Wedding Band Choices for Men

Men's Wedding Bands: Celebrating a New Romantic Tradition

Men's wedding rings are a relatively new tradition, historically speaking. While there is some archaeological evidence that women have been wearing wedding rings for thousands of years, men only began wearing these symbolic ornaments in the early 1900s.


A Romantic Gesture That Caught On

The tradition of matching bride and groom wedding bands began when soldiers who were leaving to fight in World War II wore rings to remind them of their wives back home. Now, the romantic gesture that began with soldiers has become popular among almost all married men.

Today, men's wedding rings are so commonplace that married men who do not wear them are seen as breaking tradition. When Prince William decided to forego a royal wedding band, the decision sparked public discussion. Men's wedding bands are seen as a symbol of fidelity that married men are expected to wear.
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Wedding Band Choices for Men

Men today have abundant wedding band options to choose from when they get married. From classic unadorned gold bands to ornate diamond bands, an engaged or married man can select a ring that is perfectly suited to his personality and style. At Mark Broumand, we offer an array of men's precious metal wedding bands and men's diamond bands.

One of the most important considerations for a man's wedding ring is the material that the band is composed of. If a man has an active lifestyle or does a lot of work with his hands, he may want a durable wedding band made of platinum, titanium or palladium. While gold and silver bands are popular, they are not as resistant to scratches as other types of bands and so should be chosen with care.
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No matter what type of wedding band a man chooses, the band should reflect his personal style and complement his bride's wedding band. Bride and groom wedding bands do not have to match exactly, but subtle similarities in the metal color or engravings can make the two rings look well suited to each other, symbolizing the union of the rings' wearers.