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Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Look Great on Any Setting!

Posted on July 15th, 2016

Mark Broumand offers a variety of options with a huge selection of diamonds, carat sizes, styles and the design of a master setting you love. If you prefer a single band, double shank, halo or rock on a classic, timeless setting, we have it all! Oval cuts are a beautiful and unique stone for any engagement ring.

Oval Cut Single Band Engagement Ring, 1.45 Carats

With its delicate setting and narrow, diamond encrusted band of rose gold, this engagement ring provides subtle accent to the sparkle and luster of its oval cut center stone, while being tastefully and elegantly decorated with smaller round cut diamonds. It expresses not only the purity of a lifelong vow, but also the love and the warmth which are meant to accompany it. A beautiful choice for anyone’s intended.

Oval Cut Engagement Ring Platinum, 1.51 Carats

This deceptively delicate platinum band brings out its brilliant silvery sheen with a fully encrusted halo of round cut diamonds. The center stone is an oval cut diamond, artistically situated so as to capture and further refract the dazzling array of light and sparkle which the smaller diamonds reflect into it. Like a wedding itself, this engagement band is a thing of pristine and exquisite beauty.

Oval Cut Yellow Diamond, Double Shank, 4.42 Carats

This large yellow diamond symbolizes the warmth and the love of an eternal union, its color serving to accentuate concepts like loving support, springtime, renewal, and new beginnings. It gleams warmly amidst the beautiful sparkle of a generously encrusted halo of small, round cut diamonds, which extends around the shank of this double-banded ring for a truly exquisite and luxurious piece that speaks to the love behind one of life’s most precious occasions.

Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring, Single Band, 5.3 Carats

This oval cut yellow diamond engagement ring features a phenomenal center stone, dazzlingly situated to gleam like the rising sun on a spring morning. Its honeyed hue is reminiscent of the loving warmth that turns a couple into a family, and transforms a house into a home. This vintage inspired piece is set atop a narrow band of rose tinted gold, encrusted by modest round cut diamonds which only add to the quality of its sparkle.

Yellow Oval Diamond Engagement Ring With a Halo, 2.9 Carats

A delicate platinum band, luxuriously set with round cut diamonds, is topped with a classic double halo setting which is likewise, and exquisitely, fully encrusted. The center stone, an oval cut yellow diamond, glows with the warmth of a daisy on a summer’s day. This ring combines classic and vintage themes with modern artistry to create an image that evokes good health, growth, and a new beginning to look forward to.

Unique Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings Are Increasingly Popular

Posted on June 1st, 2016

Fancy color and yellow diamond engagement rings make for a particularly special adornment. Its unique character stands out amidst a wide variety of cuts, while bringing a warm, soothing accent to a variety of traditional and modern ring styles.

Oval Cut Engagement Ring

An oval cut yellow diamond brings to mind many warm and appealing images. It evokes springtime, a happy home, the pleasant imagery of daisies, and the life-giving energy of the sun. This makes it one of the most perfect emblems for a life-long union, one that is meant to bring boundless happiness into the lives of two very special people. This oval diamond is set within a ring of tiny, round-cut diamonds, with that same studding continuing with even smaller diamonds along the ring’s double-band. Celebrate a life-long union with this perfect emblem of unblinking, unyielding love with this oval cut classic.

Pear Shaped Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo

The pear cut shape of this ring’s yellow diamond is a traditional image of health and vitality in cultures all over the world. Evoking a well-established image with hints of vintage style, this delightfully shimmering band speaks to the warmth and happiness of a perfect union, to cherished love, and to life’s goals being steadfastly achieved. It is emblematic of good health and good fortune, while the lustrous sparkle and opalescent quality of the small round-cut diamonds in the halo evoke the suggestion of honeyed warmth and softness. It is a compelling sign of one person’s love for another, and one that would look absolutely dazzling on the finger of any bride.

4.2 Carat Yellow Cushion Diamond with Halo Engagement Ring

Few diamonds are more perfectly fitted to a classic, vintage look than the cushion cut diamond. This breathtaking yellow stone, set within a halo of modest round-cut diamonds, emphasizes the warmth and supportive emphasis of the diamond’s color. Its lustrous sparkle is stylish and appealing; at the same time, it speaks to the desire to love and be loved by that one special person forever. This gorgeously studded engagement band, with its beautiful cushion-shaped stone, is breathtaking enough for any vintage look; it also offers the tastefully sparkling style necessary to fit into the most modern of weddings.

Why Custom-designed Rings Might Be Right for You

Posted on November 17th, 2015

Shopping for an engagement ring is one of the most exciting moments that couples share. If you want to pop the question in an unexpected way and get her to say yes, you might consider buying the ring long before you ask her to marry you. While you will find a number of different rings available in stores, you may want to look at the benefits of a custom-designed ring that you make just for her or that you design together.

A Ring Like No Other

Designing a custom engagement ring lets you create a ring she’s never seen before. Though professional
designers work hard to produce rings that appeal to different types of shoppers, designing your own ring puts you in complete control. You can add in small elements that remind her of important moments you shared together, a colored diamond that appeals to her sense of style or other details to showcase her personality.

Cut, Clarity and More

When designing a custom engagement ring, the decision as o how the final ring looks is up to you. Though you might think you can’t afford an elaborate ring, your designer can work with you to make the finished ring look amazing and still fit within your budget. You can draw inspiration from antique-style engagement rings that you see online or from specific shapes like oval-cut rings. Not only do you get to decide on the cut you want to use, but you can also select the clarity and the number of karats used in the diamond as well.3693-5

Show Your Commitment

Proposing to your loved one shows your commitment. It shows that you took the time to think about your relationship and choose a ring that is just as special as your future spouse. Whether you use a princess cut ring as your inspiration or any other type of design, the right ring makes it even more special when you pop the question. She’ll look forward to telling everyone about the time you spent designing the perfect ring just for her.1.45ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The Slimming and Radiant Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Posted on March 17th, 2015

The slimming and radiant oval cut engagement ring showcases a fancy cut diamond belonging to the modified brilliant category.  This classification describes shaped diamonds that are crafted from a round brilliant cut foundation, utilizing the same facet pattern and maximizing brilliance.  The pear, heart and the delicate diamond of a marquise cut engagement ring are also modified brilliants.

3.55ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Lazare Kaplan introduced the world to the modern oval cut diamond in the late 1950s, most likely inspired by his impressive family legacy.  Kaplan’s cousin was Marcel Tolkowsky, the creator of the round brilliant cut diamond which forever changed the jewelry world in 1919. Both cousins proudly hailed from a lineage of master jewelers and diamantaires, dating back to the early 1800s.  Even with the early fame and success of the family, their incredible craftsmanship did not stop there.  As of 2009, some Tolkowskys are representative of the 7th generation of master jewelers.1.06ct Fancy Light Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The length-to-width ratio of an oval will span a range of approximately 1.33:1 to 1.66:1. A lesser ratio will present a fuller and rounder shape and a greater ratio will form a longer and more slender oval.  The preference in proportions is completely subjective and as with any diamond, should be selected based on what is most visually pleasing. Marquise cuts, pears and ovals lend a slimming effect to the hand and visual elongation of the ring finger.3.09ct Vintage Style Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe shape, large table (top facet) and relatively shallow stone depth also offers a visibly larger diamond with a lower price tag per carat than other cuts with a taller profile.  An oval cut engagement ring is an ideal option for those that desire the fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond without being tied to the shape or price tag.  Mark Broumand’s collection of oval cut diamond engagement rings represents a vast array of sizes, colors, styles and settings to match every taste. This incredibly versatile diamond easily transverses time between vintage era and contemporary chic and will work well as a diamond engagement ring, right hand ring or anniversary ring.