Oval Cut

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Look Great on Any Setting!

Mark Broumand offers a variety of options with a huge selection of diamonds, carat sizes, styles and the design of a master setting you love. If you prefer a single band, double shank, halo or rock on a classic, timeless setting, we have it all! Oval cuts are a beautiful and unique stone for any…

Unique Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings Are Increasingly Popular

Fancy color and yellow diamond engagement rings make for a particularly special adornment. Its unique character stands out amidst a wide variety of cuts, while bringing a warm, soothing accent to a variety of traditional and modern ring styles. Oval Cut Engagement Ring An oval cut yellow diamond brings to mind many warm and appealing images….

The Slimming and Radiant Oval Cut Engagement Ring

The slimming and radiant oval cut engagement ring showcases a fancy cut diamond belonging to the modified brilliant category.  This classification describes shaped diamonds that are crafted from a round brilliant cut foundation, utilizing the same facet pattern and maximizing brilliance.  The pear, heart and the delicate diamond of a marquise cut engagement ring are…