Fire in Ice - The Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Fire in Ice - The Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

If you desire the brilliance of a round cut in a square or rectangular shape, the radiant cut diamond engagement rings from Mark Broumand are the answer to what you have been searching for. The radiant was a result of three decades of Henry Grossbard's master craftsmanship, combining the linear facets such as those found in the emerald or asscher with the brilliance found in the round.

Your radiant cut diamond will be square to rectangular in shape with a circular life and angled corners. Grossbard's "brilliantized step cut" technique creates 70 facets on the stone: 25 on the crown, 8 on the girdle and 37 pavilion facets. The diamond will have a depth of 60-80% and may appear smaller per carat when viewed from above than other shapes with greater width, such as the heart or pear shapes.

4.63ct Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

The amazing 3.03ct radiant cut diamond in the center of this custom crafted platinum ring is GIA certified at J-VVS2, is nearly flawless in clarity and the cut is breathtaking!

4.63ct Radiant Cut Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

It is beautifully complimented by two large shield cut diamonds and a row of round diamonds set down the sides in a micropavé setting.

2.25ct Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

The gorgeous 1.50ct radiant cut diamond poised in the center of this handcrafted halo style ring setting is GIA certified, at F-SI2. This stunning stone is exceptionally white and incredibly brilliant. The cut is crisp and clean and it has a lustrous sparkle.

2.25ct Radiant Cut Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

It is surrounded by a halo of round brilliants that are also set down the shank in a micropavé setting. Very little metal shows in this ring, just letting the diamonds shine through.

These are just two of the dazzling radiant cut engagement rings available in Mark Broumand's portfolio. If you love the Radiant but desire a bit of color, look into this cut in a colorful and bright fancy yellow diamond engagement ring. Radiants are excellent in natural stones and also maximize the beautiful hues in fancy color diamonds.