4.05ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

4.05ct Three Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - For Your Engagement or Anniversary

An Emerald cut diamond ring spotlights a bright and incredibly clear stone that is symbolic of a vintage period in time. An Emerald cut will have a rectangular shape and angled corners. Parallel cuts, known as step cuts will be cut into the pavilion, or underside of the diamond. Originally created for use in Emerald gemstones, this cut will showcase the clarity of the diamond. Because of this, a high quality rough stone must be used. Your emerald cut diamond ring from Mark Broumand will be high quality, white, clear and symmetrical.

4.05ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Showcase | Mark Broumand
The crown jewel of this three-stone 4.05ct TW ring is a 3ct emerald cut diamond, GIA certified at I-VS1. It is very white without any visible inclusions. It is secured by four double-prongs that perfectly compliment and protect the angled corners. The center stone in a three-stone ring is symbolic of your future love together.

4.05ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Angle View | Mark Broumand
The three carat center stone is flanked by two trapezoid (four-sided) cut diamonds and the basket it sits in is completely decked out in pavé round and baguette cut diamonds, totaling 1.05cts. The trapezoids set on each side of the center diamond are representative of past and future in a three-stone ring setting.

4.05ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Full Side View | Mark Broumand
The three-sided shank is pavé set with round brilliants halfway down that perfectly compliments the engagement ring. Milgrain detail has been added throughout the edges of this 18k white gold designer setting for a softer, vintage look; this diamond ring is pure vintage romance. This three-stone emerald cut ring will be perfect as a three-stone anniversary or engagement ring.

An emerald cut diamond ring is the excellent choice for someone that desires a bright and clear diamond, as opposed to many of the brilliant cuts. Another choice for a diamond that accentuates clarity is the romantic Asscher cut diamond ring. For square diamond rings with incredible brilliance, look into princess cut or radiant cut diamond engagement rings from Mark Broumand.