Luxury Bridesmaids Gifts

Luxury Bridesmaids Gifts

Your best friends have gone to the end of the earth and back for you. You love each and every one of them like sisters; and now they have become your bridesmaids. When the moment comes to start thinking about their bridesmaid gifts, you want to ensure that they feel as loved and appreciated as they have been making you feel as you planned your wedding. At Mark Broumand, we have some suggestions for gifts that are sure to make your bridal party happy.

When To Give Bridesmaids Gifts

Bridesmaid gifts are traditionally given sometime in the week leading up to the wedding. This could mean a few days prior to the ceremony, at the rehearsal dinner, or even while you all are getting ready on the big day. Ultimately, the timing will come down to what works best with your plans, if you intend for your bridesmaids to all wear their gift during the wedding, consider giving it to them while getting ready as a fun wedding day surprise for your girls.

Pendants and Charms

A dainty pendant or a petite charm bracelet is the perfect gift to celebrate your bridesmaids. Keeping it simple is always a great idea when it comes to gifts; you want to ensure that they’ll love it and continue to use it long past your wedding. Check out these beautiful dainty pendants from Mark Broumand.

Everyday Earrings

Earrings always make a wonderful gift, and petite earrings are the perfect present for your bridesmaids. A pair of delicate diamond huggie hoops or pave studs in their favorite shape is sure to wow. These gorgeous earrings are sure to become your bridesmaid’s new everyday earrings.

Maid Of Honor Gift

Your maid of honor has gone above and beyond and has been point person on everything you needed for your pre-wedding events. For this reason, it is typical that the gift given to the maid of honor is a bit more lavish. Consider something like a diamond bangle or pave pinky ring to let her know how much you appreciate all her hard work.