Six Resilient Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings with Halos

Posted on October 15th, 2016

Explore the Mark Broumand selection for the finest round cut diamonds. You can select among many settings, six of which are below. These round brilliant cut beauties are elaborate in detail and rich in taste, with various bands and shanks adding the finishing touch.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 1.63 Carats

Set atop a delicate and narrow band of rose-tinted gold, this traditional wedding ring features a center stone with a round brilliant cat of dazzling proportions. It is expertly held within a cradle of smaller round cut diamonds; coupled with the warm luster of the golden band itself, this lends an image of warm, homey feels to the appearance of this engagement band. It is the perfect symbol of a promise of many years of love yet to come.

Round Brilliant Cut Double Shank Diamond Ring, 1.96 Carats

This is a fine vintage wedding ring with a double banded design, its center stone cradled within a delicate mounting of smaller round cut diamonds. The overall effect, coupled with the classic double shank look, is one of sparkling beauty and sophistication. This is a tasteful and elegant engagement band, fit to gleam and shine on that most special of occasions.

Round Cut Diamond with Halo, 2.18 Carats

This round, brilliantly cut center diamond is set into a silvery crown atop a gradually tapering band, thicker toward the setting than it is at the bottom. This is a very traditional engagement band shape, and one that lends itself to the sophisticated and elegant appearance of the sparkling centerpiece.

Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 2.37 Carats

This elegant silver band features a large centerpiece that is artistically encrusted with small round-cut diamonds. These smaller stones lovingly frame the center diamond, reflecting and refracting sunlight to give added dazzle and shine to that which is meant to symbolize love everlasting.

Brilliant Cut Round Diamond Ring with Halo, 2.41 Carats

The size of this brilliantly cut round center diamond is expertly accented by the smaller round-cut stones surrounding it, while the narrow, uniform shape of the diamond encrusted band allows the size of the center stone to truly carry the day. The craftsmanship of this ring enables the central round cut diamond to stand as a symbol of everlasting love, making it a truly stunning wedding ring in more ways than one.

Round Brilliant Cut Traditional Wedding Band, 3.67 Carats

This vintage-style wedding ring features a large round cut diamond with brilliant sparkle, set amidst smaller round cut diamonds on a traditional gold band with a beautiful rosy tint. The allure of this ring is heavily focused on the dazzling sparkle of the center stone, which the smaller diamonds along the setting and the shank only serve to enhance.