3.10ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Band

An Eternal Profession Of Love

We all buy wedding rings. It is the way we share our commitment and love to our spouse. A way to let them know we are forever bound in affections for them. The simple circular image of a ring inspires in us a continual process without bias, with no beginning, and no end. In wedding commitments, the band is worn on the "ring finger" on the left hand. This is because of the belief that the veins of this finger runs a direct path to the heart.

3.10ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity BandDiamond Wedding Bands Collection at Mark Broumand

In wedding band fashion, eternity bands have gained popularity. With a string of diamonds set in the circular metal of your choice, this ultimately symbolizes the eternal pledge to love. Some couples enjoy the diamonds each representing a moment in time as their love grows. Love itself is ever evolving, refining, and rich with value. This basis of love is what sparks our emotions to be reflected in the jewelry we wear. As with the wedding band, jewelry is evolved, refined, and rich. With a diamond inlay in eternity rings this style takes our display of love to the next level.

If you are looking to share your unbound commitment to your partner consider the eternity band. An eternity wedding ring will bring luminescence to your diamond engagement ring. The ring states that your love is as solid as the most enduring rock on earth with everlasting qualities.