Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

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About Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Die-hard romantics looking for the ultimate symbol of love oftentimes flock to the heart shaped diamond engagement ring and anniversary ring. Although under the name “heart shaped,” these diamonds vary in proportions, allowing for unique appearances to your heart shape. Some cuts leave a fat stone, while others leave a slender look. Whichever proportion you choose, all heart shaped diamonds enjoy the brilliance of the round cut diamond because of their similar facets.

What to know about the heart shaped diamond ring

The heart shaped diamond is essentially a pear-shaped diamond with a cleft at the top. Yet it's this cleft that elevates the heart shaped diamond into one of the most romantic cut stones on the market.

These types of rings are truly sentimental, and work great either as a solitaire or with accent stones. Because of the shape of the stone, a heart shaped diamond engagement or anniversary rings requires a four-pronged setting, which will affect your choices when it's time to purchase a ring.

Be sure to review the length to width ratio of the heart shaped diamond, prior to purchasing your ring, to see if it meets your vision (short and fat, elongated, evenly proportioned).

Who is the heart shaped diamond ideal for?

The heart shaped diamond ring makes a statement on various fronts. For starters, it oftentimes enjoys the same brilliance as a round cut. However, unlike the round cut, the heart shaped diamond's shape is less conventional, and certainly leans toward the air of sentimentality. It is an ideal shaped stone for the romantic at heart, who doesn't mind wearing their heart on their hand.

Our heart shaped cut diamond engagement rings

At Mark Broumand, our selection of heart shaped cut diamond engagement rings and diamond anniversary rings offer remarkable brilliance in a sentimental shape that portrays romance and love. Our designs and settings range, and can be customized to match your specific tastes.

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