Choosing the Right Wedding Day Jewelry

Choosing the Right Wedding Day Jewelry

Naturally, the most important jewels you wear on your wedding day will be your wedding band and engagement ring. Though you want your bridal set to take center stage, it is acceptable and even encouraged to accessorize with other fine jewelry on the big day. The key is picking the right pieces so you can complement your dress without overwhelming it, and these tips will help you do just that.

Consider Your Neckline

Make sure the bottom of the necklace hangs above the neckline of your gown but doesn't overwhelm it. You can dip a little lower if the neckline is very plain. If you've chosen a dress with an asymmetrical neckline, skip the necklace.

Add a Pop of Color

Your diamond should be the star of the show, but it's acceptable to accent it with earrings, a bracelet or a necklace that contains a sapphire. After all, you need something blue.



Check Earrings against Your Headpiece

Whether you opt for a tiara, a pillbox hat or another headpiece altogether, try it on with your earrings in front of the mirror to make sure the two look good together. The classic simplicity of diamond earrings often works best, but experiment with other pieces as well.

Match Your Dress

If your dress is very subtle and understated, accent it with big, bold diamond accessories. If, however, your dress is beaded and features elaborate details, choose jewelry that is a bit more subtle.



Skip the Watch

Let your wedding planner and event organizers watch the clock while you simply enjoy your day. If you feel naked without one, wear a diamond bracelet on your wrist instead.

Match Your Metals to Your Gown

Gold jewelry looks best with ivory gowns while platinum and white gold works well with a pure white dress. Diamond-white gowns fall somewhere between pure white and cream and look exquisite with colored diamonds.

Remember Your Bridesmaids

You spent hours picking the perfect dresses for them, so don't skimp on the accessories. Choose a simple pair of diamond earrings or a nice necklace and get each of them one to wear during your ceremony. This will create a more cohesive look in your bridal party and is a great way to thank them for being part of your special day.