Cushion Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring

The Cushion Cut Diamond Has A Place In History And Makes For A Great Engagement Ring

A cushion cut engagement ring is a wonderfully romantic choice for a diamond engagement ring. It recalls the bygone era of the Victorians, when the cushion cut was the most popular cut for diamond rings.

It’s among the oldest of the brilliant diamonds, and many historically famous diamonds have this shape. The famed Hope Diamond is an antique cushion cut diamond.

In official terms, a cushion diamond is a brilliant, fancy cut. It’s shaped like a square or a rectangle with rounded corners, similar to a pillow, and is also called pillow and old-mine cut. A cushion has an open cutlet (facet on the bottom of the diamond) and large facets that highlight the luster of the diamond, making it look shiny and polished.

Cushion Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
3.47ct fancy yellow cushion cut diamond engagement ring

These large facets make clarity particularly important because they reveal inclusions. Inclusions are flaws, like foreign materials or cracks, which can be found in varying degrees in all except the most flawless of diamonds. Greater clarity means fewer flaws.

Cut is another important consideration in cushion engagement rings. Cushions can look less brilliant and fiery than other brilliant diamonds, so they must be carefully cut to maximize brilliance.

Watch out for a diamond that is too deep or too shallow. Too much or too little depth, which is the length from the crown (top) to the cutlet (bottom), will mute the brilliance of the diamond and make it look like it has fewer carats than it actually does.

Keep these considerations in mind, and you’ll find the perfect cushion cut engagement ring. The beauty and history of cushion cut engagement rings make them perfect for those who long for a diamond engagement ring that is unique and romantic and that has a true vintage style.