Amaze Her with a 2.46ct Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Amaze Her with a 2.46ct Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

The unique Asscher cut engagement ring boasts a square shaped diamond with beveled corners and a mesmerizing pattern of concentric facets. Designed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, his namesake design was the first diamond cut to hold a patent. Though often described as a "square shaped emerald cut", this statement is a simply a broad description since there is a unique cutting technique and facet pattern that makes the Asscher shape distinct. These unique diamonds rose to the apex of popularity during the Art Deco Period of the 1920s and thirties. Since that time, Asschers have always been in high demand amongst antique jewelers in search of the stones to repair vintage pieces. Many of the original Asschers were later re-cut into different diamonds since the stones were high quality in color and clarity.

2.46ct Asscher Cut Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
The mesmerizing 1.26ct Asscher beauty centered in this three-stone ring is GIA certified at J-VVS2. It is white, practically flawless and has an excellent cut! Both the polish and symmetry are graded at excellent as well.

2.46ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Full Side View | Mark Broumand
This custom made masterpiece features two step cut trapezoids with round diamonds set around both the center and sides. The shank is set with a row of round diamonds in a micropavé setting and the intricate connectors are studded with round diamonds as well. The ring is made in high polish platinum and is truly a magnificent piece to be cherished forever!

Eternity bands to match

3.85ct Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band | Mark Broumand

Custom Anniversary Ring - 3.85ct Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band Prong Set in Platinum

3.20ct Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band | Mark Broumand
Custom Diamond Ring - 3.20ct Asscher Diamond Eternity Band Bezel Set in 18k White Gold

All eternity bands from Mark Broumand are custom made. This allows the master jewelers to carefully select and hand set gems that are identical to each other in color, clarity, cut, and size. The two bands above flaunt perfectly matched Asschers, certified at G-H, VS1-VS2.

The Asscher cut ring is perfect for someone that desires a unique facet pattern in a stone that is bright and showcases the inherent clarity of a diamond. For a similar look in a larger stone, browse the romantic vintage emerald cut engagement rings and eternity bands. If you desire a quadrilateral profile that showcases the inner fire and brilliance of a diamond, check out the princess cut and radiant cut rings from Mark Broumand.