Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

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About Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

A pear shaped diamond engagement ring is as unique a diamond ring as you can get. Also frequently referred to as a teardrop cut, the pear shaped diamond style is typically considered a hybrid of the marquise cut and the popular round cut. That’s because one end is rounded off, while the other end tapers to a point. Since pear shaped diamonds typically contain 58 facets, they often have a similar brilliance to the round cut diamond.

The slimming illusion of the pear shaped diamond

One of the reasons why a pear shaped diamond engagement ring is so popular with women is because of its slimming effect. By wearing the tip pointed end towards your fingernail, it will enhance the length of the finger. After discovering this, the popularity of this style of diamond increased steadily.

However, this isn’t the most significant reason why someone chooses the pear shaped cut. The pear shaped cut diamond is unique and bold. There is no other stone on the market.

Who is the pear shaped diamond cut ideal for?

Although the shape of the pear shaped diamond is completely unique, it also serves as a medium between a round cut and something far more rigid, such as the emerald cut. As such, it’s often times well received by anyone who isn’t necessarily sure or certain of their preferred ring style.

In addition, the pear shaped diamond engagement or anniversary ring will stand out on your finger, and bring attention to your hand. It’s perfect for anyone who wants their ring noticed.

Our pear shaped cut diamond engagement rings

At Mark Broumand, we offer a large variety of designs and settings for our pear shaped cut diamond and engagement rings. We can also customize any ring to match your specific taste.