1.84ct Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

A Symbol of Love: The Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

There are few diamonds as symbolic in emotion as the heart shaped diamond ring. This modification of the incredibly brilliant round cut diamond is shaped to honor the universal symbol of love, while retaining the highly desired brilliance of a standard round. You will want to select a stone with perfect symmetry; the left and right half should mirror each other and the top cleft and lower point should align. A weight of greater than .50 carats will be desired so that the outline of this special shape will be well defined visually. Smaller sized hearts are best set in a bezel or three-prong setting (one on the shoulder of each lobe and one at the bottom point) and larger stones may use a fourth prong.

1.84ct Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

1.84ct Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
Heart shaped diamonds have been traced back to the royalty of the 16th century when Mary, Queen of Scots presented one to Queen Elizabeth; the gift was given as a sign of goodwill and friendship. These silhouettes were especially cherished given that the heart shape was very difficult to cut during those times. The heart shaped diamonds that we enjoy today were standardized in the early 1900s.

The silhouette or shape itself will be a matter of personal preference. You or your fiancèe may like a more traditional heart, with a deep cleft and rounded lobes. Others may favor a more slender heart with lobes that are straighter and a more shallow cleft. Different lengths and widths are also affected by the particular setting of the ring. When searching for a heart shaped engagement ring, symmetry and clarity are critical.

4.60ct Fancy Light Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Anniversary Ring

4.60ct Fancy Light Yellow Heart Shaped Diamond Three-Stone Ring | Mark Broumand

You will find only the most symmetrical and highest quality diamonds used in Mark Broumand's collection of Modified brilliant diamond rings. If you are searching for a diamond engagement ring, a heart shape will stun in a solitaire or halo setting. A heart shaped diamond anniversary ring will wow in a three-stone ring setting. The brilliance of your special shaped diamond will sparkle as either a white or fancy colored diamond. Browse our selection or create your own special ring when searching for the perfect symbol of your love.