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The Beauty of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: Platinum, Rose Gold, White Gold & Yellow Gold Settings

Posted on September 15th, 2016

In the modern era, round cut diamonds are often seen encrusting the bands and settings of exquisitely designed engagement rings. The center stone is often emerald cut, oval, or otherwise shaped to stand out from the rest with distinction. The classic round cut diamond engagement ring is different: its center stone often stands alone, carrying the day with the unique luster and sparkle that only a dazzlingly cut and perfectly set round diamond will be able to provide. Where the band is encrusted, the smaller round cut diamonds bring out the center stone’s beauty all the more, by providing additional refraction under any illumination.

Single Band Rose Gold Round Cut Diamond, 2.28 Carats

This traditionally set round cut diamond sparkles atop a delicate rose gold band in this single shank engagement ring. The band itself is encrusted with small round cut diamonds, which capture and further break down the reflections of the center stone into a dazzling array of color and vibrance. This wedding ring glows with a loving warmth, which speaks to the noble intentions of that person who would give it as a token of a love meant to last forever.

Wide Band Platinum Engagement Ring, 2.59 Carats

This is one of those engagement rings which couples the classic appeal of a dazzling round cut stone with a modern artistic vision, resulting in a truly unique and dazzling experience. Like the beautiful shimmer of the center stone itself, a wide, unadorned platinum band speaks to notions such as purity and loyalty. Its bright luster emphasizes the virtue and love of a traditional wedding, speaking to the relevance of the traditional ceremony as we head into a new modern era.

Vintage Round Cut Wedding Ring, 3.4 Carats

In any book or film which has displayed a wedding ring as a part of the plot, the picture almost certainly bore many striking similarities to this beautiful piece of vintage work. This delicately crafted and engraved rose gold band is topped by a center cut diamond of dazzling shape and proportion, perfectly set within a gracefully flanged crown. A diamond showcases not only strong qualities, such as loyalty and virtue, but also the loving warmth on which a new family ought to be based. This engagement ring is a dazzling example of exactly how this is accomplished.

Two Pear Shaped and Two Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on September 1st, 2016

Pear Shaped Stone, 3.46 Carats

This exquisitely crafted and surprisingly delicate engagement ring features a beautiful pear cut diamond on a slender platinum band. The shank is encrusted with small, round-cut diamonds to give a little extra sparkle for that special day, but the center stone appropriately takes center stage with its modern style and symbolic representation. An inverted tear has long been a sign of joy and happiness in western culture; what happier thing to celebrate, with such a dazzling wedding ring, than love everlasting?

Pear Shaped Stone, 4.66 Carats, Double Banded Engagement Ring

This brilliant wedding ring features a large pear cut diamond, beautifully and exquisitely set in a delicate halo on top of a double platinum band. The band and halo are encrusted with smaller, round cut diamonds, while the center stone is large enough to capture the eyes of onlookers with its dazzling display of sparkling light. This ring combines vintage appeal with modern artistic elements, resulting in a pure work of loving art, fully fit for any ceremony.

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring, 5.87 Carats

The marquise style of diamond shaping, sometimes described as almond shaped, has a long and well-established tradition. It was a popular cut of diamond for rings worn by royalty and nobility in Renaissance and Victorian-era Europe. Today, it evokes a glittering sense of vintage beauty. This particular center stone is surrounded by a sparkling halo, which is particularly appropriate to the way the marquise captures and refracts surrounding illumination. It is set on a platinum band, which is likewise encrusted, for a combination of traditional elegance and stylish modern simplicity.

Marquise Diamond Cut Engagement Band, 6.76 Carats

Most wedding rings evoke a sense of traditional and modern elements combined, symbolizing that perfect union which is the well-founded marriage. Sometimes, however, it is preferable to evoke the sense of union through a single style, with a ring that offers the perfect combination of shank and stone to create a memorable image that will remain in the minds of all who have seen it for years to come. Such is the case with this exquisitely gorgeous ring, which features a large marquise diamond set in an artisan crafted platinum band. The minutia of the detail is absolutely superb, and the diamond is a true wonder to behold. This is a wedding ring which is well-suited to lasting impressions.