We're Committed to Quality

We‘re Committed to Quality

Your ring will shine for a lifetime

At Mark Broumand.com we take pride in the high quality of our diamonds and other fine jewelry and also in the exceptional service we provide our customers.

Every detail of a Mark Broumand ring is designed and crafted with a level of quality that is possible with decades of fine jewelry design expertise.

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Designed in Los Angeles

Our master-jewelers both design and oversee the process of designing each frong from start to finish. Every Mark Broumand ring is built to one of the strictest standards in the industry which is why we can guarantee your piece will be completely free from all manufacturing defects.

Precision Designed

With the help of the latest jewelry design technology, we can guarantee the highest level of balance and symmetry which leads to finished piece that will shine and endure for generations.

Our Signature

After an original Mark Broumand piece has been set and polished, Mark Broumand himself meticulously inspects and evaluates every aspect of the piece.

Only items that meet his approval can be laser inscribed with his signature, his personal testament of the enduring quality of your new Mark Broumand piece.