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Antique European Round Cut Diamond Ring in Four Modern Settings

Posted on January 20th, 2015

The antique European round cut diamond ring is treasured for its scarcity and reminiscence of a vintage, romantic past era.  It was a transitional cut that fell between the Old Mine and modern day round brilliant.  Though many authentic antique diamonds are scarce, Mark Broumand carries many authentic antique round cut stones.

Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Diagram | Mark Broumand

Old European cuts are identified using these criteria:

 – Table size: less than or equal to 53 percent

 – Crown angle: greater than or equal to 40 degrees

 – Lower half facet length: less than or equal to 60 percent

 – Culet size: slightly large or larger

The light dispersion in this diamond cut was more even when radiating off the culet and drew light down into the diamond as opposed to reflecting light out the top. This cut was prevalent from the 1800s until the Art Deco Period and the round cutting style kept evolving until the 1950s, when it would have a larger table, longer lower-half facets, and a smaller culet.

3.40ct Antique European Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

3.40ct Antique European Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis masterpiece in this solitaire engagement ring setting is a 3.40ct old European round center stone, EGL certified at M-SI1. It has a warm color and is perfectly clear, even under 10X magnification. The small white inclusions on the side of this gem and are hidden under one of the prongs, which gives this jewel a VS1 look. The 18k rose gold setting is handmade and engraved.

2.70ct Antique European Round Cut Diamond Ring with Side Stones

2.70ct Antique European Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Stones | Mark BroumandThe magnificent 2.40ct round cut diamond showcased in the center of this engagement ring with side stones is GIA certified at K-VVS2. The almost 2.50ct center stone is nearly flawless with just a hint of color.  It is set in a very feminine antique platinum setting that consists of single cut and baguette cut diamonds with milgrain detail throughout.

2.57ct Old European Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

2.57ct Old European Round Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

This extraordinary old European round cut diamond double halo engagement ring is one in a million, highlighting a 1.42ct antique European round cut gem, which is GIA certified at F-SI2. It is exceptionally white, immensely brilliant and perfectly eye clean.  It is accented by a double halo of round diamonds in a micropavé setting. The shank is channel set with baguette cut diamonds, highlighted by milgrain detail.  There are round diamonds pavé set on the front and back of this gorgeous ring as well.

4.02ct Old European Cut Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

4.02ct Old European Cut Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

This enchanting antique European round cut three-stone engagement or anniversary ring showcases the most gorgeous 3.02ct antique round diamond in the center; it is EGL Certified at H-SI2. It has exceptional brilliance and is accented by two large pears bezel set to perfection and featuring milgrain detail. The shank and center basket are also studded with round diamonds in a pavé setting. The center basket is also accented with gorgeous handmade filigree design.

Mark Broumand recaptures the beauty of a vintage time with the antique European round cut diamond rings he has selected for his customers. These rings capture the character and beauty of diamond characteristics of the past.   For additional antique style engagement rings, check into Mark’s selection of one-of-a-kind antique cushion cut diamond rings.

Emerald Cut Diamond Anniversary Rings

Posted on January 17th, 2015

Emerald cut diamond anniversary rings from Mark Broumand are true vintage style beauties.  This rectangular shaped diamond has a large table, or flat top facet that sets the stage as a large window into the mesmerizing clarity of this diamond.  Clean lines and symmetrical angles accent the beauty of this classic shape.

9.40ct Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band in Platinum

9.40ct Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band in Platinum | Mark BroumandCelebrate your love with this amazing 9.40ct Emerald Cut Diamond eternity band.  It features 9.40cts of perfectly matched emerald cut diamonds that prong set on platinum. Our master jeweler securely hand sets each hand selected stone to perfection and crafts the ring in a manner that is comfortable for everyday wear.

Three Stone 5.49ct Emerald Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring

5.49ct Emerald Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring | Mark BroumandThe future is bright as predicted by this mesmerizing 3.29ct emerald cut diamond in the center of this incredible three-stone diamond anniversary ring.  It is GIA certified at G-VS1; the center stone is perfectly white and perfectly clear with an outstanding cut.  It is flanked by two large emerald cut diamonds that accent it perfectly. Round brilliants are pavé set on all three sides of the platinum shank.  The center basket features two gorgeous carré diamonds, channel set in the center and has round diamonds pave set around it and on the center prongs.

4.75ct Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

4.75ct Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band | Mark BroumandThis sensationally beautiful emerald cut diamond eternity band has such an astonishing look and sparkles beautifully! It is set with 4.75ct of perfectly matched emerald cut diamonds. Each and every diamond is hand selected for its exceptional cut, color and clarity combination. The diamonds are all E-F in color and VS1-VS2 in clarity. They are exceptionally white and perfectly clear! Each ring is handmade to perfection in a shared prong design that showcases each diamond beautifully with very little metal showing. It sits on the finger very comfortably as well.

4.05ct Three Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring

4.05ct Three Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring | Mark BroumandThis exquisite three-stone emerald cut diamond anniversary ring showcases a 3ct emerald cut diamond, GIA graded at I-VS1.  It is very white and does not possess any visible inclusions. Two trapezoid shape diamonds flank the center stone.  The center basket is adorned with pavé round and baguette diamonds. The three-sided pavé shank perfects the engagement ring. Milgrain detail is added throughout the 18k white gold designer setting.

Emerald cut diamond anniversary rings will pair perfectly with a bright and clear emerald cut engagement ring or wedding set.  These anniversary rings are also a perfect choice for admirers of the vintage or fans of the Art Deco period.  An emerald cut anniversary ring is a timeless classic that will be cherished for generations to come.

Valentine’s Day Fine Jewelry Under $1000

Posted on January 15th, 2015

Mark Broumand has always offered the highest quality fine jewelry at incredibly affordable prices.  Valentine’s Day does not have to break the bank and here is a sampling of some of the fine jewelry pieces available for under $1000.

1.06ct Fancy Black Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

1.06ct Fancy Black Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Stud Earrings | Mark BroumandThis sleek pair of black and white diamond studs make a statement on the ear. The 14k white gold settings feature two fancy black diamonds totaling 0.80ct accented by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds. They are very original, bold, and stunning.

 0.90ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Hoop Earrings

0.90ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Hoop Earrings | Mark BroumandThis lovely pair of 18k white gold diamond hoops are crafted with superb quality and design. The round brilliant cut diamonds are set in an outside inside design so that diamonds are visible at every angle. They are very brilliant and stunning!

 4.93ct Pear Shaped Rose Quartz and Diamond Ring

4.93ct Rose Quartz and Diamond Ring | Mark BroumandRose gold and rose quartz make for an incredible combination on this fine split shank setting. This right-hand ring is casual for every day wear and at the same time elegant for formal occasions.

 8.52ct Rose Cut Cushion Green Agate and Diamond Right-Hand Fashion Ring

8.52ct Green Agate and Diamond Ring | Mark BroumandHere is elegance at its finest. This 14k yellow gold ring features a center rose cut green agate accented by a halo of round cut diamonds. This cushion shaped right-hand ring is rich and stunning!

 0.50ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Heart Shaped Pendant

0.50ct Round Brilliant Cut heart shaped Diamond Pendant | Mark BroumandImmensely beautiful! This heart shape pendant is just gorgeous, the round diamonds used on it are extremely radiant. You and anyone else who lays eyes on it will fall in love with it.

0.50ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Cross Shaped Pendant

0.50ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Cross Pendant | Mark BroumandThis is an immaculate work of art! The center of this cross is yellow gold accented with dazzling round cut diamonds. To give this cross a unique look we surrounded the gold design with white gold, which is also studded with brilliant round diamonds. This two tone pendant will catch any ones eyes, the uniqueness of it is very captivating.

Create Custom Anniversary Rings with Mark Broumand

Posted on January 14th, 2015

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there is no better time than now to consider creating custom anniversary rings with Mark Broumand.  There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing a jewelry piece that celebrates the  endurance of your love and marriage.  Here are some enticing custom eternity bands and anniversary rings to symbolize eternal love.

2.20ct Pear Shaped Diamond Eternity Band | Mark Broumand4.00ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Band5.65ct Asscher Cut Diamond Two-Row Eternity Band | Mark Broumand

Eternity bands from Mark Broumand are custom created.  This allows the master jewelers to select each diamond individually so that the size, color and clarity of all stones are uniform.  Eternity bands can be fashioned from any gemstone, diamond cut or mix of cuts and the precious metal of your choice.  The stones in your eternity band will be securely channel set, bezel set or set with prongs.  As seen above, the left anniversary band mixes pear shaped and round brilliant diamonds bezel set in a high polish platinum.  The remaining two diamond eternity bands add a design twist by adding a second row of diamonds, both in a shared prong setting.

2.40ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Anniverary Ring | Mark Broumand1.80ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Band | Mark Broumand  2.63ct Oval Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Another option to consider to celebrate your nuptials is the popular and romantic three-stone custom diamond ring.  Three-stone anniversary rings feature a large center diamond accented on each side by a smaller diamond or gemstone.  The side stones represent the past and present, while the larger diamond symbolizes your future together.  As with any custom ring created by Mark Broumand, you can select any precious metal to create your ring.  You also select the cut of diamond, gemstone or combination for your special creation.

When you decide to create a custom anniversary ring or any other bespoke piece of fine jewelry, Mark Broumand ensures that you can select each and every possibility in the design process.  A request for a custom designed diamond ring is easy to start, enjoyable and affordable.

Fancy Yellow Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

Posted on January 13th, 2015

Fancy Yellow HeartsJust in Time for Valentine’s Day

Enjoy the colorful beauty and sparkle of heart shaped fancy yellow engagement rings from Mark Broumand.  The heart shaped diamond is a modified brilliant cut diamond, which means that you can enjoy many of the characteristics of a stone such as the round brilliant cut diamond without being tied to the circular shape.  As a technical description, the heart shaped diamond is a pear-shaped diamond with a cleft dividing the rounded end.11.49ct Fancy Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandLook for symmetry in the lobes (top arch of the rounded half) and identical sides when comparing the left and right halves of the heart.  The dip in the cleft should also align with the point at the lowest part of the heart.  The edges of the stone should be smooth and free of chips or rough edges.  A shallow diamond may have a dulled brilliance since an adequate amount of depth is required for proper light reflection.   You will find variations in the general “shape” of your heart which may give you a longer, more slender look or a rounder and fuller heart shape.  4.50ct Fancy Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe fancy yellow in these rings represent a range of colors that are greater than Z in natural diamonds, which are color graded from D-Z (with D being the “whitest”).  Fancy color diamonds are graded with terms that run the gamut from faint to dark and fancy light to fancy vivid.  Certain fancy cuts may improve the color grading in some diamonds.  1.59ct Fancy Light Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe heart shaped engagement ring is a perfect choice for the sentimental romantic.  In any engagement ring that you consider, the visual appeal should always be the deciding factor when choosing such an important piece of jewelry.  This is true still when selecting a fancy shaped diamond in a fancy color.  Always select a fancy color that is the most pleasing to you; this may be a deep and bold hue or just a faint tint of color.  Choose a heart shape that you love, whether it be more round and full or a more long slender heart.  If you cannot find the perfect color or shape in Mark Broumand’s collection, contact him and he can create the exact ring you desire.

Surprise Her with an Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on January 12th, 2015

The Asscher cut diamond engagement ring is a timeless beauty that has been a favorite since its creation in the early 1900s.  The stone’s square shape and angled corners give this diamond shape an outline that is almost octagonal and is often compared to the bright and clear emerald cut diamond ring.  This shape was chosen when Joseph Asscher realized that he could capitalize on the rough shape of some stones and retain more of the finished diamond.


The 58 facets in the Asscher are created by cutting a series of step-cuts (like stair steps) in three rows on the top of the diamond and three rows on the bottom of the diamond.  The intersection of these facets create a concentric pattern of light and dark as seen in the image above.  These beautiful facet patterns create a windmill appearance that radiates outward from the center of the diamond.

1.16ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe center Asscher diamond in this halo style engagement ring setting is 0.86ct and GIA certified as E-IF; it is internally flawless, exceptionally white and has an excellent cut.  Everything about this Asscher is perfection.  This center stone is brightly accented with a halo of equally white round diamonds.  The split shank and filigree accented center basket is also highlighted by more micropavé set round diamonds in this gorgeous and sparkling platinum ring.

2.06ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis incredible 18k white gold diamond engagement ring showcases a 1.01ct Asscher as its crown jewel.  The center stone has incredible sparkle and is nearly colorless.  It is immediately surrounded by six round cut diamonds.  The top of the shank highlights princess cuts which are channel set in an 18k white gold ring that is delicately adorned with a gorgeous milgrain design.  The sides of the shank also feature additional round diamonds that also accent the criss-cross connectors for the center basket.  There is no angle in which this ring does not visually dazzle and sparkle.

You are sure to find the right match within Mark Broumand’s collection of Asscher cut diamond engagement rings.  Mark can also custom design an engagement ring from your own creative ideas.  Any ring can be created, from a traditional solitaire to an elaborate multi-stone Asscher cut diamond engagement ring.

Discover Custom Engagement Rings from Mark Broumand

Posted on January 5th, 2015

Fine jewelry and custom engagement rings from Mark Broumand offer you the highest quality jewelry at affordable prices.   What separates Mark Broumand from other jewelers? True customization.  You do not have to select from pre-made ring settings and choose a center stone from an existing inventory to create a diamond ring.  When custom creating a ring, you are able to choose every design aspect of the ring: the precious metal, accents, desired center stone diamond cut and overall design.  Here are some examples of beautiful custom engagement rings to start your creative process.

2.60ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand2.60ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Side View | Mark BroumandThis bespoke 1.80ct Asscher cut center diamond is GIA certified at F-SI1. This diamond is exceptionally white and clear with a mesmerizing cut. It is encircled by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds pavé set on the top and sides of the halo. Additional diamonds accent the top and two sides of the shank. This high polish 18k white gold engagement ring sparkles from every angle.

3.71ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Side View | Mark Broumand3.71ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis custom designed and handcrafted masterpiece features a stunning 3.01ct oval cut center diamond, GIA certified at K-VS2. Even under 10X magnification, this amazing oval is very clear and nearly colorless. The high polish 18k rose gold offers a warm contrast for the center stone and .70ct round brilliant cut diamonds that accent the center prong and extend two-thirds of the way down the shank. This dainty and brilliant ring will be cherished forever.

1.07ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand 1.07ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Side View | Mark BroumandThis gorgeous round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring has a unique shape, in addition to an excellent combination of high quality and professional craftsmanship. The showcase center diamond is a round brilliant cut, EGL certified at G-VS1. It is very clear and white, even when viewed under magnification. It is accented by even more round brilliants that are pavé set and extend halfway down the shank of this bright and brilliant 18k white gold custom engagement ring.

Mark Broumand’s passion is creating custom engagement rings, diamond rings and other fine jewelry.  Your custom creation can come to life from a simple drawing or combination of pictures and we are happy to share some of our customer testimonials with you.  If you can dream it, Mark can create it.

The Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on December 29th, 2014

The radiant cut diamond engagement ring couples the fiery brilliance of a round brilliant with the linear clarity of the emerald cut.  Henry Grossbard’s three-plus decades of development led to this magnificent fusion of clarity and fire by creating the “brilliantized step cut”.  This new cutting technique amplified the best qualities and light behavior of both the emerald and round.  The radiant evolved from an original 61 facets to the 70 standard facets used today.

3.23ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe shape of your radiant diamond will be square to rectangular.  The table or “flat top facet” will be large, accounting for approximately 60% of the stone’s width.  A deep, rough crystal is required for the radiant since depth is needed for the facet work on the lower portion that creates the brilliance.  Radiants will appear smaller than other diamonds of the same carat weight when viewed from above. This cost per carat is one of the least expensive diamond shapes, allowing a buyer greater price flexibility for a larger gemstone.  Most diamonds available in this cut will be 1 carat or larger.

The radiant maximizes color, making it an excellent choice for fancy colored diamonds, such as this fancy intense yellow radiant cut engagement ring. Due to the stone’s unique shape and circular life, radiants look especially stunning when accented with either squared, trillion or round accent stones.1.69ct Halo Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe 70 facets and angled corners in this fiery beauty can help to conceal flaws and inclusions. A high quality radiant diamond can make a stone appear to have better color than the same diamond of simpler cut.  The more brilliant the radiant appears, the higher quality cut. It takes a highly skilled diamantaire to create the best radiant cut diamond.0.91ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The radiant cut engagement ring is a perfect choice for anyone that doesn’t want to compromise brilliance, but prefers a diamond that is not round. This incredibly rare and beautiful gem is also an amazing value.  Browse Mark Broumand’s collection of rare and exquisite radiant cut eternity bands and engagement rings in a variety of precious metals and ring settings sure to fit every budget and your taste.

Love Your Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on December 28th, 2014

The Princess cut engagement ring is second only to the round brilliant diamond engagement ring in popularity. Its square shape and varied numbers of facets offer a sophisticated look with different degrees of brilliance. This shape’s profile looks like an inverted pyramid and there are four beveled and intact sides on the table (flat top facet). If you are interested in another square brilliant stone similar to the princess, the breathtaking and rare radiant cut diamond rings in Mark Broumand’s collection will offer you additional choices.

4.01ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring4.01ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The stunner in the center is G-I1, AGS certified princess cut diamond.  On each side, 4 incredible rows of additional princess diamonds accent the center stone.  The design of the ring is so very unique and the 18k white gold gives this ring even that much more sparkle.  This ring will surely dazzle for decades to come.

Much of the facet work is done on the pavilion, or lower side of the stone. These facet cuts (chevrons) provide different levels of optical dimensions in each princess.  Fewer chevrons will give you larger and more distinguished facets with slower light scintillation. More chevrons produce faster scintillation with a “crushed ice” mosaic of facets.  The preference between more or less facets is completely objective based on personal preference.

2.31ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring2.31ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

This incredible halo style engagement ring highlights a 1.01ct, F-VS1 EGL-certified princess center diamond.  The ring is fashioned in platinum and the center stone is crowned by a halo of round brilliants.  The round diamonds also extend down the shank and run along the sides of the center basket and connectors.  Milgrain detail accents the center basket, connectors and extend three-quarters of the way down the shank.

A princess cut engagement ring offers the wearer a similar brilliance to a round cut, but with a square shape and lower price range.  Be sure to review Mark Broumand’s impressive selection of carefully hand-selected princess cut Engagement Rings, as solitaires and multi-stone ring settings.  You will also be impressed with the options available to you in complimentary princess cut fine jewelry.

A Unique Pair of Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on December 27th, 2014

Marcel Tolkowsky forever changed the beauty of round cut diamond engagement rings for brides-to-be everywhere in 1919; this was the year that he first introduced the round brilliant cut diamond to the world. Centuries of development led to a large table (top, flat facet), a smaller culet (bottom facet) and elongated facets on the lower section of the stone.  These changes were a result of Tolkowsky’s study of light behavior and mathematical calculations that would maximize the optical performance of the round brilliant’s predecessors.

Most round cut diamond rings will showcase a larger center stone in a solitaire, halo, accent stone or three-stone ring setting. Here are two rings presented by Mark Broumand to show you that a ring selected for such a special occasion can be just as unique as she is.

2.04ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Oval Shaped Ring

2.04ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Oval Shaped Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand2.04ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Oval Shaped Engagement Ring Angle | Mark Broumand

This captivating round cut diamond ring features brilliants set to perfection in an oval shape, surrounded by a double halo in a shared prong setting as well as a micropavé setting for an incredible design! The three tiered shank features round diamonds as well. This mesmerizing piece can be taken apart to form a pendant from the center portion of the ring. Great beauty, wonderfully ornate and a great deal of usability. A truly outstanding value!

1.59ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Teardrop Ring

 1.59ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Teardrop Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand1.59ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Teardrop Engagement Ring Angle | Mark Broumand

This captivating round brilliant diamond ring features a gorgeous teardrop shaped setting in the center. There is a halo of round diamonds set in a micropavé setting around the center stone, extending down the shank and also set on either side. This magnificent piece gives you such an outstanding look and so much brilliance at a great value. Truly awe inspiring!

Browse Mark Broumand’s selection of round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings, in unique styles or traditional settings. These spectacular brilliants are so versatile and perfect as a halo engagement ring, three-stone ring or accented with side stones and of course, as a solitaire. If you have a perfect ring in mind, Mark Broumand can also custom design the perfect diamond engagement ring for you.