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Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Look Great on Any Setting!

Posted on July 15th, 2016

Mark Broumand offers a variety of options with a huge selection of diamonds, carat sizes, styles and the design of a master setting you love. If you prefer a single band, double shank, halo or rock on a classic, timeless setting, we have it all! Oval cuts are a beautiful and unique stone for any engagement ring.

Oval Cut Single Band Engagement Ring, 1.45 Carats

With its delicate setting and narrow, diamond encrusted band of rose gold, this engagement ring provides subtle accent to the sparkle and luster of its oval cut center stone, while being tastefully and elegantly decorated with smaller round cut diamonds. It expresses not only the purity of a lifelong vow, but also the love and the warmth which are meant to accompany it. A beautiful choice for anyone’s intended.

Oval Cut Engagement Ring Platinum, 1.51 Carats

This deceptively delicate platinum band brings out its brilliant silvery sheen with a fully encrusted halo of round cut diamonds. The center stone is an oval cut diamond, artistically situated so as to capture and further refract the dazzling array of light and sparkle which the smaller diamonds reflect into it. Like a wedding itself, this engagement band is a thing of pristine and exquisite beauty.

Oval Cut Yellow Diamond, Double Shank, 4.42 Carats

This large yellow diamond symbolizes the warmth and the love of an eternal union, its color serving to accentuate concepts like loving support, springtime, renewal, and new beginnings. It gleams warmly amidst the beautiful sparkle of a generously encrusted halo of small, round cut diamonds, which extends around the shank of this double-banded ring for a truly exquisite and luxurious piece that speaks to the love behind one of life’s most precious occasions.

Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring, Single Band, 5.3 Carats

This oval cut yellow diamond engagement ring features a phenomenal center stone, dazzlingly situated to gleam like the rising sun on a spring morning. Its honeyed hue is reminiscent of the loving warmth that turns a couple into a family, and transforms a house into a home. This vintage inspired piece is set atop a narrow band of rose tinted gold, encrusted by modest round cut diamonds which only add to the quality of its sparkle.

Yellow Oval Diamond Engagement Ring With a Halo, 2.9 Carats

A delicate platinum band, luxuriously set with round cut diamonds, is topped with a classic double halo setting which is likewise, and exquisitely, fully encrusted. The center stone, an oval cut yellow diamond, glows with the warmth of a daisy on a summer’s day. This ring combines classic and vintage themes with modern artistry to create an image that evokes good health, growth, and a new beginning to look forward to.

Anatomy of An Engagement Ring

Posted on July 1st, 2016

Designing a one-of-a-kind engagement ring is a great way to create a personalized piece of jewelry; however, the different technical terms used by jewelers may seem confusing and overwhelming. The following guide will help decode the mystery surrounding jewelry jargon.

The Head

Multiple elements comprise the head of the ring. It includes the center stone and the fixtures that hold the stone in place. The collet, also called the setting, is made up of the circular rim that holds the stone and the claws that help keep the stone secure.

Types of Heads and Settings
Different head, setting styles and shapes are available to highlight the carat size and shape of the center stone. For example, a buttercup setting features claws that curve over the side of the stone. This type of setting is elaborate and typically resembles a flower as suggested by the name. Marquis, princess cut, or other angular stones are well-suited to a V-shape claw setting.
This 3.5 carat old mine cut diamond engagement ring flaunts a beautiful setting:

The Center Stone

This is the star of the ring design. The center stone can be cut into a variety of shapes ranging from the traditional round to more oval or angular styles. While a single stone is the most common choice, a setting can feature more than one center stone. Engagement rings feature center stones in all different sizes ranging from 0.3 carat up to 10 carats that may be surrounded by smaller side stones. Diamonds are the traditional choice, but a yellow diamond, a sapphire, emerald, or ruby can be equally beautiful.

This 3.4 carat transitional cut diamond ring flaunts simplicity and displays the center stone masterfully:

The Prongs or Claws

Most rings feature between four and six pieces of metal that hold the center stone securely in place. When designing the ring, it is important to strike a balance between form and function. More claws mean that the stone is more secure and less likely to come loose while fewer claws highlight the clarity and beauty of the stone by permitting more light to shine through.

Side Stones

Elaborate rings may feature dozens of small stones surrounding the band or center stone. These stones may match or serve as a contrast to the larger center stone. For example, a ring may feature a large, colored gemstone, such as an emerald, surrounded by smaller diamonds.  Side stones can expertly accent your engagement ring and enhance and enlarge the appearance of the center diamond. This masterful enhancement provides unrivaled brilliance and dazzling sparkle.
This 6.37 carat fancy yellow cushion cut diamond is magnified with the beautiful yet simple side stones:

The Band or Shank

This is the part of the ring that encircles the finger. The band is adjusted to your size and often inscribed in the case of an engagement ring. Many brides opt for diamonds to cover the band or shank. There are also a variety of styles in terms of how many shanks and where they connect and end in connection with the center stone and side stones. The possibilities are really endless. You can customize and create your timeless engagement ring with the expertise of Mark Broumand and our wide selection of stones on display at our showroom.
This 4.16 carat fancy yellow cushion cut diamond rocks a simple diamond band:

This 3.11 carat oval cut diamond has two bands:

Classic vs. Vintage Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Posted on June 15th, 2016

At Mark Broumand, explore a wide selection of beautiful diamond emerald cut engagement rings. From a simple, elegant emerald cut diamond, to a sparking setting with two emerald cut side stones, with or without a halo, we provide the highest quality of jewels.

Rectangular Emerald Cut Ring, 4.48 carat

This exquisite wedding ring displays a popular, traditional platinum setting, with a rectangular emerald-cut diamond set atop a single band. The combination of platinum and other, beautifully translucent elements make for an eye-catching display, which is at once both simple and elegant. The shape is instantly recognizable as to what the ring signifies; it is as tasteful as it is stylish, evoking both vintage appeal and modern artistic references. This ring is certain to open eyes, and to inspire a sparkling smile in that one special someone.

Classic Emerald Cut Engagement Ring, 2.15 carat

This classic ring features a setting and single band studded with small, round-cut diamonds, set so as to capture and refract the sunlight, giving it a beautiful sparkle from every angle. The center stone on this wedding ring is perfectly cut to an impressive size relative to the fine, delicate work present throughout the rest of this classy, finely-worked engagement band. Soft colors and platinum chasing contribute to a lovely and glorious appearance, one that is absolutely befitting such notions as a traditional wedding ceremony, a white bridal gown, and a union that is meant to last for a lifetime. With this ring, an otherwise inexpressible potential is caught up into a glittering sparkle which is almost too perfect to describe; fortunately, no words will be needed to explain it, to anybody who sees it on her finger.

Vintage Engagement Ring, 1.9 carat

Vintage styles and traditional settings remain a popular aspect of today’s wedding rings, and are often combined with modern elements to create wonderful, beautifully detailed pieces of artistic elegance. This bold wedding band of warm, rose-tinted gold is set with the same, then bedazzled with the ornamentation of round-cut diamonds set to as to capture and refract the surrounding lighting every time she puts it on display. The center stone is nestled into a warm golden setting, the crown amidst the surrounding jewels, creating a unique and stylish ring that will leave anybody who sees it fondly reminiscing as to their own special day.

This exquisite wedding ring displays a popular, traditional platinum setting, with a rectangular emerald-cut diamond set atop a single band. The combination of platinum and other, beautifully translucent elements make for an eye-catching display, which is at once both simple and elegant. The shape is instantly recognizable as to what the ring signifies; it is as tasteful as it is stylish, evoking both vintage appeal and modern artistic references. This ring is certain to open eyes, and to inspire a sparkling smile in that one special someone.

Unique Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings Are Increasingly Popular

Posted on June 1st, 2016

Fancy color and yellow diamond engagement rings make for a particularly special adornment. Its unique character stands out amidst a wide variety of cuts, while bringing a warm, soothing accent to a variety of traditional and modern ring styles.

Oval Cut Engagement Ring

An oval cut yellow diamond brings to mind many warm and appealing images. It evokes springtime, a happy home, the pleasant imagery of daisies, and the life-giving energy of the sun. This makes it one of the most perfect emblems for a life-long union, one that is meant to bring boundless happiness into the lives of two very special people. This oval diamond is set within a ring of tiny, round-cut diamonds, with that same studding continuing with even smaller diamonds along the ring’s double-band. Celebrate a life-long union with this perfect emblem of unblinking, unyielding love with this oval cut classic.

Pear Shaped Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo

The pear cut shape of this ring’s yellow diamond is a traditional image of health and vitality in cultures all over the world. Evoking a well-established image with hints of vintage style, this delightfully shimmering band speaks to the warmth and happiness of a perfect union, to cherished love, and to life’s goals being steadfastly achieved. It is emblematic of good health and good fortune, while the lustrous sparkle and opalescent quality of the small round-cut diamonds in the halo evoke the suggestion of honeyed warmth and softness. It is a compelling sign of one person’s love for another, and one that would look absolutely dazzling on the finger of any bride.

4.2 Carat Yellow Cushion Diamond with Halo Engagement Ring

Few diamonds are more perfectly fitted to a classic, vintage look than the cushion cut diamond. This breathtaking yellow stone, set within a halo of modest round-cut diamonds, emphasizes the warmth and supportive emphasis of the diamond’s color. Its lustrous sparkle is stylish and appealing; at the same time, it speaks to the desire to love and be loved by that one special person forever. This gorgeously studded engagement band, with its beautiful cushion-shaped stone, is breathtaking enough for any vintage look; it also offers the tastefully sparkling style necessary to fit into the most modern of weddings.

Four Vintage-Inspired Diamond Engagement Rings: Radiant Cut, Old European Cut, Pear Shaped & Asscher Cut Diamonds

Posted on May 15th, 2016

There is a certain stunning quality and undeniable appeal to vintage diamond engagement rings, whether it is a antique emerald cut, old European cut, oval cut, pear shaped, radiant cut or asscher cut engagement ring. Vintage styles feature bold angles and large, open tables for that distinctive eye-catching look. They are popular with people from many walks of life, and are often displayed by fashionable celebrities, whose fortunes are based in part on their ability to maintain an in-depth appearance of class and style.

Single Band

This 1.36 carat vintage engagement ring’s radiant cut diamond is framed by an elegant and graceful single band. With its own adornment of pavé diamonds, this single band offers a striking vintage appearance through its expansive surface area. Its appearance is reminiscent of various artistic styles from the 60’s and 70’s, including Art Deco, as well as that which was then considered to be Avant Garde.

Vintage Halo

The emblematic look of cropped corners strongly favors the grace and elegance of a central asscher cut stone, prominently displayed by this vintage halo engagement ring. The rare and undeniable appeal of the ring’s old-fashioned shape is enhanced by the band’s beaded detailing and the brilliance of its micropavé diamonds. The halo style was popular for many years, and is now one of the most favored of vintage engagement ring looks. This 2.63 carat asscher cut engagement ring is sure to capture the heart of your special someone.

Old European Cut Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring Halo

This 2.16 carat old European cut diamond is in its own league. It’s hard to surpass this European cut diamond for sheer class, while the added luster of the cut elevates this vintage ring into something that will ensure all eyes rest upon it. This particular ring offers a stunningly classic shape. This is truly a timeless piece.

Pear Shaped Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring

This stunning 3.51 carat pear diamond is gleaming and exceptional. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to known qualities when they exemplify the taste of this vintage engagement ring. On this particular ring, the center stone is truly the focus of all attention. Its simplicity is managed in such a way as to enhance the ring’s overall elegance, while ensuring that its style has a measurable impact on all who see it.

Get to know the history of the valuable pink diamond

Posted on March 24th, 2016

Diamonds are made of pure carbon, and many people have come to believe that the most valuable are the perfectly colorless or white diamonds. But the fact is that pink diamonds can be 10 to 100 times more valuable than colorless ones, especially if the pink diamonds are flawless and highly graded.

Understanding the allure of the pink diamond

What makes a pink diamond so valuable is not just its beauty, but its rarity. Pink diamonds have always been rare, and they are becoming more so every year.

Every year, only a few dozen quality pink diamonds are mined. Of all the colored diamonds or fancies, the pink diamond makes up 0.03 percent of all the diamonds mined in the world. So far, the highest price paid for a pink diamond was nearly $18 million paid for a 8.41 carat pink diamond with just a tinge of purple.

Interesting facts worth learning

Pink diamonds are always referred to as “she,” possibly because they’re pink! The largest known pink diamond is the Sea of Light or Darya-i-Noor, which is the great jewel among the crown jewels of Iran.

She weighs 182 carats, is very pale pink and is in fact one of the largest cut diamonds on earth. She was found in the same mine as the more famous Koh-i-noor, or Mountain of Light.

The next largest pink diamond is the Eye of Light, which weighs 60 carats and was set into the tiara worn by the Empress of Iran during her 1959 wedding to the Shah.

Most of the pink diamonds found today are quite small. That’s because the forces that bring diamonds from the depths of the earth to the surface are powerful enough to shatter them into smaller and smaller pieces, even though diamond is the hardest natural substance known on earth.

Pink Diamonds: The Color!

The color of a pink diamond is due to twists in the otherwise very stable lattice of a diamond. This twisting causes light to bounce around the lattice and come out in shades of pink.

Collectors crave pink diamonds with rich hues, which are called Fancy Vivids. They range from lovely cherry blossom pinks, which are favored in Japan, to the extremely rare red diamond. The most valued pink diamond is strong in hue, saturation and tone and even a tiny one can sell for a great deal of money.

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A Ruby That Sold for $14 Million!

Posted on March 10th, 2016

When it sold recently at auction for the stunning price of $14.2 million, the historic ‘Jubilee Ruby’ made history. The sparking oval-shaped piece set a record at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale event. In a matter of mere moments, the 15.99 carat multi-faceted stone became the single most valuable colored corundum gem to sell at a public auction in the United States.

Understanding High Diamond Prices

Of course, several other valuable pieces at the same auction garnered spectacular prices. The event produced approximately $57 million in jewelry sales, a rather remarkable tally.

Some impressive diamonds sparkled among the dazzling auction inventory. A well-cut brilliant diamond set in a ring obtained a winning bid of $1.4 million. The large 41.18-carat gem displayed an exquisite cushion cut.

Another, smaller, diamond ring offered in the same sale, a round brilliant-cut stone, measured 14.11-carats and included a beautiful platinum setting. The successful buyer paid $1.9 million for that piece. Another round-cut Type IIa stone, weighing an impressive 40.43-carats, commanded the hefty sum of $7.2 million.

Brightly Colored Diamonds

Bidders also paid generously for lovely colored diamonds at the auction. A pretty yellow diamond of 54.62-carats displayed a superb shimmering round-cornered rectangular cut. It brought a successful bid of $2.5 million, earning the seller an amount within the upper echelon of estimates furnished in advance of the sale.

An extraordinary purple-pink diamond of only 10.07 carats in a brilliant cut flanked by triangular diamonds attracted considerable interest. It eventually sold for $8.8 million.

A Ruby Like No Other

Of course, the historic ‘Jubilee Ruby’ with its record-setting sales price created one of the most dramatic moments of the auction, as bidding escalated upwards. Although the piece eventually sold within the upper range of the auctioneer’s estimates, it did generate a number of bids.

The piece displays a finely-crafted polished 18-karat gold setting in which sparkling accenting diamonds surround the central large red stone. Today, high quality red rubies from Burma have generated a lot of interest because of their comparative rarity and beauty.

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3 Facts About Diamonds You Should Know

Posted on March 2nd, 2016

Nothing shines quite as brilliantly as diamonds, and when you put one on, you’re wearing a fascinating piece of history. Most diamonds found in nature are estimated to be between one and three billion years old. Maybe that’s why this gem continues to dazzle all of us with its enormous beauty. Join us as we look closely at the many virtues of diamonds.

Only Diamonds Speak Of Unbreakable Bonds

For those lucky ladies born in the month of April, the diamond birthstone gives you more reason to collect them. Diamonds remain the traditional symbol for engagement. It was first recorded in 1477 that a man had proposed to a woman with a diamond.

Austria’s Archduke Maximillian gave Mary of Burgundy a gold ring, featuring an M spelled out in diamonds. Diamonds are unmatched in versatility, wearing the title of hardest natural substance found on the planet. Remember this when you want to understand their authenticity – the only substance that can scratch a diamond is another diamond.4139-1D400JVS2_GIA_PLAT

Diamonds Go Deep Into The Core

The word diamond hails from the Greek word “adamas,” which means unbreakable, unconquerable and indestructible. When you consider how and where these incredible stones have been formed and found, you realize that a diamond is truly forever.

Diamonds are developed in nature from carbon and believed to form their rare crystalline shape about 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface. They are then carried to the surface by volcanic eruptions. Diamonds were first established and mined in India, Brazil, South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Namibia and Congo. Today, these dazzlers are mined in a number of other countries, with the top three producers being Botswana, Russia and Canada.4141-1D102082_171_130_18k

Ancients Marveled At The Discovery Of Diamonds

The ancient Greeks had a romantic idea about the beauty of diamonds, believing these brilliant gems were splinters of stars fallen on the earth. The ancient Romans believed that diamonds adorned the tips of Cupid’s love arrows. A diamond’s origin, as a revered stone, can be found way back in the fourth century BC, where the gems were collected and traded in India.

In the first century AD, the Roman naturalist Pliny remarked that, “Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world.”

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How to Propose to Your Loved One Based On Her Personality

Posted on February 15th, 2016

Getting engaged is a special moment for every couple, as they begin to forge two lives into one. When it is time to propose, you want it to be a story you’ll be able to tell your children. It helps to consider your loved one’s personality when you’re choosing not only where to propose, but also which engagement ring to get.  Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.

The Sentimental Love of Your Life

If your loved one keeps mementos and keepsakes from your first dates to special occasions, she’ll want to be proposed at a place that means something in your history together. The place where you met, where you had your first kiss or the location of your first date will have special meaning and would be the perfect place for you to propose. Someone who is sentimental will love a classic Antique Cut engagement ring.4011-1D118833_160_010_PLAT

That Special Urban Chic Gal

Your love might be entranced with the bustling city. Whether she lives in a hustling metropolis or not, if she loves the city, you can tailor your proposal to her favorite locations. It could be a trip to the city she loves and the top of her favorite building where you pop the question. An urban lover will appreciate the strong lines and architecture of a heart-shaped engagement ring.3942-1D187242_250_175_PLAT

The Free-Spirited One

A person who loves the wild, crashing waves on a rocky shore might love a proposal at the beach. You can propose in a romantic way whether you choose to do it during the day or as the sun sets below the beautiful water. A ring like the princess cut will remind her of beautiful waves around the setting sun.2208-1D382257_301_140_PLAT

The Natural Woman

Whether it’s a hike through the woods or a stroll through a peaceful meadow, a loved one who enjoys the outdoors will love a proposal in their favorite location. The location you choose should be natural and free of urban distractions. The top of a local mountain after an enjoyable hike would be the perfect opportunity for a proposal. The ring you choose for the occasion should be inspired by nature like the pear-shaped diamond ring.2745-1D550803_406_130_PLAT

Ideas for the Dramatic Lover in Your Life

If you have a lover with a flair for the dramatic, she’ll love events where she’s the center of attention. A flash mob in the middle of a public venue or a proposal in the middle of a major sporting event is the way to propose to her. A ring like the Asscher cut diamond is a glamorous statement for this woman who loves the dramatic.3329-1D69182_126_120_PLAT

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Celebrity Engagement Ring Ideas For You

Posted on December 28th, 2015

Give your beloved the celebrity treatment when proposing by presenting her with a beautiful engagement ring fit for the stars. Take your inspiration right from the celebrities themselves by incorporating the latest celebrity engagement ring trends into the ring you choose for your fiancé.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond engagement rings are an intense and vibrant option with the larger and more vivid in color the stone is, the more rare and valuable it is. This look was made popular by many Celebrities like the gorgeous eight-carat radiant cut fancy yellow diamond ring gracing Olivia Palermo’s left finger. This style is truly striking as it is flanked between two sparkling trapezoid shaped white diamonds. Yellow diamonds are also a great option because they are incredibly bright, cheery and stunning when they catch the light. The popularity of yellow diamonds has been steadily growing the past few decades and could possibly be the right choice for you.4076-1D2200242_814_190_PLAT 4076-3

Halo Settings

Although a halo setting finds its origins in the Georgian and Victorian eras, it still remains one of the most popular and current styles to date. This setting is a timelessly classic way to showcase a sparkling center stone, as it will flatter your diamond perfectly. The smaller gems in the halo are stunning in their own right, but they also make the center stone stand out for all the right reasons, especially when the color of the halo stones or their setting provides contrast. Halo settings are also quite popular now with the in-crowd, like Natalie Portman’s conflict-free old mine cut double halo diamond ring made in an exquisite recycled platinum setting. This ring is truly glamorous as the double halo makes the four-carat center-stone appear larger than in is in actuality.3804-1D85179_142_115_18k 3804-2

Emerald Cuts

An emerald cut diamond engagement ring is an enchanting way to express your love. The clean step-cut lines and standard 49 facets create a wonderful sense of depth that absolutely captivates. An emerald cut stone is truly mesmerizing, which may be why it is worn by megastars such as Beyoncé whose astonishing 18-carat emerald-cut diamond ring set in a split shank remains one of the most popular engagement designs.

3208-1D382142_477_060_PLAT 3208-2

Round Cuts

Because there are 57 or more facets, nothing seems more sparkling and everlasting than the elegance of round brilliant cut diamonds which had its most modern cut version you see today perfected in the 20th century. These gems reflect light magnificently and look breathtaking when set in a classic solitaire. Although these diamonds could never be unpopular, they have recently been boosted by celebrity wearers like Keira Knightly who sports a round brilliant cut solitaire diamond engagement ring in a platinum setting that can truly transcend time.3386-1D3297257_545 3386-2