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Celebrity Engagement Ring Ideas For You

Posted on December 28th, 2015

Give your beloved the celebrity treatment when proposing by presenting her with a beautiful engagement ring fit for the stars. Take your inspiration right from the celebrities themselves by incorporating the latest celebrity engagement ring trends into the ring you choose for your fiancé.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond engagement rings are an intense and vibrant option with the larger and more vivid in color the stone is, the more rare and valuable it is. This look was made popular by many Celebrities like the gorgeous eight-carat radiant cut fancy yellow diamond ring gracing Olivia Palermo’s left finger. This style is truly striking as it is flanked between two sparkling trapezoid shaped white diamonds. Yellow diamonds are also a great option because they are incredibly bright, cheery and stunning when they catch the light. The popularity of yellow diamonds has been steadily growing the past few decades and could possibly be the right choice for you.4076-1D2200242_814_190_PLAT 4076-3

Halo Settings

Although a halo setting finds its origins in the Georgian and Victorian eras, it still remains one of the most popular and current styles to date. This setting is a timelessly classic way to showcase a sparkling center stone, as it will flatter your diamond perfectly. The smaller gems in the halo are stunning in their own right, but they also make the center stone stand out for all the right reasons, especially when the color of the halo stones or their setting provides contrast. Halo settings are also quite popular now with the in-crowd, like Natalie Portman’s conflict-free old mine cut double halo diamond ring made in an exquisite recycled platinum setting. This ring is truly glamorous as the double halo makes the four-carat center-stone appear larger than in is in actuality.3804-1D85179_142_115_18k 3804-2

Emerald Cuts

An emerald cut diamond engagement ring is an enchanting way to express your love. The clean step-cut lines and standard 49 facets create a wonderful sense of depth that absolutely captivates. An emerald cut stone is truly mesmerizing, which may be why it is worn by megastars such as Beyoncé whose astonishing 18-carat emerald-cut diamond ring set in a split shank remains one of the most popular engagement designs.

3208-1D382142_477_060_PLAT 3208-2

Round Cuts

Because there are 57 or more facets, nothing seems more sparkling and everlasting than the elegance of round brilliant cut diamonds which had its most modern cut version you see today perfected in the 20th century. These gems reflect light magnificently and look breathtaking when set in a classic solitaire. Although these diamonds could never be unpopular, they have recently been boosted by celebrity wearers like Keira Knightly who sports a round brilliant cut solitaire diamond engagement ring in a platinum setting that can truly transcend time.3386-1D3297257_545 3386-2

The Brilliance of Pear-Shaped Diamonds Throughout History

Posted on December 26th, 2015

Pear-shaped diamonds have graced the world with their elegant beauty since their creation in the 1400s and have been a popular choice ever since. Though the specifics of the cut and its uses have changed somewhat throughout history, its beauty has not. Pear-shaped diamonds are a popular choice today for couples looking for a diamond engagement ring.2788-6

Creation of the First Pear-shaped Diamond

The pear shape first came into being when Belgian diamond cutter Lodewyk van Berquem fashioned the shape in 1458. Van Berguem first invented the diamond-polishing wheel, which is what allowed him to shine eac
h facet of his new creation to coax the most brilliant sparkle from the stone. After the creation of the pear shape, many jewelers pierced holes in the narrow tips of stones shaped in this way to wear as pendants.4025-5

Progression of Pear-shaped Diamond Styles

As fashion progressed, pear diamonds were incorporated into rings and other jewelry, expanding their reach beyond pendants. Some modifications to the shape were made along the way, such as the addition of a table, with the modern pear shape coming into being in the 1900s. Today’s pear-shaped diamonds boast 56 to 58 facets with as many as 4 to 8 pavilion facets on each stone. All these surfaces allow pear-shaped stones to reflect surrounding light beautifully.

The Largest Pear-shaped Diamonds on Record

Pear-shaped diamonds have beautifully adorned many classic women, but one of the largest and best pear-shaped diamonds known belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. This incredible diamond was cut from a stone that weighed a record-breaking 240.8 carats when it was brought out of the diamond mine. After being cut and perfected to adorn the classic pear-shaped engagement ring Richard Burton gifted to Taylor, at completion it weighed in at an astonishing 69.42 carats. The record for largest pear-shaped diamond, however, is held by the Cullinan I. This flawless, 530.20-carat diamond forms part of the British Crown Jewels and boasts a colorless and Type IIA quality grading (GIA).

Christie’s Breathtaking, Record-breaking Blue and Pink Diamonds

Posted on December 13th, 2015

Christie’s auction house is synonymous with opulence, and it is only fitting that the organization has auctioned several record-breaking diamonds throughout the years. The diamonds in its record books represent all the colors of the rainbow, but the pink and blue paragons are the things daydreams are made of. A paragon is a perfect diamond — flawless and without inclusions. In the 16th century, a mass of twelve carats was sufficient to qualify for this designation, but today the threshold lies at 100 carats.

The Sweet Josephine

Surrounded by a halo of clear diamonds, the Sweet Josephine cushion cut pink diamond center stone is glorious enough to leave royalty in awe. Its facets reflect the light brilliantly out of the pure pink 16.08ct heart. While the band is platinum, rose gold prongs hold the stone in place while complementing its hue. d5945871x

(Photo Credit: Christie’s)

On November 10, 2015, Sweet Josephine broke the record for the highest final sale price for a pink diamond at auction. The anonymous new owner paid $28.5 million for the honor.

The Winston Blue

The world’s largest flawless blue diamond, the Winston Blue, is the color of a crisp blue. The 13.22ct diamond is pear shaped and is flanked by glittering, clear diamonds on each side. Christie’s dubbed it “The Blue,” but its new owner renamed it the “Winston Blue.”


(Photo Credit: Forbes)

On May 13, 2014, the Winston Blue sold for $23.8 million. That is a sale price of nearly $1.80 million per carat, the most a blue diamond has ever sold for. No need to dream about owning a fancy color diamond. These options below are rings that are exquisite yet attainable.



The Vivid Pink

Fancy-colored diamonds are sometimes on the small side, making them ideal for multi-stone bands like this round brilliant cut diamond wedding band from Mark Broumand. Smaller does not have to mean less extraordinary, and the Vivid Pink proves it. At 5.00ct, it is not the largest diamond Christie’s has ever sold, but the cushion cut stone astounds with its cherry blossom pink hue. Clear diamonds twinkle like snow at its sides, and yellow gold prongs add a final kiss of color to the piece.3690-1D16148_030_18k

The Vivid Pink continues to hold the highest price per carat record for a pink diamond. It sold for $10.78 million, or $2.15 million per carat, on December 3, 2009.

Many diamonds sold at Christie’s end up in a collector’s display, but your diamond engagement ring will be daily reminder of love and commitment. It does not have to break records to be worth more than all the diamonds in the world to you.vivid_pink_diamond_ring

(Photo Credit: Jewels Du Jour)

How Millennials Are Creating New Engagement Traditions

Posted on November 16th, 2015

The Millennial generation represents a large number of the people getting married today as more begin to settle down. Although Millennials still have many of the same engagement and wedding traditions as previous generations, some have come up with new unique traditions, from staging proposal photography to designing unique engagement rings.

Mutual Proposals

One trend that many couples follow is mutual proposals that are planned. Women feel more involved in the engagement process, and both work to plan a memorable event. Some couples, rather than focusing on the proposal itself, enjoy treating their engagement as a day-long event with a lot of surprises for each other.4.10ct Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Unique Ring Ideas

Because there are so many ring options available today, many couples like to add new twists to classic ideas. Handcrafted rings offer the flexibility that many couples want. Some of the popular options that many couples choose include heart-shaped rings and custom engagement rings in bright colors.3373-5

Photo Opportunities

There are many photo-sharing sites available that provide opportunities for showcasing a new engagement ring. Many couples forgo a traditional studio portrait and choose an outdoor photo shoot instead. Some of the top highlights from a photo shoot might include the proposal as well as other events that will happen during the engagement.3.54ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Selfies have become a major part of announcing the happy news surrounding a couple’s engagement. Selfies provide easy ways for brides-to-be to showcase their rings for distant family members and friends. Many brides-to-be use extra creativity when taking selfies with their rings, including getting a manicure or using glitter polish on their nails to highlight the sparkle of the brand-new ring.

The Future of Engagements

Millennials live in an age where treasured traditions and exciting new trends come together, and the entire experience can be shared with friends and family at the touch of a button. Selecting the perfect ring for an engagement is one step on an exciting journey toward a happy future, and couples today have more options than ever for custom-designing a ring that reflects their style and history together.1.69ct Halo Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Turn Heads with Vintage-inspired Engagement Rings

Posted on November 14th, 2015

There is something about a vintage-inspired engagement ring that just seems to catch the eye and turn heads. Because your engagement ring is something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, it’s important that you give some thought to your own personal style and which type of vintage-inspired ring will work best for you or your partner.

Princess Cut Rings

Princess cut rings are a great example of jewelry pieces that combine elements of modern and traditional styles. Slightly square with rounded edges, these rings catch the light in a way that other cuts cannot. As the designs fluctuate so much, we recommend that you try a few out and see which ones appeal most to you before making your final decision. We have princess cut rings with brilliant clarity and up to four or more carats.3.61ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Emerald Cut Rings

If you’re a fan of classic Hollywood films, you might appreciate the look of emerald cut rings. We take your favorite diamonds, cut the stones in the same way we would emeralds and polish the edges for a fantastic shine. Adding extra diamonds and wrapping those stones with a white gold band creates the type of ring that Hollywood royalty like Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor once wore.5.37ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Antique Cut Rings

Couples who enjoy the look and elegance of classic jewelry will love the style of antique cut rings. These rings look very similar to the ones produced by major designers in the 1940s and earlier, but the rings have all the modern brilliance and shine that shoppers come to expect from us. Some of the antique cut diamonds we carry include European round cut diamonds, antique cushion brilliants, which are also known as old mine brilliants. These look amazing in modern rings crafted with a vintage feel.

2.20ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

For something that has a classy yet slightly different appearance, take a look at our colored diamonds. Whether you select a ring with a classic clear diamond in its center or a ring with a yellow, brown or even pink diamond, you will be investing in something spectacular that both you and your future spouse will love showing off to others.

Accentuate Your Style by Adding a Touch of Color to Your Diamonds

Posted on November 13th, 2015

Diamonds are Perfect for Any Occasion

Wearing diamonds is one of the best ways to make a fashion statement, regardless of your lifestyle. They3390-6 are timeless pieces of jewelry that never go out of style, and they have always been worn to represent special events, like weddings, engagements, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. The idea of giving diamonds as a gift to a loved one is very endearing in nature. Not all diamonds are designed alike. You can find a variety of different styles, cuts and shapes to suit your fancy, and if you’re looking for quality, diamonds are the highest quality stones. Each diamond is unique, and the rarest of diamonds are considered highly valuable. An expert jeweler can provide an appraisal of a piece of jewelry with diamonds to determine its precise value based on the four C’s:
• Cut
• Clarity
• Color
• Carat

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone With Rich Diamond Colors

If you’re looking to attract the spotlight, wear eccentric styles of diamonds. Colorful diamonds are 4.28ct Fancy Brown Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ringbecoming popular with diamond ring choices over the traditional white and colorless diamonds. They vary on a color scale from D to Z, and Z represents the most striking diamond colors. Celebrities have been spotted wearing various colors, like pink, yellow, green and blue diamonds, which have prompted the progress of this fashionable trend. Wearing different colors can accentuate your look, bringing out your unique style and individuality. The color that you choose is one of the most important aspects to the overall look of the diamond.

Color Accents With Diamond Rings

Diamond accents are hints of color that are incorporated into the diamond to highlight the distinctiveness of the ring. Many people choose to design or purchase made-to-order rings with color enhancements surrounding the white or colorless diamonds. You can choose different side stones, such as sapphire, emerald, tanzanite and ruby, and select unique shapes, like the popular pear, heart or rectangular shape. The accents are small but can provide the perfect way to personalize your ring.

Will She Love It? Going Beyond the Three C’s

Posted on November 12th, 2015

While an understanding of diamond cut, clarity, color and weight are important when shopping for an engagement ring, don’t get so caught up in them that you forget to match your special partner’s personal taste and style. At Mark Broumand, we’re fond of every piece of jewelry we create, but your fiancée may have more specific tastes. Here are some tips for making sure she loves her engagement ring as much as she loves you.

Watch What She Wears

Pay attention to the jewelry your girlfriend wears to get an idea of what type of ring she might like. Some women prefer to drape themselves in yellow gold while others prefer white gold or platinum. Remember that you need not look only at her rings for suggestions. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets can all give you an idea of what type of jewelry she prefers. Observe the color of her gemstones as well. Fancy diamonds are available in a myriad of colors, so consider getting her a diamond in her favorite hue.1.87ct Fancy Yellow Brown Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Gather Accomplices

Your intended’s best friend knows what she wants. The two of them have been discussing it since they went to grade school together. Swear your accomplices to secrecy if you’re going for a surprise, but ask them what she likes. Her friends and family will know which rings fit her style and which cut she prefers. The final decision is, of course, yours, but having a few helping hands can be quite beneficial.3792-5

Consider Her Activities

When your girlfriend sees the stunning diamond you have chosen for her, she won’t want to take it off again once she puts it on. Make sure she doesn’t have to by choosing a ring that fits her lifestyle. Women who work with small children or place their hands in tight places may want a ring that sits close to their finger rather than standing too tall above it. This stunning emerald cut ring, for example, has a much lower profile than this beautiful cushion cut piece. Each ring is extraordinary, but a woman who works in an office may have an easier time wearing the cushion cut piece than someone who works more with her hands.3658-5

Ask Her

Although this may take away the element of surprise, the simplest and most effective way to know which ring your new fiancée wants is to ask her. Even if you talk to her and shop with her, you can still keep the final ring you choose a surprise. Simply ask her what she likes or go ring browsing with her. Then, you can buy the one she loves or surprise her with one that has the same features.

Fancy Color Engagement Rings – Simply Sweet Chocolate Diamonds

Posted on June 23rd, 2015

Fancy color engagement rings are an excellent option to consider for those that desire a diamond with a little splash of color.  Though yellow is one of the most abundant colors available, diamonds actually occur in every color of the rainbow, including black.  Here are some lovely fancy brown diamonds, often referred to as “chocolate diamonds” as an example of some of the other colors available in fancy colored diamonds for your engagement ring, available from Mark Broumand.

2.28ct Fancy Dark Brown Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

2.28ct Fancy Color Dark Brown Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis rare, fancy dark brown diamond is a rare find in a round brilliant cut. It has a luscious brown color, coupled with the brilliance of a round cut. The showcase 1.13ct round brilliant cut diamond is EGL certified at Fancy Dark Brown in color with a clarity of SI2. The color is rich and even and is perfectly eye clean. The high quality cut brings out the inherent sparkle of this mesmerizing gem. It is complimented by a contrast of a very bright, white halo of round brilliant cuts in a pavé setting surrounding it and along the sides. To round out the color profile, the ring is fashioned from 18k yellow gold. The front and back of the piece also has a very elegant custom design and features addition round brilliant cut diamonds embedded within the yellow gold setting.

5.87ct Fancy Brown Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

5.87ct Fancy Color Brown Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis beautiful piece of art is fashioned from high polish platinum and 18k rose gold, providing the perfect foundation for this fancy color diamond halo style engagement ring. The center diamond is a rare and stunning 4.12ct round brilliant cut center diamond, GIA certified at Fancy Brown SI1. This perfectly eye clean stone has a rich and vibrant champagne brown color and the extraordinary cut brings the large, even and clean facets to life with brilliance. For accent, round brilliant cut diamonds are set on the top of the halo in a single row with two rows along sides. The platinum shank splits into a gorgeous, open rose gold leaf design dotted with diamonds flanked by two rows of micropavé set diamonds.


1.03ct Fancy Dark Pinkish Brown Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.03ct Fancy Color Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandNot only is the radiant cut desirable in clear stones, but the mesmerizing facet patterns also enhance the natural color in fancy color diamonds. The beautiful 0.81ct cushion cut diamond set in the center of this 18k white gold designer setting is GIA certified with a color Fancy Dark Pinkish Brown and a clarity of SI2. The pinkish brown color is warm and rich and is enhanced by rose gold prongs. The stone was expertly cut and shines with much brilliance and vibrant color. This chocolate diamond is highlighted by a two-sided halo of white round brilliant cut diamond, micropavé set in a custom designed weaving rope detail that intertwines down the 18k white gold shank. The white gold setting and fancy color diamond creates a visually stunning contrast.

4.56ct Fancy Orangey Brown Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

4.56ct Fancy Color Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe handmade 18k rose gold setting displays a 4.01ct cushion cut diamond GIA certified at Fancy Orangey Brown-SI2. The stone’s color is unique, rich and even in this gorgeous vintage halo style engagement ring. The cut is magnificent and the facets are large, crisp and clear. The four carat center stone is bezel set and accented with a halo of very white and bright brilliant round cut diamonds. Fleur-de-lis patterns adorn the center basket and tops of the shank, studded with round brilliant cut diamonds. For additional flair, milgrain details accent edges throughout this amazing bespoke fancy color diamond engagement ring.

Make it Yours – Own a Fancy Color Engagement Ring for Under $3500

Posted on May 7th, 2015

Mark Broumand has always made owning fine jewelry affordable for everyone without sacrificing quality.  All of the pieces that he sells are high quality and his hundreds of engagement rings span all possible budgets.  In addition to the many fine pieces crafted with beautiful white diamonds, he also has an impressive selection of fancy color diamonds.  Here are three beautiful halo style fancy color engagement rings that won’t break the bank.

1.09ct Fancy Color Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

1.09ct Fancy Color Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe 0.54ct pear shaped center diamond in this halo style engagement ring is GIA certified at Fancy Light Brown Green Yellow in color and has a clarity of I1.  The pear is cradled in a hand engraved 18k yellow gold center basket and secured with four prongs.  A halo of bright, white round brilliants encircle the center stone and create a vivid contrast of color.  Additional round brilliants in a shared prong setting extend halfway down the 18k white gold shank.

1.16ct Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.16ct Fancy color Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandWhat is better than a halo diamond engagement ring?  A double halo of brilliant round cut diamonds!  The stunning center diamond is certified as a cushion cut, fancy light yellow in color with a clarity of VS2.  It is warmly complimented by bright yellow gold prongs.  A vivid contrast is created by the double halo of incredibly white and brilliant round cut diamonds snugly placed in a micropavé setting.  Twelve additional micropavé set round brilliants adorn the top of the 18k white gold shank.

0.76ct Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

0.76ct Fancy color Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis elegant and beautiful fancy yellow oval cut diamond engagement ring features a full and rounded center oval diamond, weighing in at just over half-a-carat. Even under 10X magnification, it is very clear and has an even and rich yellow color.  A perfectly proportional halo of round brilliants surround the center stone and a row of round cut diamonds extend halfway down the shank, all in a gorgeous micropavé setting that lets all the brilliance shine through.

Chocolate Fancy Color Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on May 6th, 2015

While considered by some to be out of reach in budget, Mark Broumand has made acquiring chocolate fancy color diamond engagement rings affordable for all.  “Chocolate” is an industry term used to describe a beautifully colored natural diamond that contains brown as a primary hue in its color profile.  Here are some of these sweet engagement rings available in Mark’s fancy color collection.

5.51ct Fancy Brownish Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

5.51ct Fancy Brownish Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe mesmerizing 4.46ct radiant cut center diamond is GIA certified at Fancy Brown Yellow in color, SI2 in clarity. The color is vibrant with a rich mix of hues of brown, yellows and pinks. This gorgeous center stone is complimented by a rose gold center basket that is showcased beautifully in a custom made 18k white gold setting.  A halo of bright round brilliant cut diamonds encircle the center stone and additional round cuts are set down the sides of the shank in a micropavé design.


1.52ct Fancy Brown Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

1.52ct Fancy Brown Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand The 1.02ct gorgeous center diamond in this fancy color pear shaped diamond engagement ring is GIA certified at Fancy Brown Yellow in color and has a clarity of SI1.   The center stone’s rich brown color is enriched with a rose gold center basket and prongs.  A halo of micropavé set round brilliant cut diamonds hug the pear and additional round brilliants extend halfway down the  18k white gold shank.  The hand engraved center basket is elegantly adorned with handmade filigree accents in rose gold.


4.28ct Fancy Brown Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

4.28ct Fancy Brown Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe 3.28ct oval cut diamond in this 18k white gold designer setting is GIA certified at a color of Fancy Brown Yellow with SI1 in clarity.  The oval shape has a full body and boasts a luscious brown color. The impressive cut maximizes the stone’s immense brilliance.  The over three carat center diamond is cradled in a hand engraved rose gold cup and encircled with a halo of micropavé round brilliants. The ornate shank splits off the halo into two gorgeous pieces adorned with micropavé set round cut diamonds and then merges back into a beautiful single piece at the bottom featuring a center piece with hand engraved details in rose gold.


1.87ct Fancy Yellow Brown Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.87ct Fancy Yellow Brown Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe radiant 1.02ct cushion cut diamond set in the center of this custom piece is GIA certified at Fancy Yellow Brown in color and has a clarity of SI2. The color is vibrant and rich and the stone radiates with an immense brilliance.  It is surrounded by a cushion-shaped halo of round diamonds and a row of round diamonds set down the shank in a micropavé setting. The high polish rose gold center basket features hand engravings throughout. The platinum connectors are also studded with round diamonds for an added touch of brilliance.