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Unique Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings Are Increasingly Popular

Posted on June 1st, 2016

Fancy color and yellow diamond engagement rings make for a particularly special adornment. Its unique character stands out amidst a wide variety of cuts, while bringing a warm, soothing accent to a variety of traditional and modern ring styles.

Oval Cut Engagement Ring

An oval cut yellow diamond brings to mind many warm and appealing images. It evokes springtime, a happy home, the pleasant imagery of daisies, and the life-giving energy of the sun. This makes it one of the most perfect emblems for a life-long union, one that is meant to bring boundless happiness into the lives of two very special people. This oval diamond is set within a ring of tiny, round-cut diamonds, with that same studding continuing with even smaller diamonds along the ring’s double-band. Celebrate a life-long union with this perfect emblem of unblinking, unyielding love with this oval cut classic.

Pear Shaped Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo

The pear cut shape of this ring’s yellow diamond is a traditional image of health and vitality in cultures all over the world. Evoking a well-established image with hints of vintage style, this delightfully shimmering band speaks to the warmth and happiness of a perfect union, to cherished love, and to life’s goals being steadfastly achieved. It is emblematic of good health and good fortune, while the lustrous sparkle and opalescent quality of the small round-cut diamonds in the halo evoke the suggestion of honeyed warmth and softness. It is a compelling sign of one person’s love for another, and one that would look absolutely dazzling on the finger of any bride.

4.2 Carat Yellow Cushion Diamond with Halo Engagement Ring

Few diamonds are more perfectly fitted to a classic, vintage look than the cushion cut diamond. This breathtaking yellow stone, set within a halo of modest round-cut diamonds, emphasizes the warmth and supportive emphasis of the diamond’s color. Its lustrous sparkle is stylish and appealing; at the same time, it speaks to the desire to love and be loved by that one special person forever. This gorgeously studded engagement band, with its beautiful cushion-shaped stone, is breathtaking enough for any vintage look; it also offers the tastefully sparkling style necessary to fit into the most modern of weddings.

Radiant or Cushion Cut: Which Is Right for Me?

Posted on December 16th, 2015

After the detailed process of sorting through a vast collection of diamonds, you’ve finally settled on two cuts. They have a similar look and style, but the jeweler informs you that one is a cushion cut and the other is a radiant cut. You take another moment to inspect both pieces and find yourself stumped in regards to which you should choose.2777-5

In the search for diamonds, the choice between a cushion cut and radiant cut is a common dilemma. At first glance, their marked similarities are enough to confuse a novice eye. Luckily, there are several distinctions that make it easier to tell the two cuts apart. Having a clear understanding of their unique features will help you to get the best value from your purchase.

The Fundamentals

The overall shape of both radiant cut and cushion cut stones is the most substantial similarity the pieces share. However, both cuts have distinct differences in appearance. A radiant cut diamond is known for its angular corners, characterized by a straight lines around its edges. The cushion cut is a bit more round, with its shape resembling a fusion between a rectangle, or a square and a circle together. You’ll also find that the center facets of both stones are not as transparent as other cuts

The radiant and cushion cuts are categorized as brilliant cuts, which means they display a cutting style composed of triangular and kite-shaped facets radiating from the center outward. The cushion cut diamond dates back to the 1830s. Its standard 58 facets aid in its characteristically pillow-like shape. Created in 1977, the radiant cut diamond contains 70 facets. The distinctive sparkle of a radiant cut diamond is sometimes described as having the appearance of crushed ice. They also tend to be more forgiving of inclusions, exhibiting a higherclarity. It’s important to note that some modern cushion cuts are created with hard-to-discern facets, resulting in a similar “crushed ice” appearance.

The Decision

Choosing between the two cuts is essentially a matter of preference. Many diamond connoisseurs enjoy the classic appeal of the cushion cut while the vibrant fire and sparkle of a radiant cut is a draw for others. The best way to make your decision is to try on a piece that suits your taste on your ring finger and see how its beauty perfectly compliments your hand.

Christie’s Breathtaking, Record-breaking Blue and Pink Diamonds

Posted on December 13th, 2015

Christie’s auction house is synonymous with opulence, and it is only fitting that the organization has auctioned several record-breaking diamonds throughout the years. The diamonds in its record books represent all the colors of the rainbow, but the pink and blue paragons are the things daydreams are made of. A paragon is a perfect diamond — flawless and without inclusions. In the 16th century, a mass of twelve carats was sufficient to qualify for this designation, but today the threshold lies at 100 carats.

The Sweet Josephine

Surrounded by a halo of clear diamonds, the Sweet Josephine cushion cut pink diamond center stone is glorious enough to leave royalty in awe. Its facets reflect the light brilliantly out of the pure pink 16.08ct heart. While the band is platinum, rose gold prongs hold the stone in place while complementing its hue. d5945871x

(Photo Credit: Christie’s)

On November 10, 2015, Sweet Josephine broke the record for the highest final sale price for a pink diamond at auction. The anonymous new owner paid $28.5 million for the honor.

The Winston Blue

The world’s largest flawless blue diamond, the Winston Blue, is the color of a crisp blue. The 13.22ct diamond is pear shaped and is flanked by glittering, clear diamonds on each side. Christie’s dubbed it “The Blue,” but its new owner renamed it the “Winston Blue.”


(Photo Credit: Forbes)

On May 13, 2014, the Winston Blue sold for $23.8 million. That is a sale price of nearly $1.80 million per carat, the most a blue diamond has ever sold for. No need to dream about owning a fancy color diamond. These options below are rings that are exquisite yet attainable.



The Vivid Pink

Fancy-colored diamonds are sometimes on the small side, making them ideal for multi-stone bands like this round brilliant cut diamond wedding band from Mark Broumand. Smaller does not have to mean less extraordinary, and the Vivid Pink proves it. At 5.00ct, it is not the largest diamond Christie’s has ever sold, but the cushion cut stone astounds with its cherry blossom pink hue. Clear diamonds twinkle like snow at its sides, and yellow gold prongs add a final kiss of color to the piece.3690-1D16148_030_18k

The Vivid Pink continues to hold the highest price per carat record for a pink diamond. It sold for $10.78 million, or $2.15 million per carat, on December 3, 2009.

Many diamonds sold at Christie’s end up in a collector’s display, but your diamond engagement ring will be daily reminder of love and commitment. It does not have to break records to be worth more than all the diamonds in the world to you.vivid_pink_diamond_ring

(Photo Credit: Jewels Du Jour)

Our Most Popular Diamond Cuts for the Modern Bride

Posted on November 20th, 2015

We know how important it is for today’s brides to have engagement rings that reflect their personal tastes and styles. Of course, the diamond is what sets each ring apart as unique. Whether you or your fiancé is choosing the ring, start with this helpful guide to some of the most popular contemporary diamond cuts.

The Timeless Option

The brilliant round cut diamond features the first modern diamond cut, although it mimics some older European cuts. First designed in 1919, today’s round cut design continues to be perfected. Its numerous facets and angles create unsurpassed brilliance in catching and reflecting light. You may prefer it because it works well in virtually all ring settings.2715-6

The Newer Rival

Some contemporary brides prefer the more subdued brilliance of the symmetrical princess cut diamond, first designed in the 1960s. This diamond is typically a perfect square but can occasionally be a rectangle and is perfect in settings that protect its pointed edges. Princess cut diamonds also reflect light superbly.3479-5

Other Popular Contenders

While round and princess cut diamonds dominate the top spots on the modern bride’s wish list, you may be interested in some of the other, more luxurious options. The emerald cut diamond is loved for its simplicity and hall-of-mirrors effect. With a large table, it is the perfect choice for extremely clear diamonds.3577-5

Another choice for the sophisticated bride is the cushion cut diamond. Resembling a square, this diamond has rounded corners, which soften its effect. Most of these diamonds have numerous facets and reflect the light with a crushed ice look. Although this cut was most popular in the early 1900s, it has gone through a revival with an increasingly modern look.3287-5

As you shop for the perfect diamond engagement ring, you’ll have numerous choices available. However, the choice of diamond cut is one of the most personal of all and should be made with much thought. Our wide selection of all the most popular modern and retro cuts will give you just the look you have always craved.

Diamond Engagement Rings in the History of Humanity

Posted on November 15th, 2015

People in all cultures have worn jewelry since before time was recorded. In fact, our ancestors may have decorated themselves with jewelry before they wore clothes. They made their ornamentation from bones, feathers, seeds and other natural materials. Rings today are just as unique, especially when custom designed by expert jewelers.

2.00ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire

Rings Represent Eternity

Historians believe rings were the first types of formal jewelry. Because circles have no beginning and no end, they came to symbolize eternity. The first rings were likely worn as talismans and may have had magical powers attributed to them. Later, rings were used for identification as well as religious and commemorative purposes. They were even sometimes intended to be seen by the public and convey a message of eternity.


An Engagement Ring Is a Promise

Prior to the second century B.C., one ring sufficed for both engagement and marriage. Around this time,
ancient Romans began giving their brides-to-be two rings. One was a gold band to be worn in public, and the other was an iron band to be worn at home. Whether gold or iron, the betrothal ring represented a pledge to marry. Historians once thought that ancient engagement rings served as part of the bride price in which girls were purchased and owned by their husbands-to-be, but that is now regarded as a fallacy.

5.83ct Oval Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Engagement rings came into greater use in the Middle Ages as church authorities mandated that couples wait until marriage banns had been posted. As wearing an engagement ring spread to other cultures through the ages, the rings evolved from simple bands of metal. Colored gemstones were fashionable until contemporary times when beautiful, clear diamonds became signs of love and promise.

The Promise of Diamonds

Now, nearly all engagement rings include one or more diamonds. Each diamond is unique, but it takes an expert to facet the uncut stone so that it flashes with light. The faceted diamond is then placed in a setting that further enhances its beauty. The sparkling engagement ring is then given to another as a promise of lasting love.

1.81ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Will She Love It? Going Beyond the Three C’s

Posted on November 12th, 2015

While an understanding of diamond cut, clarity, color and weight are important when shopping for an engagement ring, don’t get so caught up in them that you forget to match your special partner’s personal taste and style. At Mark Broumand, we’re fond of every piece of jewelry we create, but your fiancée may have more specific tastes. Here are some tips for making sure she loves her engagement ring as much as she loves you.

Watch What She Wears

Pay attention to the jewelry your girlfriend wears to get an idea of what type of ring she might like. Some women prefer to drape themselves in yellow gold while others prefer white gold or platinum. Remember that you need not look only at her rings for suggestions. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets can all give you an idea of what type of jewelry she prefers. Observe the color of her gemstones as well. Fancy diamonds are available in a myriad of colors, so consider getting her a diamond in her favorite hue.1.87ct Fancy Yellow Brown Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Gather Accomplices

Your intended’s best friend knows what she wants. The two of them have been discussing it since they went to grade school together. Swear your accomplices to secrecy if you’re going for a surprise, but ask them what she likes. Her friends and family will know which rings fit her style and which cut she prefers. The final decision is, of course, yours, but having a few helping hands can be quite beneficial.3792-5

Consider Her Activities

When your girlfriend sees the stunning diamond you have chosen for her, she won’t want to take it off again once she puts it on. Make sure she doesn’t have to by choosing a ring that fits her lifestyle. Women who work with small children or place their hands in tight places may want a ring that sits close to their finger rather than standing too tall above it. This stunning emerald cut ring, for example, has a much lower profile than this beautiful cushion cut piece. Each ring is extraordinary, but a woman who works in an office may have an easier time wearing the cushion cut piece than someone who works more with her hands.3658-5

Ask Her

Although this may take away the element of surprise, the simplest and most effective way to know which ring your new fiancée wants is to ask her. Even if you talk to her and shop with her, you can still keep the final ring you choose a surprise. Simply ask her what she likes or go ring browsing with her. Then, you can buy the one she loves or surprise her with one that has the same features.

Select a New Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on June 19th, 2015

The cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a timeless, rare and unique option when looking for a ring that has classic elegance with modern appeal.  Though many believe this to be a more modern cut, it is a cut that over a century ago held the popularity that the round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring enjoys today.  It is often described as a hybrid of a rectangle and oval, partially squared and partially round and resembles the different shapes of a pillow.  Stones can have a more rounded shape with squared off corners or a more squared shape, with gently curved corners.  Your personal taste should always dictate the shape preference of your diamond.

1.55ct Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

1.55ct Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis cushion cut diamond solitaire is an outstanding value, featuring a 1.55ct gem which is EGL certified at H-I SI1.  It is eye clean and faces up white.  The magnificent cut accents the large, clear and open facets that the cushion cut is known for.  The high polish 14k white gold solitaire setting allows for this magnificent cushion cut diamond to shine through.  Enjoy the existing setting or we can use this diamond in any custom designed setting of your choice as well.

Cushion cut diamonds have larger facets that can often shine with a more intense fire than other cuts.  The effective facets of the cushion cut are often selected as one of the choice cuts for use in fancy colored diamond engagement rings, as seen in the gorgeous halo style ring seen below.

3.10ct Fancy Light Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

3.10ct Fancy Light Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis exquisite piece features a very popular halo ring style that showcases a gorgeous 2.00ct cushion cut diamond in the center. The cushion is GIA certified at W-X in color with a much desired clarity of VVS2. The vibrant fancy yellow color is amplified by its practically flawless clarity. Bright, white round diamonds accent the top and side of the halo. Additional micropavé set round brilliants adorn the shank and handcrafted, custom engraved center basket.

If you enjoy the optical performance and facet pattern of the cushion cut with a more vintage profile, look into the sophisticated antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings in the Mark Broumand fine jewelry collection. If you have a dream ring in mind, Mark can also help to bring your ideas to life with his custom design services.

1.40ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.40ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe mesmerizing 0.70ct cushion cut center diamond is GIA certified at H-VS2 and this gorgeous halo style engagement ring with a split shank sparkles beautifully. The center stone is white and very clear. The beautiful center diamond is accented by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds and a split shank set with round diamonds, all in a micropavé setting. This setting style showcases the diamonds with minimal metal showing and has a classic elegance that will surely be cherished for a lifetime.

The Enduring Simplicity of the Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Posted on June 15th, 2015

The sophistication and elegance of the diamond solitaire engagement ring is still the most popular setting chosen in the U.S. today.  The Mark Broumand collection of signature solitaire engagement rings offers you many options when you choose this classic setting that focuses on the natural beauty of a diamond.

2.00ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire

2.00ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond SolitaireThe simplicity and elegance of this 2ct solitaire features a round brilliant cut diamond, certified by one of the leading diamond grading authorities, GIA at F in color and SI1 in clarity. Not only is it colorless and eye clean, but also possesses an excellent cut grade, which further enhances the fire and brilliance for which the round cut is renowned.

1.55ct Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

1.55ct Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe cushion cut diamond solitaire is a timeless classic; it is not only a rare find, but also an outstanding value. This stone is EGL certified, one of the leaders in diamond grading at H-I in color and SI1 in clarity. It faces up white, eye clean and the magnificent cut highlights this diamond’s crisp and clean facets.

1.37ct Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

1.37ct Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis simple and beautiful marquise cut diamond solitaire engagement ring is another rare find. The 1.37ct marquise cut diamond is EGL certified at I-J SI2. It faces up white with a beautiful cut that makes the perfectly symmetrical diamond sparkle from every angle.

1.01ct Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire

1.01ct Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandSecond in popularity only to the round brilliant cut diamond, this beautiful princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring offers you all of this brilliance and fire for an amazing value. This setting features a 1.01ct princess cut center diamond, EGL certified at G-H in color and SI2 in clarity.

 2.60ct Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

2.60ct Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire | Mark BroumandThe elegant 2.60ct emerald cut diamond featured is GIA certified at L-VVS2. The over two-and-a-half carat center stone is nearly flawless and possesses an incredible cut that accentuates the clarity and bright, white color. The emerald cut, in addition to the stone found in the bold and regal Asscher cut engagement ring, is a cut that highlights the clarity and luminescence of a diamond.

Though all of diamond solitaire engagement rings are displayed as existing rings, all of these gorgeous diamonds could easily be set in a custom design setting of your choice.  It is also possible to add an enhancer, band or any other fine jewelry piece to create a full wedding set.

A Three-Stone Cushion Cut Engagement Ring for Your Past, Present and Future

Posted on April 20th, 2015

Your three-stone cushion cut engagement ring will showcase a center diamond to represent your future, flanked by a single stone on each side to symbolize your past and present.  Your cushion cut will be square to rectangular with rounded corners and will have larger facets to accentuate the natural clarity and brilliance of a diamond.  The cushion can be seen in famous pieces, such as the  45.45ct Hope Diamond, 140.5ct Regent Diamond and the 128.54ct yellow Tiffany Diamond.

4.10ct Three-Stone Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

4.10ct Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe stunning three carat cushion cut diamond symbolizing your future is GIA certified at I in color, VS2 in clarity. It is white, very clear and radiates with tremendous fire and brilliance.  Flanking the center stone are two beautiful, equally white and clear trillion cut (triangular) diamonds. The shank features round brilliant cut diamonds, pavé set on all three sides and bordered with milgrain accents. The center and side basket has an amazing custom design and is also studded with round brilliants and additional milgrain detail throughout. The platinum setting and mix of complimentary diamond cuts sparkles and shines from every angle.


1.93ct Fancy Yellow Three-Stone Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

1.93ct Fancy Yellow Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe 1.78ct cushion cut diamond set in the center of this three-stone engagement ring is EGL certified at Fancy Yellow in color with a clarity of VS2; it is perfectly eye-clean and has a gorgeous canary yellow color.  As a perfect compliment to this hue, the fancy yellow cushion cut diamond is cradled in a custom hand-engraved 18k yellow gold center basket with edges of milgrain accents.  Two very white and very clear brilliant princess cut diamonds accompany the center stone, prong-set in a high polish 18k white gold setting.


1.76ct Three-Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.76ct Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe stunning 1.21ct cushion cut diamond set in the center is GIA certified with a color of I and a clarity of VS2.  It is white and incredibly clear and the outstanding cut highlights the tremendous fire and brilliance and visually improves the perceived size; it looks like a one-and-a-half carat diamond.  A perfect complement of trillion cut diamonds flank each side of the cushion.  A one-of-a-kind shank design features milgrain and round brilliant cut diamond studded leaves crafted from high polish 18k white gold.

Pavilion facet pattern variations will offer different names, such as the “modified cushion brilliant” or “cushion brilliant”.  While the modern version of this cut is very popular today, it was actually created over 200 years ago.  If you enjoy the visual characteristics of the cushion cut diamond ring in a more vintage style, consider the timeless beauty of antique cushion cut engagement rings from Mark Broumand.

Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on April 7th, 2015

If you love the large facets and classic look of the cushion cut diamond engagement ring, you will really love the look of fancy yellow cushion cuts in this ring.  The unique facet pattern of the cushion strongly retains and can even improve the face up color in some fancy yellow diamonds.  This is the reason that this rich and historical cut been used in such famous diamonds as: The Hope Diamond (45.45 cts), Regent Diamond (140.5 cts) and the yellow Tiffany Diamond (128.54) and the largest cut blue sapphire in the world, (432 ct) Logan Sapphire, displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

1.87ct Fancy Yellow Brown Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.87ct Fancy Yellow Brown Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement RingThe 1.02ct cushion cut diamond set in the center of this custom piece is GIA certified at Fancy Yellow Brown and has a clarity of SI2. The color is AN exceptionally beautiful chocolate color. For brilliant contrast, the center stone is surrounded by a halo of round diamonds.  Micropavé set round brilliants extend two-thirds of the way down the shank.  For a complimentary color touch, the center basket is made in high polish rose gold.  The basket also features detailed hand engravings through out. The connectors are also studded with round diamonds for an added touch of brilliance.


6.37ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

6.37ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement RingThis amazing three stone engagement ring features a mesmerizing 5.02ct cushion cut diamond, GIA certified at Fancy Yellow with a clarity of SI1. The yellow is vibrant and this stone is perfectly eye clean. As a unique accent, it is flanked by two-half moon diamonds flanked on its sides.  A single row of round diamonds extend halfway down the top of the platinum shank. The ring is custom-made from top to bottom including the hand made yellow gold center basket and prongs and platinum prongs that hold the side diamonds.

3.09ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

3.09ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement RingThe 2.19ct cushion cut diamond set in the center is GIA certified, at Fancy Yellow in color with a clarity of SI2. It has a vibrant lemon yellow color and is perfectly eye clean. The center basket offers a perfect accent of yellow gold with four double prongs securing the center stone.  Contrast is created by the halo of round diamonds set around it in a micropavé setting, which showcases the diamonds beautifully with minimal 18k white gold showing. Two white baguette cut diamonds hug each side of the center stone and larger bright, white round diamonds set almost halfway down the shank.