3.25ct Princess and Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring

Women's Princess Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring

There are so many reasons to capture our celebrations of life in jewelry. One of the most popular milestones for anyone to commemorate is a wedding anniversary. A Princess Cut diamond anniversary ring is a wonderful way to thank her for all the past years and to show her you would say, "I do" all over again.

While popular styles of anniversary rings include the symbolic love of the eternity band or the three-stone ring, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your anniversary ring. A complimentary ring is sometimes created to be worn in addition to the wedding set. Some people will completely redesign their engagement ring and wedding band into a new ring to celebrate an anniversary. Others have chosen to wear their new anniversary ring on the right-hand ring finger.

3.25ct Princess and Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring | Mark Broumand
Round Brilliant and Princess Cut Diamond Anniversary Rings

A Princess Cut diamond anniversary ring will have very clean and symmetrical characteristics. If you appreciate the brilliance of a round cut diamond, but prefer squared shapes; a princess cut diamond is a great contemporary choice to use in a new ring. Your Princess will have 58 facets and breathtaking brilliance. Princesses are second in popularity only to the round brilliants, even though the cut was created in the 1960s. Due to a similar brilliance, the two cuts together are breathtaking. The ring above has a row of channel set princess cut diamonds in the center accented by a row of pavé set round diamonds on either side. The diamonds go three-quarters of the way around the band in this platinum ring.

1.78ct Princess Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring | Mark Broumand

The Three-stone Diamond Ring above not only features a center 1.03ct princess cut diamond and two large side stones, but the shank is also channel set with Princess cut diamonds. The front and back of the ring is elegantly designed in a unique shape and studded with round diamonds for an added touch of brilliance!

Though a Princess Cut diamond has brilliance like the round cut, the facet patterns are completely different. An addition of between 3 and 5 facet patterns on the underside of the stone (pavilion) creates a crushed-ice look when viewed from the top looking down. These diamonds are very complementary with other like stones and are incredibly brilliant when paired with round brilliant diamonds. Shop Mark Broumand for your diamond anniversary ring and other fine jewelry needs.