Choosing The Right Diamond Shape For Your Engagement Ring

Choosing The Right Diamond Shape For Your Engagement Ring

You have started the process of looking for an engagement ring and have realized you have no idea what shape of diamond you want. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, this is often the first step when determining which style is right for you. While many factors are important when choosing a diamond, shape is the most easily identifiable and has the greatest impact on the overall look of your engagement ring. Having an idea of which diamond shape speaks the most to you will set you and your partner up for an easy and enjoyable process when you start looking for your ring.

Round Brilliant

It is undeniable that round brilliant diamonds are some of the most popular cuts on the market; their fire and light performance is a sight to behold. These beautiful diamonds are timeless and classic. Depending on their setting style, round brilliant diamond engagement rings can easily be modern and sleek or more vintage inspired. It is clear to see why this striking and versatile shape accounts for about a third of all diamonds sold.


When it comes to understanding different diamond cuts, you may hear the term “fancy shapes”. This simply refers to diamonds that are not round brilliant cuts. The most popular fancy cuts include oval, pear, cushion, emerald, marquise, asscher, radiant, princess, and heart shaped diamonds.


Oval cut diamonds are often desired as an elongated version of the round brilliant as it maintains the sparkle and brilliance of the round. This lengthy shape complements the hand nicely and can make your fingers appear slightly longer.


Pear shaped diamonds are known for their stylish teardrop shape. This beautiful and sparkly shape can be either fat or elongated, boasting graceful curves ending in a point similar to that of a marquise cut.


Cushion cuts are renowned for their unique pillow like shape. With slightly rounded edges and corners, these romantic diamonds combine a rectangular or squared shape with a circle beautifully. These sparkly diamonds often showcase a crushed ice look due to their unique facets.


Emerald Cut diamonds are often recognized for their elegant lines and sophisticated look. This step cut style features a rectangular shape with cut angular corners. These diamonds show off their clarity easily with their glass like appearance and like the oval, can elongate the appearance of your finger.


Marquise cuts are known for their narrow and pointed shape. Their unique shape provides a great surface area and these diamonds often look quite large for their carat weight. Like oval and emerald cuts, these diamonds can elongate the look of the fingers and complement the hand nicely.


Much like emerald cuts, Asscher cut diamonds feature a step cut design with cut corners. This square shaped cut is as elegant as it is unique and the large facets give this cut a gorgeous glass like quality.


Radiant cut diamonds have all the sparkle of a brilliant cut diamond with the rectangular shape of an emerald cut. These gorgeous stones feature the crushed ice look that is present in many cushion cuts while maintaining an elegant and elongated look.


Perhaps one of the most traditionally used shapes for engagement rings, the princess cut’s square shape is instantly recognizable. These classic diamonds have a beautiful fire and brilliance that make them very popular for use in engagement rings.


Heart shaped diamonds are some of the most unique diamonds available. Fat or elongated, the symbolism surrounding these stones is undeniable. Presenting your loved one with a heart shaped diamond definitively showcases the love and intimacy shared between you.

While each diamond shape caries different qualities, most often your decision will come down to a matter of preference. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the diamond shape that will represent the love between you and your partner.