Custom Engagement Ring Possibilities

Add Some Finer Details to Your Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Creating your custom diamond engagement ring allows you complete customization in addition to some finer details that you may not have thought of. In addition to selecting any diamond cut, ring setting and precious metal, Mark Broumand is famous for the little extra details and bit of flair that can make your engagement ring truly unique.

Here are some finer details to add to your custom ring:

1. Milgrain details

Center basket milgrain detail custom oval cut diamond ring | Mark Broumand
Milgrain is decorative beading that can be added to any part of your engagement ring. Most often, it is used on the shank (band) or the center basket. This fine beading is worked into the metal edges.

2. Filigree details

Filigree detail on connectors and center basket custom design | Mark Broumand
Filigree describes ornamental designs using existing metal of the ring or additional metal wiring to create the desired design. The designs are often scroll designs or soft curves.

3. Pavé or micropavé

Pavé diamonds in custom designed center basket | Mark Broumand
Pronounced "paw-vay", the term is of French origin for today's vocabulary usage of the word "pave" and strives for a continuous paved surface of diamonds. Gemstones are set close to each other in a pre-drilled hole in the metal and secured with a tiny metal bead to allow very little metal to show. Micropavé diamonds require a microscope to set.

4. Hand Engraving

Hand Engraved Shank Custom Designed engagement ring | Mark Broumand
Engraving can be used to add special decorative details to elements such as the shank or center basket. Mark Broumand and his expert jewelers can add any design to the surface of a precious metal anywhere on your ring.

5. Shank decoration

Shank accented with jewels in custom ring
Since a center stone is held in a basket and fastened to the band with connectors, it is more than one single piece of metal and is therefore a shank, but is often referred to as the band. In addition to the metal selection, you can select the shape, width and design of the shank desired.

6. Center basket (or cup) and connectors

Filigree detail on Connectors in Custom designed diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand
The center basket holds the large, center stone in place. The center basket is fastened to the shank with connectors, which can also be adorned with milgrain, filigree or jewels.

The process of creating a custom diamond engagement ring with Mark Broumand is simple, affordable and enjoyable. For inspiration, you can browse a gallery of incredible jewelry creations from Mark. When you are ready to design your engagement ring, simply click here to start the custom design process.