Right-Hand Ring

Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds, Oh My!

Whether you want to compliment your diamond or are looking to show off your favorite color, sapphires, rubies and emeralds are spectacular feature stones for engagement rings and wedding jewelry. Just like diamonds, not all specimens are created equal. Learn how to shop for these gemstones to ensure you get the superior quality you deserve….

Accentuate Your Style by Adding a Touch of Color to Your Diamonds

Diamonds are Perfect for Any Occasion Wearing diamonds is one of the best ways to make a fashion statement, regardless of your lifestyle. They are timeless pieces of jewelry that never go out of style, and they have always been worn to represent special events, like weddings, engagements, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. The idea of…

Diamond Right Hand Rings – A Gift Everyone Deserves

Stylish rings began to emerge featuring rare and beautiful gemstones; these were called baubles or cocktail rings. In early 2003, a new style of ring emerged that has unleashed some of the most creative and stunning jewelry designs ever created, the Right Hand Ring. Instead of a design featuring a large center gemstone, these rings…