Dazzling Brilliance of Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Posted on July 4th, 2014

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings unify the linear clarity of the emerald cut and fiery sparkle of the round brilliant diamond. The radiant cut was developed in 1977 by Henry Grossbard, after thirty-three years of honing his craft. He created a new cutting technique, the “brilliantized step cut” to capitalize on the best qualities of both the emerald and round brilliant, since each separately reflects light differently.  Radiants are similar to incredibly brilliant princess cut diamonds at first glance, but are among the rarest diamonds.

The table or “flat top” of the stone will account for approximately 60% of the width.  A deeper rough stone is required since depth is needed to create the brilliance.  For this reason, radiant cut diamonds may appear smaller than other diamond shapes if viewed from above. In many of the squared radiants, the outline of the round brilliant can be seen in the center of the stone.

Radiant Cut Engagement Ring Trillion Accent Stones | Mark Broumand There are 70 facets and angled corners in this fiery diamond.  The larger number of facets can help to conceal inclusions, flaws, dark areas and shadows.   The inherent brilliance can make a high-quality stone appear to have better color than the same diamond of a simpler profile.  The trimmed corners of this diamond make it less fragile than princesses.  Per-carat cost of the radiant cut is one of the least expensive which allows for flexibility in upgrading to a larger carat weight.  Most radiants will be 1 carat or larger.

Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe radiant maximizes color, making it an excellent choice for fancy colored diamond rings such as the fancy intense yellow radiant cut engagement ring or the fancy light blue radiant diamond ring. Due to the stone’s unique shape and circular life, radiant cut diamond engagement rings look especially stunning when accented with either squared, trillion or round accent stones.

Radiant Cut Light Blue Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandRadiant cut diamond rings are a perfect choice for anyone that desires a square or rectangular stone without compromising brilliance.   Browse Mark Broumand’s collection of rare and exquisite radiant and other fine diamond engagement rings.  The square angles and fiery brilliance make the radiant the envy of other diamonds.