Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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About Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The cushion cut diamond's unique shape provides it with an increase of brilliance. Its rounded corners and larger facets highlight the diamond's clarity as well. This intriguing shape falls somewhere in between rectangle and oval, and although many people purchase this cut as a modern cut, in reality it's quite an antique cutting style that's recently enjoyed a revival.

The origin of the cushion cut comes from the Old Mine Cut, a square cut stone with rounded corners, high crown, small table and large facets. The modern day cushion cut diamond is a hybrid of the Old Mine Cut and a modern oval cut diamond. The cushion cut diamond features an open culet, and while generally not as fiery or brilliant as other modern cuts, does possess a classic and romantic look.

The fame of the cushion cut diamond

While many buyers consider this a modern cut, the history of the cushion cut is clearly on display through some of its most famous stones. The Hope Diamond (45.45 cts), Regent Diamond (140.5 cts) and the yellow Tiffany Diamond (128.54) are all cushion cuts, as is the largest cut blue sapphire in the world, the 432 ct Logan Sapphire, displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Who is the cushion cut diamond ideal for?

The cushion cut diamond engagement ring is ideal for someone looking for a classic style that's instantly recognizable, as many people have seen one of the stones mentioned above.

The cushion cut is also ideal for someone who likes to be in vogue without being one of one million. While the cushion cut has enjoyed a revival, it's still not as easy a cut to find as other more common cuts, such as the round brilliant cut diamond.

Our cushion cut diamond engagement rings

At Mark Broumand, our selection of cushion cut diamond engagement rings come in a variety of designs and settings. We can also customize any ring to match your specific taste.