Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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About Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The princess cut diamond is often considered the second most popular cut for engagement and anniversary rings, behind the round brilliant cut diamond. Its appearance is vastly different from the traditional round cut, making it a popular choice for anyone looking to stray from the most common of cuts. The princess cut merges the beauty of the round diamond with the contemporary shape of an emerald cut or square cut to offer up one of the most brilliant and unique diamond shapes available.

Because of its sharp corners, the princess cut diamond has a high profile accented with bold prongs, in order to prevent the diamond from chipping. This style of diamond was first presented in the early 1960s in London, and, because of its inverted pyramid shape, reflects light like no other diamond. It is sometimes referred to as the strong modified brilliant cut, and retains approximately 80% of the rough diamond, versus the round cut, which retains around 50%. This feature makes the princess cut a popular choice among diamond cutters.

Who is the princess cut diamond ideal for?

Most women have had the desire to play the role of a princess, thus the princess cut is ideal for any woman who has wanted to feel like royalty. This diamond shape is also perfect for someone who doesn't need the traditional, enjoys the prospect of a high profile ring, and wants to be noticed for the unique shape and brilliance of her diamond. Princess cut diamonds also generally offer you the most value, compared with the typically more costly round cut.

Our princess cut diamond engagement rings

At Mark Broumand, we offer a large variety of designs and settings for our princess cut diamond engagement and anniversary rings. We can also customize any engagement and anniversary ring to match your specific taste.