Choose Your Favorite Setting for Your Engagement Ring

Almost as important as the center stone in an engagement ring are the cradle in which the stone is held, as well as the band, or shank. Either of these elements can draw attention to the center stone through luxurious decoration, or emphasize the diamond's luster through lack of adornment.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 3.4 Carats

In this example, we see a round cut diamond cradled within a beautifully decorated setting, dazzlingly adorned with smaller round-cut diamonds to emphasize and enhance the sparkle of the center stone. The band itself ascends smoothly up either side of the centerpiece, and is adorned by round-cut diamonds along its entire length. This is an elegant and stylish modern wedding ring, and is a demonstrable example of how the shank can serve to enhance the overall quality of a piece.

Round Cut Diamond, 3.67 Carats, on Slender Engagement Band

The slender appearance of this lustrous yet slender gold wedding band supports a delicate cradled frame on top, in which a large, beautifully round-cut diamond is nestled. This is a fine example of an engagement band with diamonds along half the shank. Such a style adds to the tasteful elegance of this vintage ring's minimalist appeal, but it still serves to wondrously enhance the beauty and the sparkle of the center stone.

Round Cut Diamond Wedding Ring with Double Shank

The brilliant appearance of this ring is owed to many factors, including the gleaming silver surface of its stylish double band. The double shank ring is completely encrusted with small, round-cut diamonds, which fit perfectly into the silvery background while emphasizing the grace and the majesty of the central stone. All four ends of the double band rise up to frame the beautifully cradled centerpiece in a regal, crown-like formation, wonderfully reminiscent of a life-long pledge of of loyalty, purity, and true love.

Round Cut Diamond, 2.59 Carats, Simple and Elegant Shank

This ring's beautiful silver band is a perfect example of how an unadorned shank and non-encrusted cradle can help to emphasize the beauty of a diamond. The setting is pristine and delicate, with crown-like flanges suggestive of royalty, purity, and many other positive qualities contributing to the strength of a life-long union. The size of the flanges forbids the use of smaller diamonds for emphasis, while making the round cut diamond at their center look larger and more brilliant in comparison.