Asscher Cut Diamond Rings Eternity Band

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

The mesmerizing beauty of Asscher Cut Diamond Rings is perfected by cutting a series of parallel step-cuts into the diamonds. This creates a signature “windmill” or “hall-of-mirrors” effect which can be seen when this 58-facet diamond is viewed from above.

These facets capture light and the eye is drawn into the stone itself. The aesthetic focus is the color, clarity and brilliance of the diamond rather than the “fire” associated with other diamond shapes. The Asscher cut is often generally referred to as a “square emerald cut”, but this statement is inaccurate and very broad. Although both shapes are quadrilateral, there are specific cuts and patterns that must be present for diamonds to carry the Asscher distinction. An Asscher Cut eternity band shows how these stones capture light.


3.85ct Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band | Mark Broumand Collection
3.65ct Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band


Designed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, the signature Asscher design was the first diamond cut with a patent held exclusively by the Asscher Diamond Company until the beginning of World War II. These unique diamonds rose to the apex of popularity during the Art Deco Era (circa 1920s) and since that time, have always been in high demand amongst antiques dealers in search of Asscher stones to repair vintage jewelry pieces. Many of the original stones created were later cut down into different shapes since those diamonds were high quality in color and clarity. Beginning in the 2000s, many high-profile celebrities have flaunted their Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring leading to a surge in popularity for the second time in a century.


3.41ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Even though you will find many intriguing Asscher Cut Diamond Jewelry pieces, the rings in Mark Broumand's collection really showcase the beauty of this diamond cut. When searching for a high quality ring with a captivating brilliance, Asscher cut diamond rings are sure to please for decades to come.