Antique European Round Cut Diamond Ring in Four Modern Settings

Antique European Round Cut Diamond Ring in Four Modern Settings

The antique European round cut diamond ring is treasured for its scarcity and reminiscence of a vintage, romantic past era. It was a transitional cut that fell between the Old Mine and modern day round brilliant. Though many authentic antique diamonds are scarce, Mark Broumand carries many authentic antique round cut stones.

Old European cuts are identified using these criteria:

  • Table size: less than or equal to 53 percent
  • Crown angle: greater than or equal to 40 degrees
  • Lower half facet length: less than or equal to 60 percent
  • Culet size: slightly large or larger

Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Diagram | Mark Broumand

The light dispersion in this diamond cut was more even when radiating off the culet and drew light down into the diamond as opposed to reflecting light out the top. This cut was prevalent from the 1800s until the Art Deco Period and the round cutting style kept evolving until the 1950s, when it would have a larger table, longer lower-half facets, and a smaller culet.

3.40ct Antique European Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

3.40ct Antique European Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
This masterpiece in this solitaire engagement ring setting is a 3.40ct old European round center stone, EGL certified at M-SI1. It has a warm color and is perfectly clear, even under 10X magnification. The small white inclusions on the side of this gem and are hidden under one of the prongs, which gives this jewel a VS1 look. The 18k rose gold setting is handmade and engraved.

2.70ct Antique European Round Cut Diamond Ring with Side Stones

2.70ct Antique European Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Stones | Mark Broumand
The magnificent 2.40ct round cut diamond showcased in the center of this engagement ring with side stones is GIA certified at K-VVS2. The almost 2.50ct center stone is nearly flawless with just a hint of color. It is set in a very feminine antique platinum setting that consists of single cut and baguette cut diamonds with milgrain detail throughout.

2.57ct Old European Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

2.57ct Old European Round Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

This extraordinary old European round cut diamond double halo engagement ring is one in a million, highlighting a 1.42ct antique European round cut gem, which is GIA certified at F-SI2. It is exceptionally white, immensely brilliant and perfectly eye clean. It is accented by a double halo of round diamonds in a micropavé setting. The shank is channel set with baguette cut diamonds, highlighted by milgrain detail. There are round diamonds pavé set on the front and back of this gorgeous ring as well.

4.02ct Old European Cut Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

4.02ct Old European Cut Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

This enchanting antique European round cut three-stone engagement or anniversary ring showcases the most gorgeous 3.02ct antique round diamond in the center; it is EGL Certified at H-SI2. It has exceptional brilliance and is accented by two large pears bezel set to perfection and featuring milgrain detail. The shank and center basket are also studded with round diamonds in a pavé setting. The center basket is also accented with gorgeous handmade filigree design.

Mark Broumand recaptures the beauty of a vintage time with the antique European round cut diamond rings he has selected for his customers. These rings capture the character and beauty of diamond characteristics of the past. For additional antique style engagement rings, check into Mark's selection of one-of-a-kind antique cushion cut diamond rings.