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Bold and Beautiful Modified Brilliant Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on June 29th, 2015

If you desire a large stone with the optical performance of a round brilliant cut without the circular shape and with a lower price tag, the modified brilliant diamond engagement rings, available as an oval cut or Marquise cut diamond engagement ring may be just the ring you are looking for.  These two diamonds possess a very large table, which is the flat facet that acts as the window into a diamond when in a face up position.  The cuts fall into the modified brilliant category with facet patterns based on those found in the round brilliant cut diamond.

6.40ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe oval cut diamond that we enjoy today was standardized in the 1960s, but the shape itself has been used with gemstones for over two centuries.  Your oval shape will run the gamut from short and full-bodied to long and slender, ideally with a length-to-width ratio ranging between 1:33 and 1:66 to 1.  A stone that is too shallow or deep will sacrifice brilliance. Your oval cut diamond from Mark Broumand will have ideal proportions, high quality and sparkle brightly.

3.55ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandMarquise cut diamonds not only offer a large surface area and brilliance, but is also one of the most unique shapes found in gems.  Also referred to as the “Navette” cut, the French term translates into “little boat” since the shape is often compared to the hull of a boat.  The outline is centrally ellipsoid, with ends that taper to fine and delicate points.  Like the oval, you can find a Marquise cuts that are thin and long or short and wide.  Symmetry will be critical in this cut and care should be taken that the points align with each other and the curves are identical.

2.02ct Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandAn advantage to the elongated shape of both cuts is a lengthening effect on the finger which can also create an overall slimming effect of the hand.  Both cuts will typically display 58 facets and have a large surface area, carat for carat over other diamond cuts; not only does this allow for a visually larger stone, but an equally smaller price tag.  The oval cut or Marquise cut diamond can offer a great value to the budget conscious consumer that desires the brilliance of a round cut in a large stone.

3.28ct Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe oval and marquise are stunning in any engagement ring style, bold and center-stage as a solitaire or accented in a halo, three-ring or side-stones setting. Mark Broumand offers a fine selection of other modified brilliants, including the romantic heart shaped engagement rings or the sophisticated and elegant pear shaped diamond engagement rings.

Modified Brilliant Diamond Rings

Posted on April 8th, 2015

Modified brilliants describes a diamond which utilizes the 58 facets of the fiery round brilliant cut diamond in a shape that is not circular.  Popular modified brilliants include: the heart shaped, pear shaped, oval cut and marquise cut diamonds.

Oval Cut

The oval cut diamond is a great value, providing a larger stone with the light performance of the round brilliant cut diamond.  In addition to the unique shape and brilliance, the oval diamond’s elongation also provides a slimming effect on the hand.  Your oval shape may be long and slender or rounder and fuller.  Any choice in the oval should be based on personal preference.

5.72ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 2.20ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Heart Shape

The romantically symbolic heart shaped diamond engagement ring is another one of the popular modified brilliants.  Look for symmetry in your heart shape, with the right side matching the left side and the bottom point aligning with the cleft atop the heart.  Like the uniquely shaped oval cut engagement rings, your personal preference should dictate if you prefer a more rounded heart or a longer and slender shape.

1.57ct Fancy Light Brown Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring 4.50ct Fancy Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear Shape

Frequently referred to as a teardrop cut, the pear shaped diamond style is a hybrid of the marquise cut and the popular round brilliant cut diamond. One end will be perfectly rounded while the other will taper off to a delicate and sharp point.  This shape is typically worn with the sharp point towards the fingernail and like the oval or marquise, can create a lengthening effect on the hand.

1.99ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring2.17ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut diamond ring will contain a stone with a large crown surface area and is an excellent choice for those who desire a visually larger stone without the price tag of a larger diamond.  This ellipsoid shape will taper off sharply on both ends, which should align perfectly.  The normal configuration for this diamond is with the points facing North-South, but is also beautiful and unique setting the ends in an East-West configuration as seen in the image below-right.

1.20ct Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring1.60ct Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring