2.60ct Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire

The Enduring Simplicity of the Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

The sophistication and elegance of the diamond solitaire engagement ring is still the most popular setting chosen in the U.S. today. The Mark Broumand collection of signature solitaire engagement rings offers you many options when you choose this classic setting that focuses on the natural beauty of a diamond.

3.09ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


The simplicity and elegance of this 3.01ct solitaire features a round brilliant cut diamond, certified by one of the leading diamond grading authorities, GIA at J in color and VS2 in clarity. Not only is it eye clean, but also possesses an excellent cut grade, which further enhances the fire and brilliance for which the round brilliant cut is renowned.


3.87ct Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 


The radiant cut diamond solitaire is a stunning and versatile choice for an engagement ring; a radiant cut diamond solitaire exudes a sophisticated yet modern appeal, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate both classic elegance and contemporary brilliance. This stone is GIA certified, one of the leaders in diamond grading at VVS2 in clarity. It faces up white, eye clean and the magnificent cut highlights this diamond's crisp and clean facets.


2.10ct Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


2.10ct Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This simple and beautiful marquise cut diamond solitaire engagement ring is another rare find. The 2ct marquise cut diamond is GIA certified at H-VS1. It faces up white with a beautiful cut that makes the perfectly symmetrical diamond sparkle from every angle.


3.13ct Oval Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


3.13ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Second in popularity oval cut diamond solitaire engagement ring offers you all of this brilliance and fire of round brilliant cut for an amazing value. This setting features a 3.01ct oval cut center diamond, GIA certified diamond having great specs.


2.31ct Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


2.31ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The elegant 2.21ct emerald cut diamond featured in this engagement ring is a GIA certified j color IF (internally flawless) clarity. The over two carat center stone is nearly flawless and possesses an incredible cut that accentuates the clarity and bright, white color. The emerald cut, in addition to the stone found in the bold and regal Asscher cut engagement ring, is a cut that highlights the clarity and luminescence of a diamond.

Though all of diamond solitaire engagement rings are displayed as existing rings, all of these gorgeous diamonds could easily be set in a custom design setting of your choice. It is also possible to add an enhancer, band or any other fine jewelry piece to create a full wedding set.