Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

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About Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

The Mark Broumand collection of halo diamond engagement rings is nothing short of stunning. Our halo diamond rings feature a center gemstone encircled by smaller accent diamonds. The result is a brilliant and dazzling look that shines with vibrancy.

This style of diamond ring is a classic, vintage setting. It’s often seen in classic films or perhaps even in an older relative’s cherished collection. It provides more sparkle and ornamentation than the solitaire diamond ring, and is simply impossible not to notice from afar. The halo diamond engagement ring earned its name because of the “halo” of smaller stones that decorate and accent the center gemstone.

At Mark Broumand, we can customize your halo diamond ring to your specific preferences. The accenting halo may be a rounded shape or, perhaps, a more squared look with rounded edges, like a cushion-shaped halo.

Add more sparkle to your halo

While any halo design will likely outshine other design styles, you have the ability to add even more sparkle to your engagement or anniversary ring. By simply adding more than one accenting halo to the ring (referred to as a double halo setting), you can add a considerable amount of sparkle to your ring.

Who is the halo diamond ring ideal for?

The halo diamond ring has earned a reputation as a dazzling and bright ring style, thus it’s certainly not ideal for anyone looking for a subdued ring. The halo is ideal for someone who wants their ring to be noticed, even from afar. With a brilliance like none other, the halo diamond engagement ring makes a bold statement with its vibrant sparkle.

Our halo diamond engagement rings

At Mark Broumand, our collection of halo diamond engagement rings possesses the brilliance and sparkle that’s synonymous with the term “halo diamond.” We can customize your halo diamond engagement or anniversary ring to your specific taste.