1.81ct oval cut diamond engagement ring

A Family Affair - The Oval Cut Diamond Ring

1.81ct oval cut diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand

An Oval Cut diamond ring features a stone that is a modification of the round brilliant cut diamond; both cuts being created by a family of jewelers and diamantaires dating back to the early 1800s. The oval was created in the late 1950s by Lazare Kaplan. Kaplan’s cousin, Marcel Tolkowsky is the father of the modern round brilliant cut diamond, circa 1920. As of 2009, some Tolkowskys are representative of the 7th generation of master jewelers. This dedicated lineage to the art of gemstones is evident today in the round brilliant and the oval cut diamond ring.

The length to width ratio of an oval will frequently range between 1.33:1 and 1.66:1. A lesser ratio will present a softer and rounder shape as seen on the left in the Fancy Intense Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and the larger length will form a more elongated oval, as seen in the engagement ring on the right. The preference in shape is completely objective and each stone sparkles with varying degrees of brilliance infused with the unique oval shape.

2.20ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
2.20ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.71ct fancy intense yellow oval cut diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand

Much like pear shaped or Marquise cuts, ovals lend the illusion of length to the finger and hands. Women with naturally long and slender fingers will find the oval shape complements their hand quite naturally. Due to the nature of this shape, this stone can be affected with the “bow-tie” effect. This condition cannot be determined in grading or certifications, but will be readily evident upon visual inspection.

3.09ct Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

An oval cut diamond ring is an ideal choice for the person that is trying to balance brilliance and budget. Mark Broumand’s collection of diamond rings represents a vast array of sizes, colors, styles and settings to match every taste. This incredibly versatile diamond ring easily transverses time between vintage era and contemporary chic and will work well as a diamond engagement ring, right hand ring or anniversary ring. Each oval cut diamond ring at Mark Broumand was selected for its exquisite beauty and high quality, however you will also find inspiration browsing Mark's custom designed rings collection.