Diamond Bracelets

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About Diamond Bracelets

The word bracelet comes for the Greek word “brachile” meaning “of the arm.” The history of the bracelet could be traced back thousand of years to the Egyptians where they wore arm adornments made of bone, wood, and other natural materials. Bracelets today are a tradition and a fine accessory for modern women.

Fine bracelets could be very simple being created in an oval or circular shape of a singular precious metal like yellow gold. In some Eastern cultures, a stack of seven of these is given as a wedding present. More ornate fine diamond bracelets are much desired with the tennis bracelet being the most desirable and is given in Western countries for special occasions or to the bride in a wedding set. Diamond tennis bracelets usually have diamonds of consistent shape that go all the way around. They could be of any shape or color. There are other types of bracelet styles available such as link, chain, and bangle. Fine diamond bracelets, are a staple in a woman’s jewelry box and as they are made of precious materials, they will be timeless and will become heirloom pieces.