sparkle and shine.

1.55ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

1.55ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement RingThis stunning three stone diamond engagement ring combines exceptional diamonds accented in a triple halo setting. The center diamonds comes in at about half a carat and is accented by two smaller round diamonds flanked on its sides. For a unique twist, the round brilliants are bezel set and each surrounded by a halo of round diamonds. The shank features a row of round diamonds that graduate in size from the top to the bottom.  The center connectors create a unique, triple “U” shape design. For an added value, a delicate and brilliant wedding band comprised of a single row of round cut diamonds accompanies this mesmerizing and unforgettable ring.

Add Some Finer Details to Your Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on May 29th, 2015

Creating your custom diamond engagement ring allows you complete customization in addition to some finer details that you may not have thought of.  In addition to selecting any diamond cut, ring setting and precious metal, Mark Broumand is famous for the little extra details and bit of flair that can make your engagement ring truly unique.

Here are some finer details to add to your custom ring:

1.  Milgrain detailsCenter basket milgrain detail custom oval cut diamond ring | Mark BroumandMilgrain is decorative beading that can be added to any part of your engagement ring.  Most often, it is used on the shank (band) or the center basket.  This fine beading is worked into the metal edges.

2.  Filigree detailsFiligree detail on connectors and center basket custom design | Mark BroumandFiligree describes ornamental designs using existing metal of the ring or additional metal wiring to create the desired design.  The designs are often scroll designs or soft curves.

3.  Pavé or micropavéPavé diamonds in custom designed center basket | Mark BroumandPronounced “paw-vay”, the term is of French origin for today’s vocabulary usage of the word “pave” and strives for a continuous paved surface of diamonds.  Gemstones are set close to each other in a pre-drilled hole in the metal and secured with a tiny metal bead to allow very little metal to show.  Micropavé diamonds require a microscope to set.

4.  Hand EngravingHand Engraved Shank Custom Designed engagement ring | Mark BroumandEngraving can be used to add special decorative details to elements such as the shank or center basket.  Mark Broumand and his expert jewelers can add any design to the surface of a precious metal anywhere on your ring.

5.  Shank decorationShank accented with jewels in custom ringSince a center stone is held in a basket and fastened to the band with connectors, it is more than one single piece of metal and is therefore a shank, but is often referred to as the band.  In addition to the metal selection, you can select the shape, width and design of the shank desired.

6.  Center basket (or cup) and connectorsFiligree detail on Connectors in Custom designed diamond engagement ring | Mark BroumandThe center basket holds the large, center stone in place.  The center basket is fastened to the shank with connectors, which can also be adorned with milgrain, filigree or jewels.

The process of creating a custom diamond engagement ring with Mark Broumand is simple, affordable and enjoyable.  For inspiration, you can browse a gallery of incredible jewelry creations from Mark.  When you are ready to design your engagement ring, simply click here to start the custom design process.

Precious Metal Selections for Your Custom Diamond Ring

Posted on May 23rd, 2015

The selection of a precious metal can create an additional layer of depth and is one of the visual components  to consider when creating a custom diamond ring.  Not only can metal increase a diamond’s brightness, it can also lend the right amount of contrast for a diamond to shine even more.  Personal preference and what is the most visually pleasing to you should dictate your final choice when selecting a precious metal for your custom diamond ring from Mark Broumand.

• Yellow Gold – 14k or 18k yellow gold is pure gold mixed with alloys
• White Gold – 14k or 18k white gold is pure gold and silver or palladium
• Rose Gold – 14k or 18k rose gold is pure gold mixed with alloys and copper for color
• Platinum – a precious silvery-white metal with high tensile strength

Pure gold of any color is relatively delicate and the addition of different alloys strengthens gold to make it durable for daily wear.

Here are some ideas to consider when selecting a precious metal for your custom jewelry piece:

Metals to Accent Diamond Clarity
White gold and platinum are ideal choices to compliment the clarity in diamonds.  Additional filigree or milgrain details also add additional sparkle to your ring.  Yellow or rose gold can create a contrast to very clear and white diamonds, further intensifying their clarity.  If you have chosen a diamond with a warmer color, yellow or rose gold can add just the right touch to bring out the warmer color of your stone.

3.54ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand 1.70ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand 3.56ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand 2.01ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Compliment or Contrast Fancy Colored Diamonds
When light enters a diamond, it will also reflect off the metals surrounding the stone.  In the case of a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring, select yellow gold or rose gold to further enhance the color.  If your fancy colored diamond has a strong saturation of color, white gold or platinum will create an enhancing and lovely contrast to your bold stone.

1.72ct Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand  2.11ct Fancy Yellow Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand 1.52ct Fancy Light Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand3.27ct Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

If you are unsure about a precious metal to use, it is also possible to use more than one metal; one for the shank (band) and a completely different metal for the basket that holds your center stone.  Many of the custom designed jewelry pieces that Mark has created contain different gold colors and he can help you select the perfect precious metal for your unique creation.

A Few Reasons to Love a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on May 22nd, 2015

5.29ct Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand The princess cut engagement ring is the second most popular selected by brides and grooms alike, runner-up only to the round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring.   This shape looks like an inverted pyramid from the side and there are four beveled sides with intact corners when viewed from above.  This impressive diamond sits high atop any possible engagement ring setting, flaunting a high profile.  Here are some of the other characteristics of this fine diamond when considering a “princess for your princess”.


A Tall, Regal Profile

2.27ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandTo create the brilliance of the princess cut, much of the facet work is done on the pavilion or lower side of the stone. The look of this stone can be modified by adding additional chevrons (facet cuts) on the pavilion of the stone. Fewer chevrons will give you larger facets and the light scintillation (sparkle) moves more slowly. This facet work requires a great amount of space on the pavilion, or lower section of the diamond.  Seen more easily in solitaires, the tall profile of this diamond is breathtaking.

Setting Versatility

1.61ct Fancy Light Yellow Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe princess is a relatively new cut, created in the 1960s.  Its square or rectangular shape and varied numbers of facets offer a sophisticated rectilinear look with varying degrees of brilliance.  The brilliance and fire of this diamond match well with round brilliant accent stones or any of the modified brilliant stones, since the visual aspect of their brilliance is similar.  For a similar shape, the trillion cut or trapezoid cut offers the geometric edges to compliment this cut.  For more rounded accents, the round brilliant or pear shaped or oval cut diamond offer complimentary pleasing curves.

Value per Carat

2.12ct Fancy Light Yellow Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandFrom a rough stone to a finished princess, approximately 80% of the stone remains intact since the corners are not chipped away, like in the asscher or emerald cut. This makes the princess a favorite among jewelers and diamond cutters since much of the stone is retained as compared to a round brilliant, whereas approximately 50% of the rough crystal remains when polished.  Since these diamonds retain more of the stone from the rough, their size per carat will look larger than other diamonds and the price is lower than cuts with greater loss in the finishing process.

1.71ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe brilliant and versatile princess cut engagement ring offers the optical performance found in the fiery sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond ring, but with a square or rectangular shape less the high price tag. These diamonds are beautiful in any engagement ring setting and are especially stunning as a solitaire. Be sure to review Mark Broumand’s impressive selection of carefully hand-selected princess cut engagement rings when considering only the best in fine jewelry.

The Wow Factor of an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Posted on May 18th, 2015

7.18ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe emerald cut diamond ring will showcase a stone that offers simple elegance in a timeless cut.  Originally created for use with emeralds to maximize the luster and sparkle of the gemstone, these enhancements work just as well with a diamond.  In addition to the distinctive and rare asscher cut diamond engagement ring, the standardized emerald cut diamond ring of the 1940s was one of the jewelry icons of the Art Deco period: large, geometrical and bold.  For those considering a ring with marked clarity and classic personality, here are some of the intriguing characteristics of this renowned beauty.

The Beauty of Symmetry

7.80ct Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band in Platinum | Mark BroumandAn emerald cut diamond displays an octagonal silhouette comprised of the rectangular shape and four angled corners.  The ideal length to width ratio of the emerald cut diamond is 1.4:1 or a range between 1.3 and 1.5:1 in a very high quality stone since imperfections in the stone will be very visible to the eye due to the large table (flat, top facet)  and shallow depth.  If a lower quality stone is selected, imperfections should be nearest the short ends or corners of the diamond so that blemishes are hidden within the facets.


Lustrous Clarity

5.37ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe emerald cut diamond has long and narrow cuts (step-cuts or trap-cuts), patterned after stair steps that run parallel to the table of the stone.  When viewing a diamond in a face down position, you will see gradual “stair steps” that end at the girdle, which is where the top section (crown) of a diamond and lower section (pavilion) meet.  Looking down into an emerald cut diamond through the table, these 50 to 58 rectilinear facets will intersect in such a way that it looks as though a mirror lies within.  This pattern illuminates the stone and reflects light back to the eye, also emphasizing the diamond’s clarity.

Vintage Appeal

3.01ct Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandFor fans of antique jewelry and vintage pieces, the emerald cut is one of the pillars in popular diamond cuts of the past.  Many older emerald cut diamonds are truly rare to find since many of these stones were of such high quality, that they were later cut and polished into a more contemporary shape.  Due to this quality standard, authentic emerald cuts of the early-to-mid-1900s are in high demand among vintage jewelers and enthusiasts to repair or refurbish antique pieces.

Some New Diamond Engagement Ring Offerings from Mark Broumand

Posted on May 16th, 2015

Mark Broumand is constantly acquiring and custom designing gorgeous diamond engagement rings for his customers.  All jewelry that he represents for sale or has created will feature the highest quality diamonds, precious metals and craftsmanship at an incredible value.  Here are some of the newest offerings from Mark Broumand’s selection of fine jewelry, a perfect match for a bride-to-be or the right bit of inspiration for your custom engagement ring design.

5.83ct Oval Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring

5.83ct Oval Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandCelebrate your past, present and future with this regal and gorgeous three-stone diamond engagement ring.  The center of this incredible piece is a 5.03ct oval cut center diamond, EGL certified at I in color with clarity of VS2.  The masterful cut of this stone gives it tremendous light and brilliance.  This oval cut diamond is nearly colorless and perfectly eye clean.  Two large pear shaped diamonds flank the oval cut in a high polish 18k white gold setting.  All diamonds are prong set, allowing more of the brilliance to shine through.  The simple yet elegant design of this setting offers clean lines in a lovely tall profile.  This ring is a unique combination to mark the beginning of your marriage or to celebrate your love as an anniversary ring.

1.74ct Light Yellow Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.74ct Fancy Light Yellow Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe gorgeous center diamond is a 1.04ct antique European round cut diamond, GIA certified at X in color and SI1 in clarity.  This gorgeous yellow diamond is perfectly contrasted by bright, white round brilliant cut diamonds in this platinum halo style setting.  The 18k yellow gold prongs offer a warm compliment to the color of the stone.  The center basket flaunts milgrain details and hand engraving throughout.  This custom crafted setting also features a row of round diamonds in a micropavé setting. Half of the shank and the connectors are studded with round diamonds as well.


3.70ct Trillion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

3.70ct Trillion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandIndulge in compliments with this rare and beautiful trillion cut diamond engagement ring on your finger. The gorgeous triangular shaped diamond in the middle, known as a “trillion cut” is a 2.70ct AGS certified diamond, graded at G in color and a clarity of SI2. It faces up white and is a very bright, clear and brilliant beauty. The trillion is further brightened by v-tipped prongs that secure this unique diamond’s delicate corners.  The gorgeous designer pavé setting showcases diamonds throughout the basket and along the top and sides of the 14k white gold shank.

Three Reasons to Love the Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Posted on May 14th, 2015

Your Asscher cut engagement ring will center around a bright and clear diamond with impressive clarity and vintage feel in a rare cut.  It is a beautiful study of geometry and symmetry, clarity and light play.  It is not simply a square emerald cut diamond or a princess cut with beveled corners; Asschers have a distinctive and unique facet pattern that must be followed to earn the name.  If this lovely stone has caught your eye, here are a few other reasons to love it.

2.93ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

2.93ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Asscher cut diamonds are designed to maximize the luster and clarity of a stone, as opposed to flaunting the fire or brilliance found in many cuts.  While these stones are very bright, they play up a different characteristic than other cuts, such as the brilliance and fire of a round cut diamond engagement ring.

2.46ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

2.46ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Appeal

The Asscher hails from the early 20s, but the labyrinth of facets definitely sets this apart from what you would consider “your grandmother’s ring”.  In line with the revolution of the Art Deco period, the Asscher is bold and blocky with very symmetrical geometry.

1.26ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

1.26ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


It requires a special rough stone with inherent clarity and a very skilled diamond cutter that can create the perfect facets needed for the Asscher cut.  This means that a rough diamond will be a particular squared shape, should be very clear and nearly flawless to be considered for an Asscher cut.  These specifics will mean that less Asschers will be created than other diamond cuts and will allow you to cherish a diamond that will not be worn by the masses.

Another way to make your Asscher cut diamond ring even more special?  Let Mark Broumand assist you with the custom design of your engagement ring.  If you want a bright and clear diamond with a vintage feel in a more rare cut, than the Asscher cut diamond engagement ring is an ideal option to consider.

Add Color to Your Love with a Gemstone and Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on May 12th, 2015

For those of you that like a little more color in your life, Mark Broumand has a selection of gemstone and diamond engagement rings that you will adore.  The gemstones that are selected for use in his jewelry follow the same high quality standards as the diamonds that he selects.  Here are a few of the more colorful pieces to consider when your bride desires some extra color in her special ring.

1.23ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

1.23ct Sapphire and Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandRich blue sapphires and brilliant white diamonds make this unique engagement ring sparkle with love.  This lovely ring features a very brilliant round 0.65ct center diamond which is accented perfectly by two beautiful blue baguette sapphires on each side. You will find three additional round diamonds in a pave setting down that run down the shank on each side as well. The bold blue sapphires contrast the brilliance of the diamonds in this 14k white gold ring with a shine that goes on and on.


2.84ct Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

2.84ct Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandFor those that love the color green or as a special surprise for a bride with a May birthday, you cannot go wrong with this this spectacular natural emerald and round brilliant cut diamond ring. The mesmerizing 2.29ct square emerald showcased in the center of this astonishing ring is GIA Certified.   It is transparent, vibrant in color and the emerald cut shows amazing clarity. You can see why this cut is used to enhance the luster and clarity of emerald cut diamond engagement rings.  It is very brilliant as well. This gorgeous gem is showcased in a beautiful platinum setting featuring a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds and a row of round diamonds set down the shank in a micropavé setting.


 1.70ct Pink Sapphire and Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.70ct Pink Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandTalk about pretty in pink.  This custom crafted round brilliant cut diamond and pink sapphire engagement ring is full of warmth and vibrant color that is sure to take her breath away. The mesmerizing 0.90ct round cut center diamond is GIA Certified at D-VS1. It is the whitest, perfectly clear and superbly brilliant diamond to be showcased in a halo setting. It is bezel set in complimentary rose gold with a halo of round cut pink sapphires around on the sides of the halo as well. The shank and the connectors also feature round diamonds that are exceptionally white and brilliant.

Make it Yours – Own a Fancy Color Engagement Ring for Under $3500

Posted on May 7th, 2015

Mark Broumand has always made owning fine jewelry affordable for everyone without sacrificing quality.  All of the pieces that he sells are high quality and his hundreds of engagement rings span all possible budgets.  In addition to the many fine pieces crafted with beautiful white diamonds, he also has an impressive selection of fancy color diamonds.  Here are three beautiful halo style fancy color engagement rings that won’t break the bank.

1.09ct Fancy Color Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

1.09ct Fancy Color Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe 0.54ct pear shaped center diamond in this halo style engagement ring is GIA certified at Fancy Light Brown Green Yellow in color and has a clarity of I1.  The pear is cradled in a hand engraved 18k yellow gold center basket and secured with four prongs.  A halo of bright, white round brilliants encircle the center stone and create a vivid contrast of color.  Additional round brilliants in a shared prong setting extend halfway down the 18k white gold shank.

1.16ct Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.16ct Fancy color Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandWhat is better than a halo diamond engagement ring?  A double halo of brilliant round cut diamonds!  The stunning center diamond is certified as a cushion cut, fancy light yellow in color with a clarity of VS2.  It is warmly complimented by bright yellow gold prongs.  A vivid contrast is created by the double halo of incredibly white and brilliant round cut diamonds snugly placed in a micropavé setting.  Twelve additional micropavé set round brilliants adorn the top of the 18k white gold shank.

0.76ct Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

0.76ct Fancy color Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis elegant and beautiful fancy yellow oval cut diamond engagement ring features a full and rounded center oval diamond, weighing in at just over half-a-carat. Even under 10X magnification, it is very clear and has an even and rich yellow color.  A perfectly proportional halo of round brilliants surround the center stone and a row of round cut diamonds extend halfway down the shank, all in a gorgeous micropavé setting that lets all the brilliance shine through.