Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

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About Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

So much symbolism comes into play with a three-stone diamond engagement or anniversary ring. Often referred to as a trinity ring, our three-stone diamond rings represent your past, present, and most importantly (and portrayed by the larger center ring) your future.

Many people also see the three stones as symbolic of the pillars of any strong and eternal marriage: friendship, love and fidelity.

Classically, the three-stone diamond ring features round brilliant cut diamonds , however, there is no need to stick with tradition here. A variety of cuts, including the popular princess cut , can be used with the trinity ring.

A marriage is about loving and accepting someone for where they have come from, where they are now, and where they are headed, alongside you, down the road. Because of this, the three-stone diamond ring has become a popular choice not only for engagement rings, but also for couples renewing their vows or celebrating their anniversaries.

While every diamond ring proclaims one’s love and commitment, the symbolism behind the three-stone diamond engagement ring is so deep and profound that it elevates that proclamation to another degree.

Versatility and variety with a three-stone diamond ring

Because you have three prominent stones to work with, many people believe you enjoy a greater level of versatility and creativity with a three-stone diamond ring. With a three-stone setting you can vary the sizes of the side and center stones as well as the types of stones embedded in the band.

Who is the three-stone diamond ring ideal for?

This style of ring is ideal for someone who believes deeply in symbolism. Much like a circle symbolizes eternity, the three-stone design is widely known as meaning more than just a diamond engagement or anniversary ring.

Our three-stone diamond engagement rings

At Mark Broumand, we realize how important it is to make a statement with your choice in engagement rings, which is why we customize your three-stone engagement or anniversary ring to your specific taste.