6.11ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Dangle Earrings

Rare and Beautiful Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Rare and beautiful fancy yellow diamonds are gaining popularity as engagement rings, three stone rings or anniversary rings as well as other types of jewelry. In the past, colored diamonds were reserved for aristocrats and royalty since these rare beauties only account for 1 in every 10,000 diamonds. Natural white diamonds are color graded on a scale that ranges from D to Z; D being colorless and Z containing brown, yellow or grey tint. Any color that is graded greater than Z is considered fancy color.

Natural white diamonds are graded on color from a face down position (looking down through the bottom of the diamond). Yellows are viewed in a face up position, meaning grading is assessed when peering down through the top of the diamond. Different grading characteristics are also used for colored than for white diamonds.

7.85ct Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Link Bracelet | Mark Broumand

6.11ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Dangle Earrings | Mark Broumand

Fancy colors are graded on three characteristics:

  1. Hue, which is the actual color visible to the eye
  2. Tone – how light or dark the color is
  3. Saturation – the consistent strength of the color

Yellows are color-graded on a 9 point scale as follows:

Yellow Color

  1. Faint (K – M on white diamond scale)
  2. Very Light (N - R on white diamond scale)
  3. Light (S – Z on white diamond scale)

Fancy Yellow Color

  1. Fancy
  2. Fancy Light
  3. Fancy Dark
  4. Fancy Intense
  5. Fancy Deep
  6. Fancy Vivid

Yellows can be used in the same way as white diamonds and some cuts will intensify the natural hue. While white diamonds are valued for being colorless and brilliant, fancy colors are more valuable based on color first and foremost. Typically, a cut with a deeper pavilion will intensify the hue. Diamond cut selection is also based on the rough shape of the stone. Below are some of the best cuts for intensifying color:

5.50ct fancy light orange yellow diamond pendant | Mark Broumand
5.50ct fancy light orange yellow diamond pendant

5.30ct fancy yellow oval cut diamond engagement ring  | Mark Broumand
5.30ct fancy yellow oval cut diamond engagement ring

Flattering Cuts for Fancy Yellows

  1. Radiant Cut
  2. Pear Cut
  3. Cushion Cut
  4. Oval Cut

Mark Broumand is proud to offer Fancy Yellow diamonds for earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings in different sizes, colors and cuts. View Mark's available selection or fill out a custom design form to create unique yellow diamond jewelry pieces to call your own.