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Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings for Under $6000

Posted on May 30th, 2015

A three-stone round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is a truly symbolic and sentimental way to celebrate your new life together.  A center stone which represents your future together will be flanked by two smaller side stones, symbolic of your past and present.  While you would think that an engagement ring with three round cut diamonds may be too expensive, here are a handful of these affordable and beautiful creations for under $6000.

2.37ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

2.37ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis three-stone engagement ring showcases your future stone, a beautiful 1.37ct round brilliant cut diamond, certified with a G color and clarity of SI3.  This extremely beautiful round cut diamond has a tremendous sparkle. It is accented by two smaller round brilliant cut diamonds on the sides, encircled by even more round diamonds in a pavé setting. To add more beauty to this already gorgeous piece, there are three 18k white gold hearts hand crafted on the front and back of the ring.  Milgrain detail and additional round brilliants extend halfway down the shank, adorning the top and sides.


1.61ct Three-Stone Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.61ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandYour past, present and future has never looked so beautiful! The center diamond is a gorgeous 1.01ct round brilliant cut, EGL certified at I-VS2. Face up, it is very white and perfectly clear, even under 10X magnification.  Flanking the center stone are two large round cut diamonds.  Additional round brilliants accent the shank, set in a beautiful prong setting.  Very minimal metal shows and the prongs let each diamond stand out and shine through. The ring is made in high polish 18k white gold for additional brightness, sparkle and shine.

1.55ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

1.55ct Three-Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement RingThis stunning three stone diamond engagement ring combines exceptional diamonds accented in a triple halo setting. The center diamonds comes in at about half a carat and is accented by two smaller round diamonds flanked on its sides. For a unique twist, the round brilliants are bezel set and each surrounded by a halo of round diamonds. The shank features a row of round diamonds that graduate in size from the top to the bottom.  The center connectors create a unique, triple “U” shape design. For an added value, a delicate and brilliant wedding band comprised of a single row of round cut diamonds accompanies this mesmerizing and unforgettable ring.

A Three-Stone Cushion Cut Engagement Ring for Your Past, Present and Future

Posted on April 20th, 2015

Your three-stone cushion cut engagement ring will showcase a center diamond to represent your future, flanked by a single stone on each side to symbolize your past and present.  Your cushion cut will be square to rectangular with rounded corners and will have larger facets to accentuate the natural clarity and brilliance of a diamond.  The cushion can be seen in famous pieces, such as the  45.45ct Hope Diamond, 140.5ct Regent Diamond and the 128.54ct yellow Tiffany Diamond.

4.10ct Three-Stone Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

4.10ct Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe stunning three carat cushion cut diamond symbolizing your future is GIA certified at I in color, VS2 in clarity. It is white, very clear and radiates with tremendous fire and brilliance.  Flanking the center stone are two beautiful, equally white and clear trillion cut (triangular) diamonds. The shank features round brilliant cut diamonds, pavé set on all three sides and bordered with milgrain accents. The center and side basket has an amazing custom design and is also studded with round brilliants and additional milgrain detail throughout. The platinum setting and mix of complimentary diamond cuts sparkles and shines from every angle.


1.93ct Fancy Yellow Three-Stone Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

1.93ct Fancy Yellow Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe 1.78ct cushion cut diamond set in the center of this three-stone engagement ring is EGL certified at Fancy Yellow in color with a clarity of VS2; it is perfectly eye-clean and has a gorgeous canary yellow color.  As a perfect compliment to this hue, the fancy yellow cushion cut diamond is cradled in a custom hand-engraved 18k yellow gold center basket with edges of milgrain accents.  Two very white and very clear brilliant princess cut diamonds accompany the center stone, prong-set in a high polish 18k white gold setting.


1.76ct Three-Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.76ct Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe stunning 1.21ct cushion cut diamond set in the center is GIA certified with a color of I and a clarity of VS2.  It is white and incredibly clear and the outstanding cut highlights the tremendous fire and brilliance and visually improves the perceived size; it looks like a one-and-a-half carat diamond.  A perfect complement of trillion cut diamonds flank each side of the cushion.  A one-of-a-kind shank design features milgrain and round brilliant cut diamond studded leaves crafted from high polish 18k white gold.

Pavilion facet pattern variations will offer different names, such as the “modified cushion brilliant” or “cushion brilliant”.  While the modern version of this cut is very popular today, it was actually created over 200 years ago.  If you enjoy the visual characteristics of the cushion cut diamond ring in a more vintage style, consider the timeless beauty of antique cushion cut engagement rings from Mark Broumand.

Beautiful New Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on March 21st, 2015

Three-stone diamond engagement rings are a favorite choice for those that love the romantic symbolism of the ring; a large center stone representative of the future surrounded by two smaller side stones reminding us of our past and our time now in the present.  Also referred to as the trinity ring, some correlate it as the emblem of a strong and lasting marriage forged in friendship, love and fidelity.  Regardless of your choice, Mark Broumand ensures that your three stone engagement ring will be high quality, beautiful and affordable.

4.62ct Marquise Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

4.62ct Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe center beauty in this estate collection three-stone engagement ring is a 4.32ct marquise cut diamond, GIA certified at E-VS2.  It is nearly perfectly colorless with an incredibly clarity, even if viewed under 10X magnification.  Two equally white and clear tapered baguettes accent flank each side.  The ring is crafted in high polish platinum.  The center stone is secured with eight dainty prongs and the design of this ring is pure beauty.

4.48ct Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

4.48ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandStep cut trapezoid (four-sided) diamonds flank an astonishing 3.74 emerald cut center diamond in this truly bright, white diamond three-stone ring, perfect as an engagement ring or to celebrate an anniversary.  The center stone is GIA certified at F-VVS2. It is exceptionally white, practically flawless and cut to perfection. The step cut trapezoids are bezel set and equally white and clear with a certification of E, VS1-VS2. Beneath each trapezoid is a matching rare and unique bullet shaped diamond, also bezel set.  This platinum ring shines brightly from every angle and will surely become a cherished family heirloom.

4.83ct Radiant Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring

4.83ct Radiant Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe magnificent 4.04ct center diamond in this incredibly vibrant radiant cut engagement ring is GIA certified at J-VS2. This incredible stone is bright, white extremely clear even under 10X magnification.  The cut on this masterpiece is exceptional. Two prong set trapezoid (five-sided) brilliant diamonds accent along each side and the entire ring is set in high polish platinum. This custom made radiant cut diamond ring is crafted with exceptional quality and craftsmanship that will make this piece your newest family treasure.

This style of ring is ideal for someone who believes deeply in symbolism and recognizes that this design means more than just a diamond engagement or anniversary ring. At Mark Broumand, we realize how important it is to make a statement with your choice in engagement rings and we will help you find or customize your three-stone engagement or anniversary ring to your specific beliefs and taste.