Jewelry 101

Our Most Popular Diamond Cuts for the Modern Bride

We know how important it is for today’s brides to have engagement rings that reflect their personal tastes and styles. Of course, the diamond is what sets each ring apart as unique. Whether you or your fiancé is choosing the ring, start with this helpful guide to some of the most popular contemporary diamond cuts….

How Millennials Are Creating New Engagement Traditions

The Millennial generation represents a large number of the people getting married today as more begin to settle down. Although Millennials still have many of the same engagement and wedding traditions as previous generations, some have come up with new unique traditions, from staging proposal photography to designing unique engagement rings. Mutual Proposals One trend…

Large Diamonds Hold Market

Diamonds continue to hold their market as investments despite a slow economic turnaround for America. Since October of 2011 the United States jewelry industry has increased profit by 8.3%.  This is a sharp increase considering that department store sales have fallen 0.9%. According to Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels” auction, white diamonds continue to hold strength.  The…

How Rose Gold Gets Its Name

Rose gold is a popular and unique formula that adds personality to your jewelry collection.  It is also known as pink gold or red gold. Rose gold gets its color because it is a mix of yellow gold and copper. The difference between pink, red, and rose coloring is the amount of copper content mixed…

Lace In 2013 Fashion

Lace has been in our history since the 15th century.  The original word “kant” means border or edge.  While lace was traditionally made with linen, silk, gold, or silver, in modern days it is made with cotton threading. 2012/13 fashion is embracing lace to compliment all attire from shoes to dresses.  We are seeing lace…

Insuring Your Engagement Ring

Congratulations, you have been married! Now with the wedding complete, the honeymoon well spent, and the house in order it is time to think of the details. Simple requirements such as transferring mail and modifying insurance policies are due. Insurance policies, that’s right! Who’s insurance will you be on and what provider will you go…

Minimalist Fashion & Investments

With consumer spending on the rebound after the Great Depression of our time, it seems fitting that minimalism has become a trend in life and fashion.  As consumers, we have learned to focus our attention on exactly what we want.  Because so many have gotten by on less, it may be that we are beginning…

The Look of Vintage Jewelry

Vintage may remind you of flowing dresses, Grandpa’s radio, and traditional ways.  The term usually describes any item with age and value, often ornate decorations, and rustic copper-like tones.  In competition with antique, quality vintage style can be hard to come by.  While vintage as a term is used loosely today it now claims its own…

Jewelry As An Investment?

If you have ever considered jewelry as an investment you would be wise to make this a priority.  The famed Christie’s Hong Kong jewelry auction this week sold 80% of inventory for a total sales of over $75,000,000. The top sale (pictured below) was the glorious Burmese Ruby Necklace that sold for $5.1 million.  Top prices…

Diamond Rings Are More Than Just Engagement Rings

Most people think that diamond rings are only suitable as engagement rings, but there are other types of diamond rings as well. These other rings are known as right hand rings, and they are a type of ring that suitable for the unmarried woman, or also for the woman who is looking for another ring to wear in addition to her engagement ring.

Fix Your Antique Rings With A Loose Diamond

If the antique piece of jewelry is something worth saving, you should reconsider restoring your ring. If you need to replace a missing center diamond, you can easily fix it with a loose diamond.

Diamond Jewelry For Your Teenage Daughter

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why should your daughter have to wait until she gets engaged to get a piece of diamond jewelry?

Start Her Love Affair With Diamonds With a Beautiful Necklace or Bracelet

There are so many different options to choose from when picking out a piece of diamond jewelry, making diamond jewels a perfect gift for any girl in your life.

Bring Life To A Boring Outfit With A Beautiful Diamond Necklace

Pendant necklaces are an excellent way to add flair and style to any outfit. Diamonds are tasteful and classically elegant, and go with just about any clothing you might wear.

Treat Yourself To A Beautiful Piece Of Jewelry

It is always good to treat yourself for all of the hard work you have done all your life, so go ahead and start shopping.

How Custom Jewelry is Created

Depending on the type of custom jewelry you order, our highly skilled master jewelers will either delicately hand-carve a master wax model, or they can use the latest CAD technology to design every detail in 3D. The 3D model is then loaded into a wax printer and a perfect wax model of the ring is…

Pavé Diamonds

A popular wedding and engagement ring trend has been pavé diamonds, pronounced “pah-vay”. It is a French word named for the style in which the jewels are set. They are clustered very closely together giving them the appearance of a shiny and shimmering pavement. Though these types of bands may appear to be more expensive…