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Gift Ideas

Choosing a gift for the holidays is one of the many tasks at hand this season.  There are a few approaches to take when considering a gift for your loved one: personality type, individual style, personal relationship, or what the need is.  With the many choices, there are some safe bets across the board. Diamond…

Fancy Colored Diamonds Popularity and Value on the Rise

Fancy colored diamonds are a specialty at Mark Broumand, so we are very excited to announce that the colored diamonds are one of the hottest items at the auction block right now! Fancy colored diamonds that such as blue, pink or green, do not fall in the D through Z color range, as well as…

A Beautiful Ring Is the Symbol of Your Love

Every time you look down at the ring on your finger, you will be reminded of the happy moments where you got engaged and then married to your loved one.

Fix Your Antique Rings With A Loose Diamond

If the antique piece of jewelry is something worth saving, you should reconsider restoring your ring. If you need to replace a missing center diamond, you can easily fix it with a loose diamond.

Diamond Jewelry For Your Teenage Daughter

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why should your daughter have to wait until she gets engaged to get a piece of diamond jewelry?

Why You Can’t Go Wrong With a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

If you are having a hard time choosing a diamond engagement ring for the day that you finally propose to your girlfriend, you can’t go wrong by choosing around brilliant cut diamond.

Finding an Affordable Engagement Ring That Your Woman Will Adore

Focusing on the cut instead of the carat weight is the way to get a beautiful diamond without breaking the bank.

Diamond Jewelry for a New Family Heirloom

If you have ever wished that your family had heirloom pieces that were passed down from generation to generation, you are certainly in the right place. Your family might not have an heirloom piece right now, but that does not mean that you can’t start the tradition of your own.

Diamonds Make A Great Gift For Any Girl

The women in your life are special, so why not get them a special piece of diamond jewelry.

A Diamond Present That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

She will love any type of diamond jewelry that you get her, no matter how much it costs you. Chances are, she won’t even have a clue as to how much you paid for the jewelry.

Tips on Buying the Perfect Diamond

Which diamond should I buy? It’s best to start with the cut, or shape of the diamond. Pick two or three cuts that you like and, if you can, see which one the recipient prefers. You may need to enlist the help of one of her friends to do this on the sly! Understand the…

Tips on Buying a Necklace or Pendant

Pendants and necklaces make ideal gifts for nearly every occasion and are a popular choice for graduations, birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Not to be overlooked is the opportunity the gift of a necklace creates to perform the ever romantic moment of draping it around her neck for the first time.  A pendant or necklace is…

Why Diamonds are a Good Investment

Diamonds are a terrific form of alternative investment Today, with the world economy on shaky ground, a few standout investments have been gaining popularity. Art, for example has remained a fairly stable investment. One of the most seriously underutilized alternative investments is diamonds. Reasons you should consider investing in diamonds:  Since 1934 DIAMOND prices have…

Diamond Studs: A Perfect Addition to Every Woman’s Jewelry Collection

Few jewelry items are as welcome to any woman’s jewelry collection as diamond studs. A sparkling pair matches as well with a pair of jeans as it does with a glamorous evening gown. It seems there isn’t an outfit in the world that stud earrings won’t compliment. The versatility of studs truly makes them a…

Choosing an Engagement Ring with Mark Broumand

Are you waiting until you find the right ring so you can pop the question? Well, wait no more because Mark Broumand has made choosing the perfect engagement ring easier than ever. Here, you’ll find a large selection of any kind of ring style and cut you’re looking for, from round brilliant to emerald and…

What Cut is Best in an Engagement Ring?

The best diamond cut in an engagement ring reflects you and your partner and what you will want to wear on your hand for years to come. At Mark Broumand, we offer several different styles and shapes for you to choose from. You’ll browse through our selection with ease as you turn through the pages…

Mens Rings and Wedding Bands

Diamonds and jewelry aren’t only for women. At Mark Broumand, men will find an assortment of rings and wedding bands that are of high quality with unique designs to match any personality. We have a number of men’s wedding bands to choose from ranging from simple to intricate or you can have a ring custom…

How to Look for A Quality Diamond

A diamond’s grade depends on four characteristics, also known as the Four C’s: cut, carat, clarity, and color. Together, these properties determine how much your gorgeous stone is worth.  For additional information, read more about diamond education. The first C is Cut. Cut is extremely important in determining value. A round brilliant has about 58…