4 Ways To Find Out What Engagement Ring She Wants

4 Ways To Find Out What Engagement Ring She Wants

You have found that special person, the timing is right, and it’s time to start looking for an engagement ring. You want to maintain an element of surprise, but you have no idea what she wants. There are a few ways that you can find her the perfect ring that she has been dreaming of.

Ask Her Friends

You know which friends she talks to about everything. It is likely that she and her best friend have already discussed what engagement ring she wants. Bringing one of her friends in on the process will definitely give you insight into which ring style she has had her eye on.

Look For Clues She Has Left For You

If your fiancé-to-be has a Pinterest account or a similar online inspiration platform, she most likely has a board filled with engagement rings that she loves. She may have even sent it to you “just in case”. If you hit the jackpot and find one of these, you can show it to your jeweler and find something that encompasses everything she loves. She may also drop hints when you are out shopping together or when she comes across an advertisement; listen for key words like “I love that style” or “I would never want that diamond shape” to give you ideas as to what she looks for in the ring she has been dreaming of.

Pay Attention To Her Other Jewelry

Does your partner wear a lot of diamonds or does she prefer to keep it simple with dainty jewelry accents? If you notice that she primarily wears one metal color over others, it may be a great idea to find an engagement ring setting in that same color. If she loves bling and sparkle, consider a setting with diamond accents to make her ring pop. You want to ensure that she is going to love it; so make sure that the ring you pick out fits her personal style.

Bring Her In On The Plan

If all else fails and you want to guarantee she loves her ring above all else, ask her what she wants or bring her to look at some options with you. While it may take some of the surprise out of the final ring, you can still surprise her with the little details of the ring or with a beautiful proposal. Bringing her in with you also ensures that her ring size will be accurate and save you from any needed resizes right away.