Breathtaking Radiant Cut Diamond Rings

Radiant cut diamond rings feature an amazing brilliant stone often described as a hybrid of the emerald cut and round brilliant. Henry Grossbard spent over three decades perfecting diamonds and his stunning achievement, the radiant cut diamond was developed in 1977. The original radiant contained 61 facets, but later evolved into some with 70 facets. The facets in this diamond are created with “brilliantized step cuts”, which are traditional step cuts that were altered for maximum brilliance. Though visually similar to a princess, the angled corners offer less vulnerability in this stone.

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The table, or large top facet of the diamond accounts for over 60% of the stone’s width. A stone with great depth is needed to create the brilliance of this stone. Since the stone is deeper, the size when viewed from the top may appear smaller than others on a per carat basis. Per-carat cost of the radiant is one of the least expensive which allows for greater budget flexibility in upgrading to a larger carat weight. Most radiants will be 1 carat or larger.

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

The radiant cut is one of the rarer diamonds available on the market. The larger number of facets can help to conceal inclusions, flaws, dark areas and shadows visible in a rough diamond. The inherent brilliance can make a high quality stone appear to have better color quality than the same stone of a simpler cut. The radiant cut also maximizes color, making it a preferred choice for fancy colored diamonds. Due to the stone’s unique octagonal shape and circular life, radiant cut engagement rings look especially stunning when accented with rounded or squarish stones.

Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

If you are searching for a square shaped stone with incredible depth and brilliance, the radiant cut diamond ring will be an incredible investment in beauty. To improve the quality of natural diamonds or to maximize the hue of fancy colored diamonds, the radiant will be a favorable selection. Visit Mark Broumand to shop for or create radiant cut engagement rings, anniversary rings or right-hand diamond rings.